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Miniatures at the Huge Philadelphia Flower Show

Miniature Gardens at the Philadelphia Flower Show

A close up of Louise’s award-winning miniature Rear Window scene with close attention to detail, replicating the scene in the movie to a “T.”

Miniature Gardening is Still Growing at the Huge Philadelphia Flower Show

Dateline: 3.4.15 – Reporting in from our Timber Press tour to Philadelphia with our unique perspective – as usual! Here is our review of the garden event of the year, the best in the country, the Philadelphia Flower Show that is! It’s still on until March 8, 2015.

Miniature Garden Settings Exhibits

Miniatures at the Philadelphia Flower Show

And our good friend, Louise Krasneiwicz won the Best of Show this year for her steller Rear Window display! Congratulations, Dr. K! It. Is. Awesome. (More details to come.)

The Miniature Garden Settings Exhibits is a series of 10 dioramas set into window boxes built into walls for easy viewing. Despite the long list of the parameters that everyone has to work within, the exhibits vary in skill, vision and expertise. Every year there is at least a few great ideas and “wow” scenes that keep us coming back for more.

The organizers, Ron Hess & Louise Krasniewicz, spend countless and thankless hours finding new artists to participate, helping with the progress of the exhibits, blogging to keep everyone updated, promoting the exhibit throughout the year, and organizing and maintaining the main event during the show. That statement alone made me tired. Lol! Thank you Ron, Katy, Louise and the rest of the artists for a great show!

Here are a few of the exhibits below. Most of my photos I took at the wrong time of day, when the hall lights were on and the glares in the windows really got in the way. Thankfully I was able to get most of the plant-based exhibits photographed. Louise has much better photos  of all the exhibits up in her blog, the drama class and the fantasy class.

Click to enlarge the photos!

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, Louise Krasniewicz

Miniatures at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Best of Show. This scene was all handmade by Louise. You could stand there for an hour and still not see all the little nuggets in the details. Superb! 

Follow the Yellow Brick Road, Pamela Goldman

Miniatures at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Pamela does it again with her Wizard of Oz scene. The house was at a terrific angle that really made the building look like it just landed.  (The lights you see in the shot are from my negligent photographing.) 

Miniature Gardens at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Pamela use over 22 different kinds of tiny plants in her display. Click to enlarge the photo.


An Affair to Remember, Lucille Dickerson

Miniatures at the Philadelphia Flower Show

I liked the garden border idea in this scene. The tiny plants grow fast in the displays. Some are switched out during the show because they get too big. 

Enchanted April, Cathy Bandoian

Miniatures at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Cathy painted the backdrop to blend in with the “real” forest plants behind the tent to create a lush garden border. 

I will be going into greater detail with Louise’s Rear Window display. You can find the rest of the photos of the exhibits on Dr. K’s Miniature Settings Exhibit blog:

  • Gone with the Wind, Beverly Sue Palaia
  • Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Mary Ciccolella
  • Little Shop of Horrors, Ronny Smith and Chris Bogs
  • ET Goes Home, Randiee Wismer’s Dream Team of the Norristown Garden Club
  • Sleeping Beauty, Lori Anne Currall
  • Lady and the Tramp, Kathy Bright, Sheri Sullivan, Ron Sullivan

Your Miniature Garden Center

More than Just Miniatures!

There were miniature gardens throughout the show this year too – so much more than last year! Most of the vendors just had the accessories for sale, a couple of vendors stood out as favorites, which they really couldn’t help, we’ve been following their work for years. Here’s more of our review of the best garden show in the country:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Miniature Water Gardens – Plantarias

Miniature gardening at the Philly Show

Robert Dekkers of – I didn’t realize we knew each other until I saw his name. More on this FMG to come… ;o)

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo

I lighten up the shot so you can see the similarities to an aquarium. It has the same calming and “other-worldly” quality that a fish tank has – it draws you in and you don’t want to leave! 

More on this in a future blog! Robert Dekkers has been working on this ingenious approach to miniature gardening for a few years now. He calls them water gardens because they have the world’s cutest rock waterfall and stream running through each one. His plantarias are a fully contained, self-watering miniature garden that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own living room. A great idea for lobbies, waiting rooms and restaurants too – it exudes the tranquility and peacefulness similar to an aquarium! The irrigation is on automatic, the lights are the right balance for the trees and plants, the entire hutch is self-contained and made for indoors. I wonder how much shipping is to Seattle? Robert is based in the NY / NJ area. Connect with him here.

Twig Terrariums

Miniatures at the Philadelphia Flower Show

The first gals to bring the moss terrarium idea to market. They have a store in Brooklyn, NY and sell online too.

These are the gals that started the mossy-mini terrarium trend, Twig Terrariums. They put tiny HO scaled miniature people into mossy terrariums and instantly created a completely different world. It’s fun to see their creations up close and personal at the show. They have an online store, and a popular book on their work. Find them here.

More on the Philadelphia trip to come!

Like everything miniature garden? Want to go deeper? Then join us here.

German edition of Gardening in Miniature

Gardening in Miniature – now available in German! 


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Hey Miniature Gardeners! Turn Black Friday Weekend Green


Hey Miniature Gardeners! Turn Black Friday Weekend Green This Holiday.


Shop Miniature Gardens at Two Green Thumbs

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Inspiration from Adversity : Miniature Gardening on Pinterest

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs and Janit Calvo

Don’t be a troll. It’s easier, less stressful, and a lot better for your mind and health to be kind.

Inspiration from Adversity : Miniature Gardening on Pinterest

“It’s the price of fame.” A friend reminded me when I told her of my Internet troll that is stalking me around social media calling me names and telling complete lies about me. What did I do to her? I wrote a bestselling book on miniature gardening. So, after one minute of getting mad and frustrated, I realized that not everyone gets a stalker. Hey, maybe I am famous! Lol! Thanks, troll!

And what this immature woman doesn’t realize is that I came from a large family where I was the middle child and learned how to fight back. I learned many years ago to take adversity and draw personal power from it. I can make insults the wind beneath my wings now. I can turn anyone’s lack of confidence in me into personal inspiration. Tell me I can’t do it and watch me do it. So, thanks again, troll! I’m going to do more, write more, create more and yeah, you’ll be seeing more of my work simply because it helps people and makes people happy.

Pinterest is for Everybody

So, if you received a “Pin Removal from Two Green Thumbs” notice from Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, we apologize! 

In an effort to thwart this Internet troll, I had to delete several pins throughout the Pinterest site. I’ve re-posted some of them here so you can re-pin them to your boards. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for pinning politely and including the original link to the photo that you pin.

To tell if it’s a legitimate pin, click into the pin, and look at what is below the photo – it should tell you the website where it is from.

If it is NOT a legitimate pin, you will only see “Pin uploaded by pinner” or just the pinner’s name with no or very little explanation. In this case, this should be the pinner’s photo, and the description, I hope, should fill you in as to what it’s about. Otherwise with no source, credit, description or website below it, more than often not, it is somebody else’s work. See the photo below for an example of what to look for. 

These are Pinterest’s guidelines that are in place so that everyone can find out the source of that pretty photo, great idea or at least know where it came from. Without these critical links Pinterest, it becomes a useless photo album that teases everyone because they can’t find out where it came from, how to do it, or how to get it for themselves.

Pinterest Example

Look for the source of the link. We want to know how to make it or how to get it and your followers do too. That’s the point of Pinterest.

That said, here are some of the pins that were deleted for your re-pinning pleasure:

Two Green Thumbs Avatar

My main avatar throughout the internet. This photo was taken around 2005. Those are two Compressa Junipers on either side of the path.

Two Green Thumbs' Avatar

Another version of my popular avatar.

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

This is a version of the ‘Pond-in-a-Pot’ project from my Gardening in Miniature book, 2013. That’s a Jacqueline Hillier Elm tree hanging over the pond. The flowers are miniature daisies.

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

Silver & blue miniature garden for the holiday season, 2012, from our series, A Year in the Miniature Garden. Blue Moon Cypress on the left, Miniature Juniper on the right with the blue-bead garland.

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

A miniature christmas garden from 2012. That tree is a Piccolo Balsam Fir.

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

These were being called Bonsai from the pins I had deleted which they are not at all. You can get the look of a bonsai tree in your miniature garden but once you put the mini bedding plants, the patio and the accessories in there, it becomes a garden in miniature.

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

This is The Garden Shed. It won Best of Show at the Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show in 2005.

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

This was a nice surprise all the way from South Africa. She found me at the big Northwest Flower and Garden Show around 2006 where she bought the furniture, birdbath and garden tools from me. She emailed me this a couple of weeks later. I was floored!

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

A wedding gift for a couple of Fellow Miniature Gardeners.

And here is a bunch of great ‘pin-able’ photos from the Sierra Club’s website, click here.

I know I missed some reposting some pins. If any of your favorite photos aren’t here, please get in touch and I’ll dig them out.

Like this? Then join us for more fun in the miniature garden here.

And here is our Pinterest boards if you are interested in seeing more:

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo


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Janit’s Laboratories, Ink.

A Reblog and an update on a whimsical product idea – only from your Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center. We’ve since sold hundreds of these little charmers:

The Mini Garden Guru - Your Miniature Garden Source

Experimenting with Miniature Moss Terrariums. It takes about two hours to rejuvenate the moss from a completely dried state. Experimenting with Miniature Moss Terrariums. It takes about two hours to rejuvenate the moss from a completely dried state.

Janit’s Laboratories, Ink.

REBLOG from Stardate: September 23, 2009.

I often feel like a mad scientist. Trying out completely different things that just might work together.

In art college, one of my final thesis projects (1996) was an interactive, computer controlled kinetic painting. I applied electronics and motors to painted panels mounted on a larger board. I had help designing a software program to turn the motors in either direction, randomly. All the panels were activated by a digital platform to turn it on for random amounts of time. The idea was to give each viewer a completely different experience of the painting.

I know, whacky. The painting department didn’t like the electronics, and the electronic department didn’t care for the painting aspect. I knew I was truly onto something, blending two…

View original post 268 more words

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Miniature Gardening News From Around the World

Miniature Garden Plants is Our Specialty!

Flower Show Miniature Settings Photo

Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, is caught taking photos of Dr. K’s miniature garden exhibit at the Singapore Garden Festival. Yay!! Photo from Louise Krasniewicz of the Flower Show Miniature Settings blog.

Miniature Gardening News From Around the World

Shop Miniature Gardens at Two Green ThumbsGeez, I take a week-off from blogging and miniature gardening goes on a world tour. Lol! Just in case you missedwhat’s been happening in the ever-growing world of The Little Hobby That Could, it’s making some serious headway throughout the world. Here is your update!

But First, Clarification for the Masses

But first, let us define our terms. Two things that stand out as I read the comments coming in from the general public, is that (1) miniature gardening is bonsai and (2) it is nothing new.

While bonsai is a form of gardening in miniature, this new way to garden is about just that – a garden. Bonsai means “tray-plant” (bon = tray, sai = plant) and its focus is on growing miniature versions of trees in shallow, tray-like pots. Bonsai really is an art form that requires diligence, patience and constant maintenance.

Miniature gardeners design with living plants and trees that mimic full-size plants, grow slowly and are planted as a garden in regular containers, or right in the ground. We adhere to the main garden rule, “right plant, right place” to minimize the maintenance so the garden is able to grow and weave together naturally. Most mini gardens are able to stay together for years before needing any repotting and the root-pruning is minimal, if it is needed at all.

Old fashioned miniature garden style

I used to make these a lot when I did the farmer, garden and craft markets. I called them “Old Fashioned Miniature Gardens” – it was the kind of garden your Grandma used to make. Nowadays it would be called a Fairy Garden. The blooming plant is an Armeria, or Pink Sea Thrift that is pulled apart into small starts. Photo Janit Calvo

And no, miniature gardening in not new – it’s just new to the marketplace and to most people, plus it needed some serious updating which is why I picked up the torch and ran with it. The one thing I discovered while selling my miniature gardens for years at farmers markets and trade shows, is that people have been miniature gardening and fairy gardening for decades. It was such a personal hobby, and there was no where to share it until social media linked everyone together, so it went unnoticed until recently.

Shop Two Green Thumbs

From The Gardens by the Bay website.

I’ve been captivate by these since seeing them on Instagram last year. The Singapore Garden Festival was held at the Gardens by the Bay where you’ll find these wonderful sculptures called the Supertree Grove. It must be amazing to see! Click the photo to visit the site. Photo from

Singapore Garden Festival Finds Miniature Gardening Fits the Bill

A delegation of miniature gardeners from the Philadelphia Flower Show’s Miniature Settings were invited to the Singapore Garden Festival to show, tell and teach about miniature gardening. Vice chair of the exhibit in PA, Louise Krasniewicz, was accompanied by Deb Mackie and Nancy Grube, all three are award-caliber miniaturists. Dr. K. (aka Louise) chronicled their journey on her Miniature Flower Show Settings Blog. It starts here and you’ll find links to the other exhibit and workshop posts further down on the page.

Your Miniature Garden CenterThe Huffington Post Tries a Little Gardening

The Huffington Post did a little miniature gardening last week and posted a series of different gardens found on the popular Hometalk website. The headline boasted fairy gardens but, alas, there was nary a fairy in sight in the photos they choose – temporary arrangements, terrariums and my twee garden ideas were included. Please feel free to like, repost, comment and share. Thank you, Huffington Post!

The Daily Mail Online Gets On Trend

The Daily Mail is a popular website from the UK. They highlighted a series of my photographs this week for all to see! The only thing – I wish they spelled my name right. Lol! See the gallery here. Please feel free to like, repost, comment and share. Thank you, Daily Mail!

And Houston? We Have a Contact in India!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll recognize these gardens as the winners of the international segment of our Great Annual Miniature Garden Contest last year. (The winners start here.) They are now up and running with their own website, (its a work-in-progress so check back!) and you can keep in touch with them on Facebook here.  

Who knew such a little garden could have so much impact?

Visit our online store for all the right plants, parts and pieces here.

Like this? Then you’ll love our monthly Mini Garden Gazette newsletter. Join us by filling out the very short form on our main website here:, and confirm through your email.

Miniature Gardening



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Online Gardening: Are We Growing Experts?

Over 280 blog posts and five years later, we’re looking back to see very little has changed in this regard. – J.

The Mini Garden Guru - Your Miniature Garden Source

Happy Fourth of July West Seattle! Let’s be careful out there. Adirondack chair is 3.5 inches tall.

A Garden For All: Growing experts?

By Janit Calvo
July 3, 2009

An online friend, and one of my sources for inspiration for my business, Barbara Winter, has many favorite quotes to live by, but I especially like this one as it gets more and more applicable in today’s online world where anyone can be an “expert.”

“Don’t take travel advice from someone who has never left home.”

I wish I heard that one years ago.

So, I’m on Twitter these days, and have been for several months now. I’m not sure if it is really helping my business, or it’s just a place for my random thoughts that pass through my head while working alone every day. Through this source, I’ve been exposed to many other garden-related people, and what they are…

View original post 442 more words

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Miniature Gardening Across the Pond – and Back Again

Miniature Gardening with Woman's World Magazine

So cool! We made into the April 28th edition Woman’s World Magazine on page 6! Right next to Johnny Cash. Lol! Our mission is to make this hobby as well known as knitting – thank you Woman’s World Magazine!

Miniature Gardening Across the Pond – and Back Again

Miniature gardening made it across the pond and back again this spring! As the new hobby grows its way into the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa, we thought to share these articles that you may not have had a chance to see. Click into these pages to enlarge them – then you can click to zoom-in again to read them.

I enjoyed this interview by Doll’s House Magazine in the UK that includes insight into how I got into gardening and into miniatures – two passions of mine that are now bundled into one!

Miniature Gardening with UK's Doll's House Magazine

Click to zoom in, then click to zoom in again to read the article.

Miniature Gardening with UK's Doll's House Magazine

Click to zoom in, then click to zoom in again to read the article.

Miniature Gardening with UK's Doll's House Magazine

Click to zoom in, then click to zoom in again to read the article.

This hobby has grown expontentially but not everyone knows what a miniature garden plant is yet, here’s a breakdown of what kind of plants to look for – wherever you are.

We recommend calling your local independent nursery – note that the big-box-stores will not have these wonderful trees as our grower is committed to serving the independent garden centers.

Previous posts about Canadian nurseries that carry the same trees and shrubs that we do are here.

Click to enlarge these articles, then you can zoom in again. I’m not sure how this will work on a hand-held mobile or phone, however.

Like this? Join us and thousands of other Fellow Miniature Gardeners for your FREE monthly Mini Garden Gazette delivered straight to your inbox. Sign up here, confirm through your email and you’ll get a FREE  PDF too!

Gardening in Miniature by Janit Calvo

Click the picture to get your autographed copy from our online store. Or Amazon[dot]com has it too!

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