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Announcing the NEW Miniature Garden Society, 2.0!

Announcing the NEW Miniature Garden Society, 2.0!

It’s a brand new, totally focused website on everything gardening in miniature with all the bells and whistles!**

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you would have heard about our Miniature Garden Society member’s only website opening up a few months ago. Well, truth be told, it did get lots of kudos, oohs and ahhs, but it couldn’t add any community, forums or post-ability to make it just that more fun. BUT, alas! Have no fear because your miniature gardener is here!

Welcome to the NEW Miniature Garden Society website! It’s all that and more. Now that we have some roots and branches to the site, it’s time to get it really growing. Personally, I can’t wait because it’s a place to share all our ideas and information that didn’t fit into this book – nor did it fit into this book either. Lol!

Yup! Can’t tell you any more – need to get back to the new site! Learn more about it here. 

**May contain fairies. :o)


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CUTE ALERT! How to Make the World’s Smallest Miniature Garden!


Miniature Garden Kits by Two Green Thumbs! Make a miniature garden for your miniature garden.

Miniature Garden Kits by Two Green Thumbs. Make a miniature garden for your miniature garden.

CUTE ALERT! How to Make the World’s Smallest Miniature Garden!

Okay, you know how I always tell you that miniature gardens can make anyone smile? I mean anyone? Well here is another way to guarantee that smile and possibly some giggles too: a miniature garden for your miniature garden! The perfect size to go next to a chair on the patio, on the edge of your mini cedar deck, tuck it underneath a miniature tree or use it to fill in an empty spot in the garden bed. Got a miniature house in your fairy garden? Place two pots on either side of the door for a great welcome for your fairy guests!

It’s all in one lil’ kit and only from your friend’s at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center where we are truly and unequivocally (good word, huh? ;o) are obsessed with anything miniature garden.

Miniature Garden Kits by Two Green Thumbs

The tiny gardens can fit in almost any sized miniature garden. It’s in one of our older boxwood gardens above. The wall in the back is made from the Mini Patio Mix Kit too.

We have them up in our Etsy store where we put all our weird and wonderful ideas to be tested. Each kit is a bit different, you’ll find a variety of different accessories in each kit, from Buddhas and birdbaths. See our Etsy store here. Now, quantities are limited so if you click in and find them sold out, check back or get in touch through here, or through any of our websites, to be notified when more are in stock.

Now make sure you leave at least a few minutes to complete this project. Lol!

We use our miniature sedum cuttings, together with our exclusive Mini Patio Mix, for this little kit. The Mini Patio Mix is the perfect scale for the tiny gardens AND there are three pots with enough plants to go ’round –  so call your friends over for a True Miniature Garden Party!

There’s a full-color instruction booklet included too – you’ll learn how to make any sized miniature garden. How fun is that? Especially with the holiday gift-giving season soon approaching. See them here.

Check out our new short video below – it may be too short – Lol! Leave any comments or questions below.



For any part of the kit, a la carte, please visit our store, we’re America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center.

Like this? Join us and thousands of other like-minded miniature gardeners for your weekly dose of cuteness and fun, delivered straight to your inbox each Friday, the world’s only newsletter completely dedicated to the hobby of gardening in miniature: The Mini Garden Gazette. Sign up through the front page of our main website here: Added bonus for subscribers besides a free PDF is our newsletter list gets first dibs on anything we produce. Join us! 

Miniature Garden Kits by Two Green Thumbs

Snuggle it into a garden bed for added interest!

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Janit’s Laboratories, Ink.

A Reblog and an update on a whimsical product idea – only from your Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center. We’ve since sold hundreds of these little charmers:

The Mini Garden Guru From

Experimenting with Miniature Moss Terrariums. It takes about two hours to rejuvenate the moss from a completely dried state. Experimenting with Miniature Moss Terrariums. It takes about two hours to rejuvenate the moss from a completely dried state.

Janit’s Laboratories, Ink.

REBLOG from Stardate: September 23, 2009.

I often feel like a mad scientist. Trying out completely different things that just might work together.

In art college, one of my final thesis projects (1996) was an interactive, computer controlled kinetic painting. I applied electronics and motors to painted panels mounted on a larger board. I had help designing a software program to turn the motors in either direction, randomly. All the panels were activated by a digital platform to turn it on for random amounts of time. The idea was to give each viewer a completely different experience of the painting.

I know, whacky. The painting department didn’t like the electronics, and the electronic department didn’t care for the painting aspect. I knew I was truly onto something, blending two…

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Miniature Garden Ideas for Black Thumbs, Part II

Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens

With this idea, you can grow a little something just about anywhere.

Miniature Garden CenterMiniature Garden Ideas for Black Thumbs, Part II

With a name like Two Green Thumbs, I tend to turn-off non-gardener immediately. I don’t mean to, if they only knew that I’m pretty good at killing plants too. So, the other week when I was brainstorming for my Pottery Barn gig I had to switch my thinking to be more inline with their inventory. It wasn’t hard to get enthusiastic about their products – someone give me a gift certificate and I’ll show you how fast I can use it – but it was a bit of a puzzle to come up with new and different ways to use living plants. Here’s the second half of what I demonstrated for our fellow miniature gardeners at the University Village Pottery Barn store.

See the first blog post here on easy cache-pot gardening, When Pottery Barn Meets Miniature Gardening.

Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens

A close-up shows the hidden tequila bottle that holds the houseplant cuttings. We call them twee gardens.

Unique and unusual miniature garden accessories, kits, plants and more.

Twee Gardens: Miniature Fun with Houseplant Cuttings

For the beach garden that looks like a terrarium, I placed a clear glass tequila bottle in the bowl first, then layered in the different stones and sand. Between each layer of stone or sand, I put a piece of landscape cloth to help preserve the layers. Any kind of cloth or paper will suffice because it’s not supposed to get wet.

Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens

I used two Pothos cuttings at first – but it didn’t cut it, then added a couple of Begonia branches for some much-needed height. After they root, I can either plant them in soil by transitioning them from water, to wet soil, to regular damp soil gradually, for the best success. Or, I can leave them to grow in the water. Easy. Peasy.

This can be done with any theme. I always tend to go for a beach theme because its one of my fave places to go and I seldom have a chance to because of my work, so I getaway in small doses. (Ha! Do the puns EVER stop? ;o) The patio was taken out of a regular miniature garden than needed repotting. The adirondack chair , logs and shells with the superfine sand in perfect scale, delivers the message perfectly.

Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens

Now you have an idea for that darling candy dish or vase that you’ve had for years but never used for anything – a twee garden!

Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens

I’ve been holding on to these small glass vials that I think are from the medical industry – does anyone know what they were used for?

Best selling Gardening in Miniature book


Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens

Aaaand that little vials sits in this vase just right.

When you put it together, hold the vase at the height that you want inside the vase/dish and then pour the pebbles in. If you mess-up, dump it all out in a tray or cookie sheet so you can corral the pebbles easily.

Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens

Looks like dessert! Wouldn’t this be a perfect centerpiece for a wedding or special event? Those are Hinoki Cypress branches that last for a surprisingly long time – but they probably won’t make a very successful plant start.

Fairy Gardening with Two Green

The Definition of Twee: In British English it is used much more widely for things that are nauseatingly cute or precious. – The Urban Dictionary

Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens

This vase is buried about half-way into the pebbles. That is an Adromeda ‘Little Heath’ branch that lasts a long time in water but I don’t expect it to root in soil. Note that the miniature accessories will tell the scale, and the story.

I’m not expecting this Andromeda branch to root although it might if I leave it in the water long enough. With this idea, you can treat it like a flower vase too, and refresh different cuttings whenever you want. A friend with a garden would be very handy to have, and they probably won’t mind giving you a wee branch of something on a regular basis.

A quick list of plants that apparently root well in water: succulents, vines, spider plants, pothos, mint, basil, rosemary, African violets, begonias, coleus, geraniums, impatiens and willow. Experiment!

Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens

I put in a fresh Andromeda Little Heath branch for a show the Seattle Miniature Show past weekend, and all of a sudden it needed something taller. The miniature tower birdhouse fit the bill perfectly.

See our selection of bird houses here.

Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens

With this Twee Garden idea, you can grow a little something just about anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about the water or dampness. I used a turkey baster to direct the water right into the vase. Squirt gently!

See our selection of miniature furniture here.

Different Ways to Grow Indoor Miniature Gardens

I brought the group to the Seattle Miniature Show and, everyone liked it! I won the second place ribbon!

Like this? The you’ll love our Mini Garden Gazette. Join us here.

Visit our store for more ideas and inspiration here.

Miniature Garden Center

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