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Tired of Winter? Tired of Politics? Have NO FEAR…

Miniature Garden Society - the best website for Miniature Gardening on the Planet!

Miniature Garden Society – the best website for Miniature Gardening on the Planet!

Tired of Winter? Tired of Politics? Have NO FEAR…

…Your Miniature Gardeners are HERE!

Ugh. That silly groundhog called for SIX more weeks of winter…

Okay, you’re going to have to envision my green cape with my miniature garden logo flapping behind me in the breeze okay? With a green leotard, a mini skirt and really cute boots… can you picture it in your mind? Good. Nice boots, huh? Lol! Here’s what I have for you:

  • A website full of original content on your favorite topic of miniature gardening that is growing and evolving constantly.
  • A place to connect to people that do the same thing you do.
  • A website where there is always something growing.
  • A place for you to ask any question about miniature gardening, plants or accessories.
  • A website where you can find a yummy project for the afternoon, or for the long weekend.
  • A safe place for you to go on the internet that is free of flashing ads, videos that play at random, or ads that have tracked your latest search.

But wait. There’s more.

How about a website that shows you how you can make money doing what you love to do?

I’ve been working on this website for over 2 years now but it feels like I’ve only just started because there is still a TON of information that I have to put up in this unique website.

More projects, insight, how-to’s, upcoming show reviews, interviews and reviews of everything miniature garden! PLUS – I have a super-exciting secret that I’m ONLY sharing here, on this intro page to the Miniature Garden Society Website. You’ll have to click-in to find it out. (Promotion period for this has ended.)



Miniature Garden Society - the best website for Miniature Gardening on the Planet!

The Miniature Garden Society website includes – and will include – exclusive reviews, previews, interviews and news! Fun and informative! Click the picture to find out more. ;o)

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Miniature Garden Workshop Tips

Miniature Garden Workshop Tips

For a successful miniature workshop – and with very little effort-  you can take care not to set your students up for failure with plants that work and pots that last.

Miniature Garden Workshop Tips

Spreading the joy of miniature gardening is just as much fun as creating one. With our beloved hobby travelling like wildfire throughout the country, and the world, there are many fellow miniature gardeners who have stepped up to teach it this year. Here are some pointers that we developed after teaching this hobby for the last decade.

Looking for a Miniature Garden class? – If you are looking for a class in your area, the first place to start is your local garden center or nursery. Give them a call, find them on Facebook or, better yet, go and visit them to see what’s going on and say hello.

Miniature Hobby Farm Garden

We punched a bunch of holes in the bottom of this galvanized tub before planting to give the excess water a place to go.

Here is a last-minute checklist for our fellow miniature gardeners who are conducting workshops and classes this spring and summer.

  • Group plants horticulturally to make it easy-peasy for your students to assemble their gardens. Put indoor plants together, outdoor plants together, full sun with full sun, etc. Group plants that like dry soil together – or moist soil together too. If the student doesn’t care about mixing up the plant’s needs in one pot, just make sure they know what they are getting. (A workaround is to keep the moisture-loving plants in the poly-pot and plant the whole thing, pot and all, into the miniature garden. If it’s an aggressive grower, cut out the bottom of the poly-pot before placing it in the miniature garden.)
  • Not all plants will make a great miniature garden. The satisfaction and reward of a miniature garden is to have it grow and weave together over several seasons, if not for years and years. If the student has to repot her “investment” in two months time and buy new plants – they will be disappointed and may not try again. Simply put, plants that stay small and grow slow are the best choices to start with. See what’s in our store for more examples here. Make sure new gardeners have the best leg-up with the right plants so they are satisfied in the long run – and they will come back for more and more fun because the miniature garden is so easy to maintain.

Ad-FallPlanting - 1

  • Gather a wide selection of containers if it’s an open class where students choose their own. Some may live in condos and want lightweight containers, while others may have a larger space to work with and want to plant a bigger miniature garden.
  • Choose pots or containers with a drainage hole. Just about any container or teacup can be drilled with the right drill and drill bit. Look for masonry drill bits for most Asian and Chinese pottery, for teacups and porcelain, look for porcelain tile.
    Miniature Garden in a barbecue

    Above photo is from 2013: I chose this “container” because it was new and, being a barbecue, it already had holes for drainage. My plants are true miniatures (Michelle Mugo Pine with Congested Ice Plant) and I know I can keep this together for years before it will need repotting. I shelter it from the hot, summer sun because it is metal. UPDATE – 2016: The Ice plant outgrew the pot last year. The Michelle Mugo Pine is still very happy in this wee bbq planter! 

    Don’t set your students up for failure by telling them that anything can be used for a miniature garden, closed containers simply will not work for everyone. Help your student’s success rate by providing a drilling service, or only recommending containers with drainage holes.

  • Give careful consideration of what you are recommending to plant in. Yes, that old drawer or broken pot may look cute for the first couple of months after the miniature garden is planted but, after a while, your still stuck with an old drawer or broken pot! As the miniature garden keeps growing more magical and fun throughout the seasons, you may regret not investing in a nice container that will last and not fall apart when moved. Note that baskets lined with plastic are temporary containers and will not last. I have found that poking holes in the plastic doesn’t work very well either if you want the garden to last.
  • Always choose organic potting soil for your miniature gardens. Stay away from any soil with extra fertilizer or water-retaining polymers, the plants simply don’t need it, it may burn the roots and nor do you want your miniature plants to grow fast. There is enough nutrients in a good-quality potting soil to last for up to two years.

  • Recommend accessories that are weatherproof and/or are staked to hold their place in the soil. It is cute to add wee books, refreshments and tiny details but they will weather quickly and get lost in the garden – which is hard on some people’s budgets and their patience. Spending good money on miniatures that don’t last long is frustrating for the new miniature gardener. Put the focus on what will stand up to the weather for the more satisfaction.
  • Provide some snacks or refreshments during the workshop to keep everyone engaged. Miniature garden workshops can sometimes take up to four hours at times. By providing a little nourishment, you can avoid people having to leave early because they need food. Make sure to mention this in your flyer or ad, to let the people know. Better yet, team up with a local caterer and make it a luncheon-event. The students can eat while you teach, then plant afterwards.

Need to know how to build a miniature garden like a pro? Here is our complete instructions on how to create a miniature garden, it includes some in-ground tips and tricks, scale information and recommended plants to use.

Like this? You’ll like our Mini Garden Gazette – join us here for more fun in the miniature garden. 

Visit America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center, here:

Book Cover - Low Res 008

Get an autographed copy from our store or find it on!

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Grow Your Own Way for Earth Day

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo and

Grow Your Own Way for Earth Day

Earth Day always brings about moments of reflection about how I treat our planet. I’ve been a tree hugger, a recycler, a reducer, a re-user, and a plant lover for over 30 years. Mother Earth is now one of my business partners, but it wasn’t a straightforward route to this partnership with Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center, but at least it was interesting.

Miniature Gardening with Janit CalvoWhen I first decided to work with plants I tried working with a landscaping company and was hired to pull weeds. It was hard work and the main mission was to get to the next job as fast as possible. We were told to leave some weeds behind to guarantee a callback. (!)

I planted trees in interior British Columbia for three months while waiting for my brother and our friend to finish their tree planting gigs to meet up afterwards and travel south – only to find out they both quit and went back to Toronto after 2 weeks (they lasted ONLY 2 weeks!!) into the season. Now that was eye opening!

I tried working on my own as a solo gardener pulling more weeds but it was very lonely work and I didn’t enjoy being in a strange yard all by myself for hours on end.

I tried to team up with another entrepreneur to create a small gardening and landscape company that we had going but she didn’t want to get serious about it and wanted to stay under the table.

I tried to work for a wholesale florist because I wanted to be surrounded by flowers but I couldn’t handle the hours (4am start time!?! Wha…??) AND the boss wanted me to set up his computer network instead of doing the cashier’s job that I was hired to do, because he knew I had a strong computer background – for $10 per hour. ‘Nuff said.

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo and

A peaceful green scene next to the miniature canal. The bather statue is about 2 3/4″ tall. 

And, I tried working at a garden center, but after a full year with the company; I saw the seasonal cycle start again and quickly got bored. They transferred me to the garden accessories department as assistant manager, but my job was to peel little labels off made in China crap and price everything. Yawnsville!

So, what’s my point in reviewing my job history for you? If at first you don’t succeed with anything you do, and you really want it to work out, try and try again.

If that tree didn’t work out in your miniature garden, try another! They don’t grow on trees, they ARE trees!

If that miniature garden didn’t last as long as you expected it to, here’s your chance to experiment with another design or theme and to learn and grow about different plants.

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo and

When mixing up different plants in the same pot, you’ll find some grow faster than others BUT with our miniature garden bedding plants (aka ground covers) there is a rule: the first year they sleep, the second year they creep and the third year they leap. So if you divide them every three years you can stay on top of it.

If you used the wrong soil and ruined your first go at miniature gardening. Take it back to the store where you bought the soil so you can vent your frustrations and start to heal – then pick up some organic soil and make another! It’s too fun and cute not to!

If that outdoor plant you tried to grow indoors died, try again with the rule, “right plant, right place” and remember that you can’t fool Mother Nature.

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo and

And speaking of environmentally friendly – our Made-in-the-USA genuine cedar trellises and decks are now back in stock! The trellises are staked to stay upright. The cedar will age gracefully as cedar does. You can’t get more realistic in the miniature garden than this! Click the photo to see more in the store. 

If you really want to garden in miniature but haven’t been having any success, leave a description of your situation in the comments below, I’m pretty sure I can give you another angle to work with.

Happy Earth Day! Now go hug a tree – do it gently if it’s miniature.

Like this? Want to join thousands of fellow miniature gardeners that receive our FREE Mini Garden Gazette newsletter? Join us here.

Want to dig deeper into the hobby? Join our new Miniature Garden Society here! We are still getting started and you have a chance to be on the ground floor as one of the founding members. See more information on this new idea right here.


The Miniature Garden Society


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So, You Want to Start a Fairy Garden Business??


So, You Want to Start a Fairy Garden Business??

Do you love fairies? Do you love fairy gardening? Do you want to spend your days working with everything fairy?

Are you thinking of how to start a new fairy garden business for the New Year?

Do you want a way to explore your passion and make money too?

Do you want a head start?

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo

We’ve set-up in stores, coffee shops, on street corners, at farmers and craft markets, at garden shows, miniature shows…

If you answered a big, “YES!” to all these questions, here is a way to jump-start your business and your learning curve to get you started on the right track to making money from your passion right away. Spring will be here in a couple of months and you have a chance to leap into action now, and get everything ready for the planting season.

Here sample email of questions that I get almost every week from people wanting to start a business from their passion for everything fairy:

  • Can you give me information about selling fairy gardens at fairs, etc.?
  • How do I transport them?
  • Where else can I sell them?
  • What sells?
  • How is the final price determined?
  • What are average prices?
  • How do you keep the plants alive between shows?
  • Do I need electrical hook-ups?
  • Do you add a little care booklet for the customer?
  • Is there a market for this?
  • What a about commissioned gardens?
  • How to price them?
  • Do you need permits?
  • Do I warranty the plants??
  • How do you preserve the items for a garden?
  • Paint with clear varnish? or something else?
  • How can I find the right plants in my area?

You can see how this long list of questions may take you days, weeks, or for some questions, years to answer. Most of these answers came to me by trial and error.

Errors that I’ve already made so you don’t have to.

One of our booth displays at the third best garden show in the country, the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.

One of our booth displays at the third best garden show in the country, the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.

Here is a chance to spend time with me to answer your questions and get you started with the right ideas, the right items and in the right direction to get you going with your new fairy garden business. This includes a copy of our bestselling book, Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World AND one of our very popular Complete Miniature Garden Kits.

Ask anyone who has started a business, the right conversation at startup with the right person is WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Click right here for more details and to purchase your jump-start to your very own fairy garden business! 


We've set up displays at the two top garden shows here in the Seattle area for over 10 years now. This was a display in 2012 and called the best display at the show by the Associate Editor of Timber Press, Andrew Beckman.

We’ve set up displays at the two top garden shows here in the Seattle area for over 10 years. This was a display at the NWFGS in 2012 and called the best display at the show by the Associate Editor of Timber Press, Andrew Beckman. (You can see his comment here.)


Top Fairy Garden Domains For Sale!

~> So you are thinking of a new online fairy garden business for the New Year?

~> Need a jump-start with a great domain name?

~> Are you already in the fairy garden business?

~> Need a great website name to help boost your business?

Want a successful online business? It starts with a great domain name!

Want a successful online business? It starts with a great domain name!

Domain names are the real estate of the Internet. It is especially important to get a  “dot com” address, as the noteworthy names are now few and far between. But, we have you covered because here are a few of them up for sale RIGHT NOW!

Domain names like these are PERFECT to get your fairy garden business noticed in Google search for your main keywords because your keywords, “fairy” and “garden” are already in the domain name. 

If you are interested in purchasing any, please get in touch. It takes a couple of quick and easy steps and then it’s all yours!!

You can start today!

Serious enquiries only. If you want more than one domain name, prices can be negotiated.

Domains for Sale:

Janit has brought it to the largest garden show in the country, the Philadelphia Flower Show and had line-ups at the signing table afterwards.

Janit has “brought it” to the largest garden show in the country, the Philadelphia Flower Show and had line-ups at the signing table afterwards. Want to take your fairy gardening on the road, Janit has done that too.


Need more juice to bring to your fairy gardening? Dig into our ebook, Sophisticated Fairy Gardening: Advanced Techniques and Imaginings by Janit Calvo. It’s an instant download PDF – get it right now!


Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, by Janit Calvo

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Back to the Future: Predicting The Miniature Garden Hobby

Miniature Garden by Two Green Thumbs

One of the first miniature gardens that we sold in 2001. The patio was made of sand and glass. This was built before I invented our Mini Patio Mix Kit, now anyone can create a custom, permanent patio that won’t wash away when you water nor when it rains.

Back to the Future: Predicting The Miniature Garden Hobby

It’s funny how an iconic movie from your childhood can make you think of the past, present and future at the same time. As kids we gobbled up those Back to the Future movies over and over. We all wanted to be Marty McFly and jump to the future to see what our family would look like too. The movie did a great job in making 2015 seem so far away it was unfathomable to think of.

Well, funnily enough, we predicted the future in our own way here at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center.

Tiny Gardener in a Tiny Mini Garden

We relied on tiny toys and dollhouse miniatures found at a local miniature store here in Seattle, Dolly’s Dollhouse.

Being the first business dedicated to the art and craft of miniature gardening, I forged ahead and just started it in 2001. Who knew that creating a business with no customers wasn’t the thing to do? Scouring business books for start-up information was the only thing I could find, the Internet was very limited at that point, but hey, you could order books from the library on it. Nowadays, all you have to do is input your question and Google will provide.

The history of Two Green Thumbs

Courtesy of the Wayback Machine (linked below) you can see where we first got the domain in 2001 and then got it up and running in 2004. Before the online store, we sold through eBay. (Click to enlarge.)

Wayback website:

Back to the Past: How to know if it was a good idea?

So how did I know if this miniature garden idea had legs when there was no one else doing it? It was my Ontario College of Art and Design training. During my last thesis Keepin' it real in the miniature garden with TwoGreenThumbs.compresentation with my painting instructor, Paul Young. I asked him how do I know if it’s a good painting or not? How do I know if the painting is finished? He said, “Now that you are the artist, if it excites you, it will excite others.”

In the first years of Two Green Thumbs, there were times where I would just be overwhelmed with ideas and stopped in the middle of my studio, trying to synthesize all the potential in my head. At the weekend markets, where we tested out the idea for years, there were people who would just stop in front of our booth and stare at the miniature gardens. There was no talking to them during this trance either – they were trying to get their head around the notion of a tiny living garden in miniature too. Witnessing this trance fed my desire to bring the idea to the world and, amazingly enough, we did, one person at a time.

And, needless to say, if you are a miniature gardener you don’t need me to tell you just how juicy this idea is. How often have you been lost in your miniature garden world?


Jump to the Present

Miniature garden by Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center

The first miniature gardens were over-planted a little too much, and quickly outgrew the pot within a season, with little regard to the plants needs. We quickly learned “right plant in the right place” applied to miniature gardens too.

Nowadays, everyone is on the fairy garden bandwagon in some form or another. Stores that quickly copied our business model years ago, duplicating our inventory and launching their own online stores now focus on fairy gardening instead. A Google search on “fairy garden” now generates over 8,500,000,000 results. You’ll find large displays of fairy garden items at most local, independent garden centers.

Major big-box stores are now on board. You’ll find new miniature sections at Michael’s Crafts now, and seasonal miniatures for the garden at JoAnn’s Fabrics. Hobby Lobby has always carried dollhouse miniatures but the department seems to have grown exponentially. And, lastly, the number of tiny businesses online that specialize in fairy gardening, mistaking it for miniature gardening, are everywhere on the web.

And Now to the Future

We’ve stayed the course here at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center and even though at times we’ve included the fairy garden idea into some of our inventory. blog and social media posts, we still stand firmly behind this miniature garden hobby.

We haven’t let the fairy idea take over our business model like other businesses have, because it wasn’t the fairies that entranced us to begin with – it was the miniatures and the garden. 

Miniature garden by Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center

Double-sided miniature gardens were not only fun to make, the clients loved them!

So, here we sit, still the leaders of the miniature garden hobby. Our plant selection is the best on the web, we offer true miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs from America’s top grower. Our miniature accessories, collected from many sources around the world, are realistic, detailed, in-scale and for the most part, weatherproof, reusable and renewable – we simply don’t want to generate landfill.

So? Like this? Want to follow the leader? If you are serious about your miniature gardening, join us here for our new weekly Mini Garden Gazette newsletter. It’s fast, fun and informative.

And checkout the world’s first Miniature Garden Center for all your miniature garden needs – because, after all, we wrote the book on it too.



Book Cover - Low Res 008

Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, by Janit Calvo

Here is our eBook for Advanced Fairy Gardeners only. It’s an addendum to our Gardening in Miniature book. Click the picture for more info.


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New Book on Gardening in Miniature Surpasses All Expectations

Timber Press does Gardening in Miniature

Timber Press does Gardening in Miniature this month for the big launch. Click the picture to get into their website – they are having a contest to win a big kit and a book!

New Book on Gardening in Miniature Surpasses All Expectations

“I can safely say Timber has never gone to reprint with such speed on any other book in its history.” – Andrew Beckman, The Big Kahuna, Timber Press

Whew! Talk about some great miniature garden news! Those folks over a Timber Press started their launch this week, and boy-o-boy they sure are busy-bees. So I thought to bring them to you! Here are a few websites that have reviews already, a wonderful blog-post from Canada, and the start of Timber’s big launch. It has been interesting to see the different takes on the book and the hobby.

Amazon does Gardening in Miniature

>>>> STILL #1 in Miniatures and Flower Gardening this week on Amazon, and today we are #10 in the Garden and Landscape! <<<<

There are a bunch of reviews up on the Amazon website here if you are want to read more opinions about the new book. One review by a librarian brought attention to what the book is not: It’s not a book for young children – although I am positive that young teenagers will enjoy it.  And, it’s not about fairy gardening. There are several books out on the market that cover that type of gardening (we recommend the Julie Bawden-Davis / Beverly Turner book, they’ve been doing them for years and years.) But fairy gardeners and experienced gardeners will enjoy the plant and scale information to add a touch of realism to their work. And, there is a whole chapter filled with basic garden information in the book for the beginner gardener, as well as plenty of ideas and inspiration for the experienced gardener.

Read more reviews on the GoodReads website here.

A lovely review from Publisher’s Weekly is here. (Now, who would have thought I would have a review on the famous Publisher’s Weekly? ;o) They said the book is a “fascinating sophisticated approach to container gardening.” Insert blushing here.

Garden Therapy does Gardening in Miniature

>>>> Garden Therapy does Gardening in Miniature – great website for crafts, recipes and garden projects. <<<<

 The beautiful and talented Stephanie Rose from the popular Garden Therapy blog and website got together a how-to make a miniature garden patio up on her blog for your infotainment. You can see the fast and easy way to build a miniature patio right in your garden. AND, I must add that if you like recipes, gardening, DIY projects and “crafty goodness,” I guarantee you will enjoy her website. Stephanie is an excellent photographer, graphic designer and writer – and she’s a brand new Mom this month so be assured that there will be a baby/children theme carrying on for the years to come. She’s got a contest to win one of our Mini Patio Mix kits so be sure to enter for your chance to win a free kit – the details are at then end of the post.

Timber Press does Gardening in Miniature

>>>> A Q & A with Yours Truly and how we got the idea way back when. <<<<

Timber Press does Gardening in Miniature

>>>> Excerpts from the book on design points to add to your miniature garden expertise! <<<<

Timber Press does Gardening in Miniature

>>> In this blog they show the gardens that they created for a big book convention last year. <<<

And back to the Mothership! Timber Press’ website has now turned into Gardening in Miniature! Lol! Check out all the gorgeous photos from the book that they have on their website and blog. Note that they built their gardens a bit differently – but hey, they didn’t have Gardening in Miniature to read when they made them last fall for their show – but we think they did a pretty good job! Be sure to enter their contest for a chance to win one of our Complete Indoor/Outdoor Miniature Garden Kit AND a book!

So, run, don’t walk, to your nearest Barnes and Noble – if you are in Canada, they are in Chapters-Indigo – and pick up a copy! Everybody should have them in stock by now. You can find it at any bookseller, on the Timber Press website, Amazon, Chapters-Indigo website, the Barnes and Noble website, or get an autographed copy from our online store here. They should be wherever books are sold.

Join us at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center for more in the miniature garden. We have a monthly newsletter, The Mini Garden Gazette, that is filled with tips, ideas, FAQs, contests, specials and links to more fun. You’ll get a free PDF after signing up too! Join us here.

Shop Miniature Garden Plants

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Gardening in Miniature is Launched PLUS Northwest Tour Dates!

Gardening in Miniature is Launched PLUS Northwest Tour Dates!

Gardening in Miniature Book

Now available at a bookseller near you!

Timber Press officially launches its campaign for our brand, spankin’ new book, Gardening in Miniature: How to Create Your Own Tiny Living World next week. Let the fun begin! Life on earth will never be the same… garden history is forever changed! Yay!

For those who have been following our journey over the last decade, you’ll know what a milestone this is for us. For those who have just joined us, welcome to the cutest and most creative hobby in the whole-wide-world – miniature gardening where craft meets garden. Really, how fun is that?

We snuck the news out to our email list last month, and those of you that got a copy, congrats on nabbing a first edition! A second edition printing has already been ordered, they were afraid of running out. And, hey, Timber Press, be afraid… be VERY afraid! ;o)

More Bragging Rights

Gardening in Miniature has already topped several charts on Amazon. Over the last few of weeks, we’ve maintained the #1 spot in the Miniatures Department, we’ve occupied either the #1 or #2 position in Flower Gardening, AND we’ve maintained the #1 position in the Hot New Releases for Garden and Landscape this past week. I’ll take it!

Insert the happy dance here.


Gardening in Miniature Book

We’ve maintained the miniature gardens that were photographed for the book. We’ll go into more detail throughout the launch-month – Stay tuned!

Where to Find Your Copy?

Find your copy of Gardening in Miniature wherever books are sold – all the stores, online and brick and mortar, should have their books by now. Amazon[dot]com, of course, and your local Barnes and Noble bookstore have them – so you can save on shipping and shop locally. There are also bunch of independent garden centers, museum stores, gift shops and hobby stores have ordered the books in so you can support the local independent retailers.

Find a copy up in our online store, we have the only autograph option online. (Wink!)

Gardening in Miniature Book

It didn’t sink in that I was published until I saw a stack of them on my desk…

What’s to Come – Locally:

Seattle Mini Book Tour – Come and see us! 
We would love to meet you! 

Bring your friends, grab your neighbors, come,  fill a seat at our next seminar and find out what all the fuss is about!

I’ve been corralling new information for the talks that are based from the projects and photos in the book, Gardening in Miniature. We’ll are bringing the same gardens that are in the book to the following talks so you can see them up close and personal – and you can see how they’ve grown in too. Please join us for more fun!

The underlined links will take you to their website for directions and information:

Molbak’s Nursery, Woodinville
Saturday, July 13th, 12pm to 1pm – Free

Swanson’s Nursery, North Ballard
Sunday, July 14th, 11am to Noon – Free

Ravenna Gardens, University Village
Sunday, July 21st, 2pm to 3pm
$20 – reserves your copy of Gardening in Miniature book!
Call to register: (206) 729-7388

Touring Out of State: Timber Press is sending us to the major shows around the country for the next few months and into next year’s round of garden shows. I will be sure to post and send any news that I get so we hope to meet you one day! Join us to get any news delivered straight to your inbox. (And get our free PDF download after you sign up!)

Gardening in Miniature Book

Steve customized the customized the rusty, worn-out tractor. The bumper sticker says, “Eat Dirt.”

Online Fun

We have a bunch of things planned for the month-long celebration. Contests, giveaways, stories behind the gardens in the book, plant details, mini how-to’s, and generally much hoopla and merriment. Join us by signing up for the blog over in the right-hand side or, sign up for our Mini Garden Gazette newsletter – join us here. 

Find the all the miniature garden plants, accessories, kits and more here:

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs

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