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Personalized and Customized: Miniature Garden Kits Go Straight to the Heart

Personalized and Customized: Miniature Garden Kits Go Straight to the Heart

Awesome! Our Custom Miniature Garden Kits are proving to be a hit with our fellow miniature gardeners this holiday season. Putting together a miniature garden kit with that special someone in mind is proving to be not only a great gift idea, but a fun gift to put together too! Here are a couple of fun stories behind our Custom Miniature Garden Kits that we’ve put together for some very happy customers:

Custom Miniature Garden Kit

A custom miniature garden kit similar to what we built this past week but this one shows an older tree with a couple of extra accessories. We usually have room in the box for extras, and shipping is included.

A Dog Lover’s Miniature Garden in PA

Dan wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Karen, with miniature garden kit so we started with asking a little more about her favorite things. It turned out that Dan’s main competition is Karen’s dog, so we had a laugh and zero’ed in on a dog lovers miniature garden and chose the doghouse set and a wee dog. After finding out where she would probably place her miniature garden (on her front porch, full sun,) I made a quick list of the trees and plants that would do well in Zone 6 in Pennsylvania.

Dan picked out a tree, the Achat Dwarf Spruce, but needed help with the “bedding plants” (aka ground covers) so I gladly helped him choose two different-textured plants that can grow along with the tree: Blue Star Creeper and Irish Moss, so the dog can have some “miniature lawn” to play on. Karen’s favorite color is blue, so we switched the stone sheet for a terra cotta brick sheet that will complement any shade of blue container. We’ll be shipping it much closer to Christmas day so he can place the box without opening it under the tree and include a greeting card with a little note and DONE. Easy peasy!

Custom Miniature Garden Kits from

Some of our miniature and dwarf trees are really hardy, like this Blue Star Juniper (Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Star’) that is hardy to Zone 4, or -30F. Brrrr!

Miniature Garden Center

A Fairy Garden in WY

Jennifer wanted to give her mother a kit to get her started because she was tired of listening to her mom go on and on about fairy gardening. Her mom was simply nervous about starting and really didn’t know how to begin. It was our bestselling Gardening in Miniature book that was included that cinched the decision so her mom could learn more about the miniature scales, plants and growing the garden. She was unsure about how to go about getting a fairy garden together in winter in Wyoming so she was delighted to hear about our Custom Miniature Garden Kits. And, I reassured her that there are indeed winter fairies too, after all, who takes care of Jack Frost? :o) Here’s what we came up with.

Jennifer perused the Zone 4 and Below Section of our Miniature Garden Center Store and picked out a tree and two ground covers that are included in the Kit – a Miniature JuniperHens & Chicks and Irish Moss. She loved the Miniature Patio Set of 3 so her mom could sit in her fairy garden and relax. Jennifer added extras, a Stone Swan and a Grapevine Birdbath to match that finished off the scene nicely. Free Priority Mail Shipping was included. Done!

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Give the gift that can last a lifetime: the joy of miniature gardening!





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How to Save Money, Have Fun and Give Great Gifts this Holiday


Miniature Garden Arbor in a Part Shade Garden

How to be Save Money, Have Fun and Give Great Gifts this Holiday

We are now in the young teen years of this business of spreading the Joy of Miniature Gardening. We are 11 years old this year! (Note that we will be skipping the attitude and the tantrums of a typical teen. ;o) We are evolving and growing each year thanks to your support throughout all these years.Janit's Mini Garden Etsy Store

Use this gift-crafting-time
– to practice your miniature garden skills,
– get your ideas out there 

– make FANTASTIC personalized gifts!

Eleven years ago this month, we started selling miniature gardens at the Fremont Sunday Market here in Seattle, WA. We branched out (yuck, yuck!) slowly to other street markets in the greater Seattle area to spread the word and feel the response before we went “all in.” Internet and library searches came up empty for any variation of the words “miniature gardening,” there were no signs of anyone doing the level of gardening that we were doing save for only one lonely company back east making fairy garden accessories (Gnomenculture.) So, we were left to spread the word boot-strapping-grass-roots style – and spread it we did! Checkout the photos on this blog post from last year here to see some of our beginnings.

Join us for more miniature gardening!

“Hanging out our shingle” in touristy street markets, selling at garden and miniature shows – while connecting personally with everyone who came into our booths – really laid the groundwork for us and our message travelled far and wide. Demonstrating, talking and teaching the miniature garden hobby at numerous garden centers and garden clubs helped get the message to other green-thumbers too.

Miniature Gardening in South Africa

A couple of weeks after one big garden show, I got an email from South Africa thanking me for introducing them to Miniature Gardening!

It’s funny to recall the very first garden club I spoke at, miniature gardening was met with such skepticism that several of the women  asked, “You’re really going to make a business out of this?” and looked at me sideways. Then I found this quote by Grayson Marshall, “If people aren’t laughing at your dreams… then your dreams aren’t big enough!” 

You can make a four-inch miniature garden in a few minutes,  a big garden can be completed within an hour. The trick is to have all the ingredients ready at hand. See what’s up in the store now. 

Texas, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Connecticut, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, California– you name it, we had people visit us from all over the world! (We took names for our mailing list, which is how we knew our reach. Note that was a “mail” and not “email”  list, THAT’s how long we’ve been at it!) Here’s another blog post with more background and history here. In an interview with last week, Danny Bonvissuto captures our beginnings in a few sentences –  up in her gardening blog here. We now have fellow miniature gardeners (Fellow MGs) from every state on of the Union and just as many worldwide – check out this little garden from Turkey:

Miniature Gardening in Turkey

Miniature Gardening in Turkey – this is by Ozgur in Mersine, Icel, Turkey. She made everything herself, including the teddy bears and the completely adorable rope furniture.

So look forward to more new and innovative ideas from Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center this coming Best selling Gardening in Miniature bookyear. The main differences between us and “the new guys” are simply experience, passion and great customer service. We have been gardening in miniature and studying the nuances of the gardens for well over eleven years. We don’t just sell the plants and accessories, we plant the plants and watch how they grow before passing them on to you. We use the accessories in our own gardens to make sure what works is sturdy, durable and doesn’t end up in the landfill. We are just as in love with this idea as you are. We are miniaturists who love gardening – or you can call us gardeners who love miniatures – either way, we’re hooked! We’ve been selling online for over 10 years, we have secretly shopped “the other guys” and yes, we know give great customer service, we pack with the utmost of care and we have very competitive postage rates!

Gift-giving is the perfect excuse to make Miniature Gardens – to try out some of your ideas and to play with a different assortment of plants. Everyone loves a thoughtful, personalized gift made especially with them in mind – no matter how small it is.

Look forward to another year of creative, crafty, garden fun. Our brand new, definitive guide on Miniature Gardening by the world’s top garden publisher, Timber Press, Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World is due out in the summer so it’s a big year for us. (BTW – You’ll want two copies, one for your coffee table and one for the potting bench!)

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Anniversary Sale at the Miniature Garden Center

Shop for more miniature garden fun!

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