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Fairy or Angel? Here’s a Quick Way to Tell the Difference.

Angels and Fairies, what is the difference?

A stroll through Molbak’s fairy garden department during Christmas time gave me more than a few examples of the difference between fairies and angels.

Fairy or Angel? Here’s a Quick Way to Tell the Difference.

I was working on a miniature garden for the Miniature Garden Society‘s outreach program and a fellow miniature gardener brought out an angel statue to see if it would fit into our plan. I said, “What a pretty angel.” and she quickly said, “I thought you didn’t like fairies** in your gardens?”

Shortly thereafter, a fellow MG commented on a photo of a miniature praying angel statue on my Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Facebook page, photo is shown to the right. She said, “Oh, what a cute fairy!” That made me realize the difference between fairies and angels aren’t that obvious to some folks – yet.

So, how do you tell? Let me bring to light the differences and similarities between fairies and angels that may help you distinguish between the two. And no, you won’t find this kind of reporting anywhere else. Lol!

Angels and Fairies, what is the difference?

Angels and Fairies, what is the difference?

This fairy wears wings like a butterfly. The wings are one of the main characteristic that defines the two.

How Fairies and Angels are the Same:

– Every culture has some type of fairy.

– Every religion has some type of angel, aka spiritual being, deva, or cherub, generally speaking.

– Fairies are sometimes regarded as spiritual beings too.

– Fairies and angels can be guardians or guides

– They both have wings.

Angels and Fairies, what is the difference?

Moth wings? Fairies will have wings that look like insect wings. Dragonfly wings are especially popular with the fairy designers too.

Angels and Fairies, what is the difference?

Bird-like wings have a certain majesty to them that suits angels better than insect wings, don’t you think?

How Fairies and Angels are Different

– Fairies seem more ethereal than angels. (Ethereal means extremely delicate and light.) Fairies are small and angels are usually our size. Cherubs are usually shown as human babies or young children.

– Fairies are of the earth and angels are from the heavens.

– Angels are religious and fairies, not so much, although some do regard them as spiritual beings. (It’s optional for druids, apparently.)

– Fairy wings look like insect wings, similar to dragonfly or butterfly wings. Angel wings are bird’s wings and feathered. They tend to be bigger and more dramatic than a fairy’s utilitarian insect wings.

– Fairies are usually clothed in bright colored naturals: flower petals, leaves or some sort of plant. Angels are usually shown in soft, pastel-colored cloth robes or gowns.

Angels and Fairies, what is the difference?

Sometimes the wings are mounted separately but most times they seem to be joined in the back. Either way, angel’s wings

Whether you believe in angels or fairies, you are right.

When I envision angels flying, I can see their powerful feathered wings swooping, soaring and gliding. When I picture fairies flying, they are buzzing and darting around like a hummingbird. Disney captures this feeling with how they make Tinkerbell flit around so fast that she becomes a blur.

So, there you have it – that, and about $4 will get you a cup of regular coffee just about anywhere. Lol! Leave any comments, compliment, complaints or concerns below.

Hey, I do take a break from the realistic miniature garden to enjoy some fantasy fairy gardening from time to time. Here are just a couple blogs about fairy gardening from this blog:

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VIDEO – Design Ideas for Your Fairy Garden

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(** I don’t do any figures of any kind in my miniature gardens because then it becomes the fairy’s garden – of the figure’s garden. It’s no longer my own little world if there is “someone else” in the scene. I’m a bit selfish that way. Lol! Note that this is a constant debate in the dollhouse miniature world and in the model railroad world too.)

Fairy Gardening with Two Green


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Faith, Hope and Pixie Dust: Miniature Gardening with Disney


Faith, Hope and Pixie Dust: Miniature Gardening with Disney

[Updated from November, 2010.] A trip to the toy store the other day to lurk for miniature garden ideas instigated a trip to the video store to rent the latest fairy movie from Disney, Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue. It’s all in a day’s work here at America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center.

You bet I watched it  – and no, I don’t have children, nor do I have a child in my life that I could borrow for the excuse to watch it. I just did.

Oh, you’re doing it again, aren’t you? You’re laughing at me!

Now this is the kind of invaluable market research that is part of my job as leader of the hobby, researcher of everything mini garden and owner of the world’s only Miniature Garden Center dedicated to gardening in miniature. It’s this is the level of sacrifice


Nah, really, I just wanted to see if there were any cute ideas I can share and, never-to-be-disappointed-by-Disney, there were more than a few new ideas that you can put in your bag of tricks the next time the kids or grand kids want to get miniature gardening.

Miniature Fairy Garden

Get the kid’s imaginations working with some hands-on fairy fun and magic in the miniature garden.

Fairy Origins and Lore via Disney

– Each time a baby laughs for the very first time, a fairy is born. This is called their Arrival Day, similar to our Birthdays. Wait. Did I hear a giggle?

Disney latest line of fairy toys can easily be used in the miniature garden.

Disney latest line of fairy toys can easily be used in the miniature garden.

– Fairies are from Pixie Hollow and each fairy has a different purpose. They come to the “mainland” to help with the change of the seasons by coloring the flowers in the spring, they help pollinate and tend to the gardens and crops in the summertime, paint the leaves in the fall and make icicles and snowflakes in the winter. Just place what they do before the word fairy and you can create any character for your own purpose. Examples include, “Wind Fairy, Pumpkin Fairy, Dog Fairy, Spruce Fairy, etc.

– Fairies are about 5” tall and are dressed in anything natural that usually illustrate their purpose. Flower fairies wear petals and leaves, the pumpkin fairies wear the pumpkin and the wind fairies… huh? Wait. Are they naked? Lol!

– The fairies help to put the hibernating animals to sleep in the fall or to wake them up in the spring. I wish they could do that for me when I can’t sleep at night. Oh, and they also take care of wounded animals everywhere.

– They paint the stripes on bumblebees and design the patterns on butterflies. Awesome.

– They use fireflies as flashlights. When you see a firefly, it is really fairy flying around.

– Male fairies are called Sparrowmen. They look like elves with wings and acorn hats. I love that name!

A pretty fairy in the mini garden.

A pretty fairy in the mini garden.

Points of Attraction

– Fairies love shiny objects just like me. Place a small mirror or something shiny in the garden to attract them – or me. Lol!

– They sometime use buttons as stepping-stones to lead the fairies to your fairy house. If you do use buttons, please don’t relay on your fairy to keep them in place. Instead, use our Mini Patio Mix Kit. It’s easy and fun to use.

– Create a wee leaf-plate for the “fairy offering” to help lure them into your garden. Fairies eat fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and bread. Place a wee snack as an offering and see if they take you up on it.

– Fairies smell slightly like cinnamon. If you catch a whiff, there is a fairy nearby but not the fairies are still not edible.

– They use mint leaves as a toothbrush and pine needle combs. They use cotton balls as pillows and leaves as blankets. Fairies prefer the natural house and lean-to’s so they can go inside and see out the windows.

If you are NOT going to see the movie, here’s a synopsis:

The mAd-Fairyovie was very fun in typical Disney fashion. The only characters are the Dad, the daughter and the fairies. The Dad is very pre-occupied with his work collecting, studying and mounting bugs and butterflies, which is completely horrific for a fairy to see! The daughter catches a fairy by accident (Tinkerbell) and they bond. Dad eventually finds out, catches a fairy and rushes to expose his find to the world. Just before it is too late, he is swayed when he sees his daughter flying with the fairies, pleading for the release of her friend. The fairies befriend the Dad and, with a heavy dose of pixie dust, make him fly too. I love the end where the Dad, daughter and all the fairies are all hanging out spending quality time together.

Checkout your local toy store for a number of different fairy figures to use in the miniature garden that are child-safe, washable and durable. Introduce fun and magic to the children while you still can.

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Checkout Disney’s wonderfully Interactive Pixie Hollow Website here.

Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, by Janit Calvo

NEW LOW PRICE!! Click the Picture to read the intro! An expert view on fairy gardening and how to make them look authentic in your miniature garden.

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Announcing the NEW Miniature Garden Society, 2.0!

Announcing the NEW Miniature Garden Society, 2.0!

It’s a brand new, totally focused website on everything gardening in miniature with all the bells and whistles!**

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you would have heard about our Miniature Garden Society member’s only website opening up a few months ago. Well, truth be told, it did get lots of kudos, oohs and ahhs, but it couldn’t add any community, forums or post-ability to make it just that more fun. BUT, alas! Have no fear because your miniature gardener is here!

Welcome to the NEW Miniature Garden Society website! It’s all that and more. Now that we have some roots and branches to the site, it’s time to get it really growing. Personally, I can’t wait because it’s a place to share all our ideas and information that didn’t fit into this book – nor did it fit into this book either. Lol!

Yup! Can’t tell you any more – need to get back to the new site! Learn more about it here. 

**May contain fairies. :o)

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DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Swings for Your Fairy Fantasy Trees!

Fairy Fantasy Trees from

“If you like it then you’d better put a swing on it.” These trees have me singing Beyonce all week. Lol! We’ve got more Fairy Fantasy Trees in stock.

DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Swings for Your Fairy Fantasy Trees!

I love it when a plan comes together. Check out how cute these fairy swings are floating in the breeze on these perfect miniature fairy garden trees! You can hang a swing from right away – no waiting for the plants to grow up!

Fairy Fantasy Trees from

DIY fairy swings are too fun to make! Every one turns out different – just like miniature fairy gardens. 

Fairy Fantasy Trees from

I cut a piece of scrap wood and rounded the edges and drilled the holes for the wire. I wasn’t too precise – it’s supposed to look like a fairy made it.




Fairy Fantasy Trees from

The heavier wire is softened by tendrils of thinner wire to make it lighter and airier – or more fairy like.


Fairy Fantasy Trees from

I tried hanging it by two wires but it was too stiff. I found I have better luck with hanging it by one wire, and now it swings in the breeze. 

Find that pretty Cotoneaster tree here. Cotoneasters are great for containers or plant it in the ground. Trim the branches to keep the “S” shape or you can let it revert back to its natural shape that will grow prostrate, or sideways along the ground. Don’t be afraid to prune it, it can handle it.

Fairy Fantasy Trees from

Pretty little flowers on the Cotoneaster each spring. They turn to bright red berries (inedible) that last through the winter.

What kind of fairy gardener are you? See our popular eBook, Sophisticated Fairy Gardening: Advanced Techniques, Ideas and Imaginings, by Yours Truly, world-renown miniature garden expert no less! Here’s an excerpt:

Keep your fairy gardening real by replicating what nature does. Let the garden ebb and flow, let the trees and the flowers fill in naturally. The one really central “must-have” for a realistic fairy garden is the garden itself. Once you have the naturally slow-growing trees intermixed with the low-growing garden bed of perennials and flowers, add to it slowly so you have a chance to nurture the plants. Try to resist the urge to add a bunch of accessories and houses all at once. Let the idea marinate into what it needs to be, instead of being a display of a collection of miniature fairy accessories.

Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, by Janit Calvo

An expert view on fairy gardening and how to make them look authentic in your miniature garden.


Fairy Fantasy Trees from

The Twisty Mugo Pine made the perfect tree for twiggy fairy swing. 

See more photos of the Twisty Mugo Pine here. It is really perfect for any fairy garden. Mugos are drought tolerant, great in containers or in the ground, they love full sun, they can handle the heat and they are hardy to -40F! (Brrrr!) Snip or pinch any new growth along the trunk to maintain its shape.


Fairy Fantasy Trees from

For the seat of this fairy swing, I found a half-piece of driftwood log. I drilled it on either side for the wires to go through before decorating it.


Fairy Fantasy Trees from

You can see how I hid the wire with the reindeer moss and another twig. I cheated and used hot-glue for this project because the swing will sit “in the air” it, theoretically, should last.


Fairy Fantasy Trees from

DIY fairy swings – betcha you can’t make only one of them! Lol! 

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Fairy Fantasy Trees from


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April Fools in the Miniature Fairy Garden

April Fools Day in the Miniature Garden

Foolin’ around with the fairies for April Fools Day.

April Fools in the Miniature Fairy Garden

Fooling around with the fairies for April Fool’s Day! Click to enlarge the photos.


April Fools Day in the Miniature Garden

What did YOU think that fairies needed that nobody talks about? Leave your comments below, we would love to hear from you!

April Fools Day in the Miniature Garden

The backdrop was made from a bamboo placemat. We glued stakes on the back to hold it rigid, and to stake it. The trees were painted for more color. That back vase is just that – it’s not planted up – the branches will last for a couple of months before they will need replacing.

April Fools Day in the Miniature Garden

I found this miniature bathroom set many years ago at a miniature show. It’s discontinued, but it’s the PERFECT fairy bathroom! Lol!

April Fools Day in the Miniature Garden

Customized fairy figure. It’s a Mary Brown fairy that I glued material onto, painted, painted and painted in layers, and remade into my own lil’ fairy.

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April Fools Day in the Miniature Garden


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The Trouble with Fairies in the Miniature Garden

Nature's bounty makes awesome fairy garden houses!

Nature’s bounty makes awesome fairy garden houses! Clean and dry, covered in lichen and moss – PERFECT for fairy crafting and DIY!

The Trouble with Fairies in the Miniature Garden

If you’ve followed me long enough you will know that I’m more in-tune with miniature gardening than fairy gardening. But fairies are something that my Mom and I have always shared, we’ve oohed and cooed over them since I was a child. I loved having that connection with her because none of my other brothers and sisters cared much for miniatures nor for fairies. What I really enjoy about the topic is combining Mother Nature’s beauty with my imagination but, honestly, I really have a genuine problem with the fairies!

Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, by Janit Calvo

An expert view on fairy gardening and how to make them look authentic in your miniature garden.

You see, I can’t walked by a mossy branch, or a lovely piece of bark, without thinking how cool it would be to make something out of it for a fairy garden. So I pick it up, put in my satchel and take it back to the studio. Needless to say, this happens quite often – too often in fact.

Living in the great Northwest does not help this accumulation/imagination/hoarding issue at all, especially in the spring months, when all the trees wake up from their winter sleep and start budding. The moss is everywhere: on the sidewalks, in the rockery and clinging to tree branches perched just so, looking all green and mossy and alive. I just love it.

Yummy branches and mossy twigs, bark sheets and - get the glue gun, it's time to create!

Yummy branches and mossy twigs, bark sheets and – get the glue gun, it’s time to create!

And then what happens? A windstorm. Oh, dear, dear, dear me… all those lovely lichen-filled branches, big sheets of bark with different types of moss clinging to it – all those branches that I was admiring in the trees are now in very manageable pieces at my feet.

See the problem now?

What is a girl to do?

I collected them, hauled them to the studio, sorted them, dried them and inspected them for bugs.

Then I made a fairy house. Lol!

See them here.

See our Super Deluxe Fairy Garden Craft Kit – It has a wide variety of naturals collected over the years AND it’s PERFECT for fairy garden crafting parties!

Want to dig deeper in to the miniature garden hobby? Join us at the new Miniature Garden Society! A members-only website that we are filling-up with everything miniature garden – and a little bit of fairy gardening too! See more information about it here.

You can let your imagination fly away when making your fairy garden furniture!

You can let your imagination fly away when making your fairy garden furniture!

Links to More Fairy:

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo

The Miniature Garden Society



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Where the Fairies Live in the Miniature Garden

Miniature Fairy Gardening with Janit Calvo,

From the new Sophisticated Fairy Garden ebook: “Think of how and where you find a cocoon, nest or shelter that the small critters of the forest and garden would build, and imagine that a fairy wouldn’t be too different. “

Where the Fairies Live

The research for our new ebook, Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, took a few years to develop as we watched this garden trendFairy Gardening with Two Green spiral out of our efforts to teach gardening in miniature to the world. The main thing that held me back in writing the book was to figure out why most fairy gardens did not have half the enchantment that a miniature garden does. After an ah-ha moment back in January, when I started to create some fairy houses for the ebook, I realized what the issues were – and how to fix them.

(Click to enlarge the photos.)

An excerpt from Sophisticated Fairy Gardening:

“There are several ways to thinking about fairy houses made by the fairies, either you are creating the impression that your fairies created a home modeled after your full-sized house, complete with windowsills made from twigs, gourd walls and roofs made from pinecone pieces. Or, you can think like a fairy and ask yourself, “What would a fairy use to build a house in my garden?” and adapt a stump, an old boot or child’s toy to help with the structure and build on it from there. This latter perspective is very creative, and you can use whatever natural supplies you have handy; and put them together in almost a childlike way to simulate the building techniques, or lack thereof, of a tiny, winged figure. Think of how and where you find a cocoon, nest or shelter that the small critters of the forest and garden would build, and imagine that a fairy wouldn’t be too different. “

To find out more about our new eBook, Sophisticated Fairy Gardening: An Addendum to Gardening in Miniature here.

Miniature Fairy Gardening with Janit Calvo,

To make the spheres, I soaked the string in glue and wrapped it around a balloon and let it dry. You can add acrylic paint to the glue, or paint it afterwards.

Miniature Fairy Gardening with Janit Calvo,

Fairy Homes and Gardens is a great resource if you need ideas for your fairy-making. Click into the picture to see it up in our Amazon aStore!

A New Book on Fairy Homes and Gardens

Miniature Fairy Gardening with Janit Calvo,

Multiple photos from 30 different designers fill the book from cover to cover. I think all the designers are professionals and sell their fairy creations.

Fairy Homes and Gardens, by Barbara Purchis and E. Shaley Rooney, by Schiffer Publishing Ltd., is a fun dance with the fairies. At first glance, the book appears to a wild collection of all kinds of fairy photos with no connection save that they are all fairy houses. But, as with anything miniature, if you stop, look and consider each designer and each house, I think you’ll find most of the photos interesting or inspiring.

The book is an assemblage of the work of 30 fairy house designers from around the world and it ranges in skill so there is something for everyone. If you are in need of a resource for ideas for your fairy work, this is the book for you. Different materials, settings, styles and designs are plentiful as there are multiple colored photos from every designer on each page. From houses to furniture, from the forest to the seaside, here is a ton of fairy inspiration right at your fingertips. Find it up on here.

Fairy Gardening with Martha Stewart

After I picked myself up off the floor, I could have spoken with author Zazel Loven all day long. She was a delight to speak with.

But Wait, There’s More

Just when you thought it wasn’t going to happen, Martha Stewart does a little fairy gardening! I was thrilled when Zazel Loven emailed me for an interview for the Martha Stewart blog. Zazel (rhymes with Hazel) is one of the founding editors of Country Living Gardener magazine and after picking myself up off the floor, we had a very fun conversation about fairy gardening. Here is her article, on the blog, click here to read it. Give it a like and a comment too!

Department 56 Fairy

Our dog, Kitty, was very interested in Fiona the Fairy. It’s part of the new line of fairy garden accessories from Department 56. They’ve sponsored us to help launch a $500 Sweepstakes Giveaway on Pinterest. Don’t just sit there pin something from this blog for a chance to win! Details linked below.

In Glittery Conclusion

And this concludes this fairy garden segment. Don’t forget about that Department 56 sweepstakes giveaway that is on until June 15, 2015 by Department 56! You can win up to $500 worth of their new Guardians of the Garden line filled with everything fairy just for pinning something here, on this Pinterest board. It has to be a photo of anything garden related or garden-inspired so feel free to pin anything on this blog, We want you win it – so you can send us photos of all the boxes that you get. $500 is a lot of fairy!

Here is a complete round-up of all our fairy garden studies:

Sophisticated Fairy Gardening
The Truth About Fairy Garden Moss
Fairy Gardening with Department 56 <~ **Sweepstakes giveaway here!
Working with Plow & Hearth’s Fairy Houses
Tinkerbell’s Fairy Garden Houses

Miniature Fairy Gardening with Janit Calvo,

Another fairy nest from our Sophisticated Fairy Gardening ebook: The cedar branches were soaked in a glycerin/water to remain supple. Crow feathers line the backside. That is a customized Amy Brown fairy that I painted and decorated.


At The Fairy Store, May 9th, Class & Workshop, Lakewood, Wa. Click here.

A Little Bit of Magic: Miniature and Fairy Gardens
Demonstration & Seminar Molbak’s Garden Center, Woodinville, Wa., 
Saturday, May 16, 12-1pm


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Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, by Janit Calvo

Our new eBook! For Advanced Fairy Gardeners only. It’s an addendum to our Gardening in Miniature book. Click the picture for more.

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