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How to Give the Gift of the Imagination with Miniature Gardening

How to Give the Gift of the Imagination with Miniature Gardening

Whew! Now that big-box store’s giant sales-weekend is over for another year, it’s time to let the smaller kids play. Yeah, if you know me at all, I don’t follow any leader very well – you can ask my parents about that too. I tend to make up my own rules as a I go along, not unlike our new president-elect. (A presidential dig but I am hopeful.)

Here’s how I would like to rearrange this last weekend in the Land of Janit:

  • Black Friday should be Green Friday that only honors businesses that are socially and environmentally conscious, and demonstrate that they care about their customers.
  • Small Business Saturday should be called “Really-Small Business Saturday.” It’s a bit of a joke, really. Did you know that businesses with less than 500 employees and $7 million in sales IS a small business? How can you compare that with us and many of the other “Really-Small Businesses” out there?  We are, in fact, a micro-business with the two of us, the hubby works part-time, I work full time at – which is really 1.5 employees. Lol!
  • Cyber Monday is dominated by the big corps who can pay for big advertising and get lots of people to shout loud, tweet and post so they get your money online too. I think it should be called “Silent Monday” to let us recover from the one of the busiest weekends of the year. Think it will fly?

No, really, I love the holidays and look forward to diving into the occasion with my baking and decorating. I hope you “vote with your wallet” this holiday season and support tiny businesses who you can connect with personally, know you, actually speak with you and work with you.

That said, here are some fantastic gifts for the miniature gardener on your list – or gifts for YOUR miniature gardens. After all, this hobby gives us so much throughout the year: creativity, learning, solace, grounding, playtime, bragging rights, easy gift ideas, stress-relief and the plants to nurture and grow – that it really deserves a little gift in return – IMHO. ;o)

See our Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center Store here.

Give LIVING Plants for Christmas With NO Hassle, NO Maintenance and NO Worries!


The “Ship Plants Later” Add-on: 1.) We ship you (or the recipient) a gift-wrapped box for under the tree that includes one of our own greeting cards.


2.) They open it and send us the self-addressed-stamped postcard when they are ready for their plants. They’ll get a list of what’s coming.


3.) Then they receive the plants! The plants will be fresh, healthy, stress-free and high-quality, sent straight from our nursery!

You can now give plants without having to take care of them during the busy holiday season! For just a $5 add-on to your plant order, you (or the recipient) will get a gift-wrapped box and greeting card to put under the tree. In that box is a self-addressed-stamped postcard to mail to us when you (or the recipient) are ready for your plants. Then we ship the plants straight from our nursery. Easy-peasy.

All you have to do is add it onto your order, fill out the shipping address for the recipient – or we can send it to you – and the rest we’ll take care of! This is available for both our online stores. See it here.

Unique & Different Miniature Garden Gifts in our Etsy Store!

Miniature gardening with Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center!

It’s a miniature garden Christmas party! See this set up in our Etsy store here.

Our Etsy store is where we put all our unique and wonderful miniature garden items, sets and kits – plus a few of our other bestsellers. Our potting bench sets are great fun because nothing is glued-down – you can play with it! We have natural supplies for your fairy-makings as well as wide variety of true-to-scale dollhouse miniatures that we’ve adapted for our miniature gardening. Visit our Etsy store here.

Customized & Personalized Miniature Garden Kits!

Miniature gardening with Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center!

Create your own Miniature Garden Kit! Customize it just how you like. Personalize it to make it a very special gift that will keep on giving!

Create your own version of our Miniature Garden Kits! You pick out the plants, accessories and patio material. If you need help selecting the “right plants for the right place” we are here for you. Take advantage of this opportunity to make a very personalized, fun gift that will keep on giving for years after the holidays. It includes shipping by Priority Mail, our “Ship Plants Later” Add-on (optional) and our bestselling Gardening in Miniature book. To order, or to see more of the details, click here to go to the online store.

Miniature Garden Society, 1 Year Subscription

Miniature Garden Gift Ideas from Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center!

Give the most creative gift of all! An endless stream of new ideas, new project, new insights and a community of like-minded people!

Whoa, Nelly! The Miniature Garden Society is chock-a-block FULL of miniature garden EVERYTHING! It’s perfect for both the established miniature gardener or fairy gardener, OR the newbie that is just starting out. This new members-only website is not even a year old and there are new ideas, information and insights added each month to keep it fresh and new. See more of what you get with the membership, click here.

Gift Certificates

Miniature gardening with Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center!

Get a gift certificate through our online store! Let them have the fun shopping for what they want at their leisure. We use Paypal Gift Certificates, and they are on the front page of our website here.

The Bible of Miniature Gardening and a Bestseller

Getting to Know America's Favorite Miniature Garden Center,

Get your autographed copy of Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World from our online store!

A book that will capture their imagination and stay with them for a looong time! Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World is like no other. It’s written by Yours Truly, who brought this new hobby to the marketplace, made it accessible for anyone to enjoy AND who is a miniature gardener. It’s published by the world’s top garden publisher, Timber Press – and after doing two books with these guys (new book is due June, 2017) – they are very particular about every aspect of their books. Excellent photos, the right information, well-edited with a terrific layout and includes 7 different DIY projects too. You can’t go wrong giving any gardener this gift! See more here.

Like this? Then you’ll love our Mini Garden Gazette newsletter! Join us here.


From Janit & Steve, Your Friends at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center!

From Janit & Steve, Your Friends at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center!

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Announcing the NEW Miniature Garden Society, 2.0!

Announcing the NEW Miniature Garden Society, 2.0!

It’s a brand new, totally focused website on everything gardening in miniature with all the bells and whistles!**

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you would have heard about our Miniature Garden Society member’s only website opening up a few months ago. Well, truth be told, it did get lots of kudos, oohs and ahhs, but it couldn’t add any community, forums or post-ability to make it just that more fun. BUT, alas! Have no fear because your miniature gardener is here!

Welcome to the NEW Miniature Garden Society website! It’s all that and more. Now that we have some roots and branches to the site, it’s time to get it really growing. Personally, I can’t wait because it’s a place to share all our ideas and information that didn’t fit into this book – nor did it fit into this book either. Lol!

Yup! Can’t tell you any more – need to get back to the new site! Learn more about it here. 

**May contain fairies. :o)

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The Biggest Revolution in Garden History is Still Growing Slowly Into the Heart of America

Gardening in Miniature, now in it's 5th printing!

Woot! We’re doing the happy dance! Over 37,000 copies in print – but we’re still a-ways-away from this new hobby being as common as knitting.

The Biggest Revolution in Garden History is Still Growing Slowly Into the Heart of America

Our latest order from our publisher for our Gardening in Miniature book brought a little celebration with it. We are now in our 5th printing! There are now 37,273 copies in print! Woot! We’ve made terrific progress to date, but there is still much to do to spread the joy of gardening in miniature!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whaddaya mean “still much to do?”

So, after 16 years of spreading and promoting the hobby throughout the world, there are still people who don’t know what miniature

Gardening in Miniature, now in it's 5th printing!

This was the stand-in cover the publisher created while the arrangements were made for shooting the official cover.

gardening is. Our mission is to make it as well known as a knitting. When someone says, “I’m a knitter.” you know what that means, right? Well, more often than not, when I tell people what I do, the usual response it, “What is that?” and I kick into my elevator speech:

“Miniature gardening is just like full-size gardening, but miniaturized. We use true miniature and dwarf trees, shrubs and perennials and plant tiny gardens complete with a patio, little furniture and a maybe a birdbath or a tiny garden sculpture. The garden can be eight inches wide or eight feet long. It grows and weaves itself together like a full-sized garden – but in miniature. We sell the plants, parts and pieces so that others can make their own little worlds. In other words, we sell fun.”


So, if you are a miniature gardener, and I’ve mentioned this before, there STILL is a very good chance that you can be THE FIRST PERSON to introduce this hobby to a family member, friend, coworker, child, neighbor or your congressman! You have a chance to rock their world with something they have never seen before. Now, get out there and share the miniature garden love! :o)

Find your autographed copy here, from America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center.

Like this? Then you’ll love our weekly Mini Garden Gazette newsletter sent out every Friday afternoon. Click here to sign up on our main website!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gardening in Miniature, now in it's 5th printing!

This was the bookplate made from the Cover Girl Garden that I made for the first 100 copies sold. It was fun watching the familiar names of our faithful Fellow Miniature Gardeners come through during the pre-sale launch in 2013.


Gardening in Miniature, now in it's 5th printing!

Gardening in Miniature is now available in German. The Turkish version was for a special printing that we hope get’s reprinted for the rest of the country. The Korean version is due out by the end of this year.


Gardening in Miniature, now in it's 5th printing!

Cover Girl Redux. Years ago, I was advised to “stick my finger in it” when I photographed my miniature gardens because people couldn’t tell they were miniature.


Gardening in Miniature, now in it's 5th printing!

Our Cover Girl today, June 24, 2016. She is still doing fine after living in this container for the last six years. Previously, this tree was in one of our in-ground gardens.


Getting to Know America's Favorite Miniature Garden Center,

Get your autographed copy of Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World from our online store, click the photo above. Or has it at a better price, of course.

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Miniature Gardening on Mother’s Day

Miniature Gardening on Mother's Day with

Miniature Gardening on Mother’s Day

Miniature gardening and Mother’s go hand-in-hand. Make your Mother’s Day easy this year with your one-stop shopping at America’s favorite Miniature Garden Center,!

  1. Place your order by Monday, May 2nd. 
  2. Use your Mom’s address as the shipping address.
  3. Tell us it’s for your Mom in the comment box, by email or phone.
  4. We’ll ship it to her with a card from you.
  5. And send you the invoice for your files.
  6. Easy. Peasy.

Want to call in your order! We can do that too! Our contact info is here, leave a message if we miss you, we’re a big-little, two-person company.

Need ideas? That’s what we are here for!

Miniature Gardening on Mother's Day with

Is your Mom a fairy gardener? Here’s a Fairy Fantasy Tree that she can hang a swing from, click the picture to see it in our Etsy store.

Mom’s Day Gift Ideas

  • Indoor/Outdoor Boxwood Kit – A bestseller! All you need is a container (8″ x 8″ at least) and some organic potting soil with no added fertilizers or water-retaining polymers. Shipping is included!
  • A set of miniature garden trees or plants. Shop by your zone here. Email us if you need help choosing or want to check what your Mom has ordered before – we can look that up for you!
  • Build your own set from our exclusive, Made in the USA, in-scale, realistic garden accessories.
  • An autographed copy of the bestselling book on the hobby, Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World.

See More Fun with Mom in the Miniature Garden Throughout the Years:

Miniature Gardening on Mother's Day with

Make a miniature garden with Mom this Mother’s Day! It will give her a reason to play and a space to go to anytime that is her very own little world. ❤

Like this? Then you’ll love our Mini Garden Gazette! Sign up here.

Want to dig deeper into the hobby? Join us here.

Get an autographed copy from our store or find it on!

Get an autographed copy from our store or find it on!

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Happy Anniversary, Miniature Gardening!!

Happy Anniversary, Miniature Gardening!

Happy Anniversary, Miniature Gardening!

Happy Anniversary, Miniature Gardening!!

14 years!

The only job that I held on to for longer is when I worked for my dad – and most of that was not voluntary. Lol!

I’ve rambled on before about all the joys of miniature gardening but the hobby’s “long legs” are the true testament of a really good idea. (Having long legs means the idea will continue for a long time because it’s so rich and deep. ;o) The other true testament of this great hobby is that I’m still interested in gardening in miniature – after 14 years!! 14 years!! ;o)

Miniature, Photo by KateBaldwin

Photo by Kate Baldwin for our Gardening in Miniature book by Timber Press. We now have all the plants you for this project in stock this month!

✿ •*¨`*•. So, Lets Celebrate! .•*¨`*•. ✿

First, new plants and accessories are now in stock.

Mini - miniature garden plants! A Set of 3 different Lawson Cypress.

A tiny set of 3 dwarf Lawson Cypress are now in stock!

See our new set of tiny Lawson false cypress that can be grown indoors in a cool spot or hardened-off and grown outdoors too (Zones 5-9.) Just be sure to acclimatize them either way. (More info on that in the listings!) If you are growing these outdoors, pamper the tiny ones for the first couple of winters because they are so young. The cypresses are actually so small that we can only sell them in a set of three so we can ship them safely. How is that for miniature plants?

And we found some more Ellwood’s Blue False Cypress AND we found some Sugar Vines too! Yippee! NOW YOU can recreate the project in our Gardening in Miniature book shown above on page 174, where we’ve paired it with a young English Boxwood, Sugar Vine (New!) and Baby Tears on the bottom layer. Find the Mini Patio Mix Kit here and you can add a stone sheet for an easy-peasy custom patio that will not wash away when you water it. The green hanging pot is here and the ivory bench is here.

See our indoor plant section here.

Sugar, sugar... It's a sweet and easy vine to grow indoors. Maybe that's why they called it a Sugar vine. ;o)

Sugar, sugar, you are my candy girl… It’s a sweet and easy vine to grow indoors. Maybe that’s why they called it a Sugar vine? ;o)

✿ •*¨`*•. Okay, what else? .•*¨`*•. ✿

We are offering all our Mini Garden Gazette subscribers a SALE!! Yes, you must be a subscriber so click here to subscribe! The sale will last through the end of November so if you see this mid-week and sign-up, you’ll get your discount code in the Gazette on Friday.

ALSO get a FREE gift for any purchase over $30 for the month of November by typing this phrase in the comment box when checking out of the online store: “Happy Anniversary Two Green Thumbs!” Simple, huh? The free gift will match your purchase in scale – which is why we can’t tell you what it is. We’re picky like that and don’t want to give you something you can’t use.

And lastly, have you got your copy of our Gardening in Miniature book yet? It’s the best book on the hobby – hands down. AND we will ship it FREE (!!!) to anywhere in the lower 48 States and Alaska! Get your copy today right here.

✿ •*¨`*•. Help Us Share the Joy .•*¨`*•. ✿

We’ve enjoyed sharing the joy of miniature gardening throughout the years and we have a ton of information that we have shared on our website, here on our blog, and through our Mini Garden Gazette. May we please ask you, if you have enjoyed or used our information for your miniature gardening, to consider making your next purchase from to keep this information free and accessible for everybody? We thank you in advance! Please visit our store here.

To sign up on our email list to get your weekly Mini Garden Gazette, go here.

✿ •*¨`*•. ✿ .•*¨`*•. ✿

Our Gardening in Miniature Book ships FREE this month ONLY during our Anniversary celebration. (For US only.)

Our Gardening in Miniature Book ships FREE this month ONLY during our Anniversary celebration. (For US only.)

Keepin' it real in the miniature garden with

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Miniature Garden Tutorial Video: Understanding Scale

Miniature Garden Tutorial: Understanding Scale in the Miniature Garden

Miniature Garden Tutorial Video: Understanding Scale

Miniature Garden Tutorial: Understanding Scale

A large-sized miniature garden or 1″ scale. The pot is about 22″ across and about 1′ deep in the middle. I planted the tree and shrub closer to the middle of the pot so their roots will have plenty of room to grow.

Miniature gardening is just one way we enjoy miniatures in today’s world. I’ve written about The Biggest Little Industry on Earth many years ago, and gathered a long list of how we love anything miniature. Heck, careers have been made out of miniatures and billions of dollars have been exchanged because of miniatures! Stop to think about how much they are a part of our every-day and you will see miniatures in a different light.

With all types of miniature-making, scale plays a very important role. Without using scale as a rule-of-thumb in your gardens, scenes or dioramas, the project would look like a random collection of items, a box or shelf-full of stuff. I’ve written about the use of scale before too, (linked below,) but in the gardening in miniature world we used scale a bit differently – and I can’t think of any other comparison in the miniature industry so, again, this hobby stands apart from the rest.

You see, when the right miniature plants and trees are used in the miniature garden, it’s only the accessories that have to be in scale with each other. The plants we use and recommend at, for the most-part, adapt perfectly to almost any miniature scale. Check out the video demonstration to see how scale is used in this miniature garden and you’ll see what I mean.


The tree behind the birdbath is a Just Dandy Hinoki Cypress, the tree to the left is a Jacqueline Verkade Canada Hemlock. See what’s up in our store here, or shop by your zone here.

Your Miniature Garden Center

Apropos Proportion

Now let’s go a bit farther and talk a little about proportion, a valuable attribute for any kind of design, build or fabrication.

We know that the plants can adapt to any scale BUT the overall size of the garden is still a factor.

For example, if you use small-sized accessories for your in-ground garden, they won’t get noticed and will get lost at a distance. Large-sized accessories are ideal for in-ground because they can be seen from a-ways-away, like from your deck or from a window in the kitchen.

Different sized containers work better with certain scales too. Small accessories get lost in big pots and, this is a very common oversight, large-sized accessories can easily overwhelm small pots.

This is adapted from our bestselling Gardening in Miniature book, Chapter 3, Shrinking the Garden Rules:

  • For containers that are 2” to 5” wide, use small sized miniature accessories.
  • For containers that are 5” to 10” wide, use medium sized accessories.
  • For containers 10” and up, use large sized containers.

Of course, with any creative rule, there is a bit of wiggle-room between the sizes/scales, but I think you get the gist.

In summary: Use the same scale accessories in proportion to your miniature garden.

Link to more about scale, with more photo-examples:

Fun With Scale in the Miniature Garden

Miniature Gardening 105: Sizing Up Your Accessories

Shop by Size:

Shop all One Inch Scale

Shop all Half Inch Scale

Shop all Quarter Inch Scale

Let me know if you have any comments or questions below – it tells me what I’ve missed!

If you are serious about learning, creating and digging deeper into the miniature garden hobby, join us here.

Best selling Gardening in Miniature book

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16 Ways to Enjoy America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center

America's Favorite Miniature Garden Center

16 Ways to Enjoy America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center

As the milestones click by more quickly nowadays, I need to stop and appreciate all the different things we have been doing to share and spread the joy of miniature gardening. Like a big tree with deep roots and multiple branches, Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center has grown slowly to be quite big for such a little idea that started in your Grandma’s backyard. Here is a list of the many ways you can connect with us to learn, grow and share your miniature or fairy gardening with everyone you know too. If you don’t know how fun it is to introduce the idea to someone who’s never heard of it, try it, I guarantee you will make their day.

Postcard for Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center

I used to change the postcard every year before we decided on our strongest avatar shown above. People didn’t realize it was miniature until we started sticking our finger into the photo. Now fingers are seen all over the internet as a reference to all things miniature.

The Popular Two Green Thumbs [dot] com Website

Our handmade website is always growing slowly. It is filled with pages with answers to frequently-asked-questions, galleries of miniature gardens made by you and me, an about page to find out about this long, strange trip we’ve been on, and a portfolio page that – okay wait, that page needs updating. Lol! Can you tell that Yours Truly maintains the site? The website was created in 2004 as my customers started asking for the information on plants, parts and pieces that make up a miniature garden. It’s the lil’ website that could, visit it here.

Miniature Garden Hobby

It really has been scientifically proven: it’s important to schedule fun into your busy day. Leave room for play, it will make you feel better and work better.

The Mini Garden Guru Blog

My blogging career started with writing a garden column for the West Seattle Herald around 2008. After a few months of trying to figure out different ways to work the miniature garden topic into a full-size garden column, I decided I needed to focus on one or the other, the writing for newspapers or the miniature garden movement.

The Mini Garden Guru blog was created as a way to get my findings and discoveries out for all to see, to make it easier to enjoy this hobby. Now you can spend less time avoiding mistakes that I made. I’ve been blogging almost once a week, since 2009, with one guest post only, blogging entirely about miniature gardening and Two Green Thumbs. We have well-over 1,000,000 views on this blog now. 

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs

America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center, TwoGreen – we love all things garden AND miniature!

Your Miniature Garden Center Store

What first started as an eBay store, has now become America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center. I got my start selling on eBay before I opened own online store in 2004. After a ton of research, I configured the best way to ship the plants safely all year long and well, the rest is garden history. A lot of the customers that found us on eBay are still with us today, and many have become friends.

It’s been interesting watching our inventory evolve, as with everything, the cream rises to the top with both the accessories and the plants. Mind you, some of the miniatures that I just adored selling have been discontinued as the change in manufacturing in China has quadrupled a lot of the prices of the accessories, and have priced more of the ornate items out of the market. But we are now able to offer – and are always looking to do more – accessories that are made in the USA. We enjoy providing high-quality, durable and sustainable miniature garden accessories that are true to the realism and to scale for both miniature and fairy gardening.

Our high quality, hardy, easy-to-grow, true miniature trees, shrubs, and plant varieties have expanded quite nicely over the years. We’ve created a reliable mix of inventory that has something for everyone and for almost everyplace with light, that is. (We still don’t have plants for dark corners in the hallway.) Put this extensive inventory, together with the knowledge of how they grow over many years a miniature garden, has launched us far ahead of crowd. Visit American’s Favorite Garden Center here.


The Miniature Garden Society

We are excited about our new website community that is opening soon.

Miniature Garden Society

With the sudden increase of miniature and fairy gardeners and garden shops, it was time to stand apart from the rest and create a safe place to grow and create. The Miniature Garden Society is still a work in progress, the website it still being assembled, but the ideas are about to start to flow and grow. Creativity breeds creativity. Join us here to find out more.

Miniature Gardening in Romania

Collecting email addresses at local touristy markets helped spread the message far and wide. This is from a Romanian garden magazine from 2013. Click the pic to go to the portfolio page on the main website.

The Mini Garden Gazette

We collected names and email address for over a decade from interested people at the weekly, local antique and craft markets and garden shows in and outside Seattle, Wa. when we first started in 2001. Holding down a tent at the Fremont Market and Edmonds Farmers Market put us in front of countless tourists and gardeners. This allowed us to develop an extensive email list that sent the idea around the world. The Mini Garden Gazette started in 2004 as way to promote the website and online store but, nowadays, we advise and inspire fellow miniature gardeners each month. It’s still free and hope it will always be. Join us here.

Janit on Etsy

Weird and wonderful miniature garden items, natural supplies and popular kits.

Janit’s Handmade on Etsy

Our handmade, crafty Etsy store opened in 2008 as a venue for my weird and wonderful miniature garden accessories and materials that were one-of-a-kind, a fun kit or set, and our most popular miniature garden supplies. We have sold a lot of very fun items so far, and look forward to us keeping it weird and wonderful. Visit Janit’s Etsy store here.

Miniature Gardening: Go Ahead, Act Your Shoesize

We went ahead and got these business cards printed with the new slogan only to realize that it wouldn’t work for our European customers. Lol!

Facebooking for you!

Our fellow miniature gardeners on Facebook have collected hundred of photos of miniature gardens from around the world on our Two Green Thumbs’ page since 2009. Click into the photo albums and check out the past contests on the Event page for more. Feel free to ‘like’ us and leave a comment, post a photo or, better yet, enter our Great Annual Miniature Garden Contest that is going on right now – see the details here. Almost 8,600 likes as of today, March 26, 2015! See more here.

Miniature Gardening on Pinterest

Our Pinterest pages are a great spot for the unusual sets, kits, ideas and inspiration that we have to offer – and to remember what we’ve done!

 A Mini Pinterest Garden

Yet another way to collect inspiration and ideas for your miniature gardening pleasure! We add a little something each and every day. While we don’t rank even close to the top pinners with an incredible dedication to this site, we do have separate boards on miniature garden plants, diy crafts, miniatures, fairy gardens, and, of course, miniature gardens. Oh and you don’t have to be a ‘pinner’ to enjoy Pinterest. See them here.

Miniature Gardening Greeting Cards

New miniature garden greeting cards are now available through

Miniature Garden Merchandize on Zazzle

Now you can wear your hobby! See our new t-shirts up in our Zazzle store. We’ve got mugs, greeting cards, sweatshirts, smart phone covers and more. Don’t see your favorite Two Green Thumbs’ photo for your idea? Let us know and we can get it up there for you! Visit the Miniature Garden Zazzle store here.

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo

A hardy miniature garden for full sun with a Top Point Cedar (middle,) a Green Carpet Juniper to the left and red Thyme on the right. It was made last year for Mother’s Day at Swanson’s Nursery.

More on Social Media

Flickr: Flick through our Flickr album if you haven’t already. I try to put only the cream up there, but some antics get posted at times from my other accounts. See it here.

Tweet: Follow us and our random acts of tweeting out miniature garden love! See it here and here

Instagram: Okay, sometimes I show my real sense of humor here, but sometimes I send out snapshots of our life at Two Green Thumbs. See it here.

Google+: Meet me through my personal page, the community page or the store’s page. (Honestly, I didn’t make the last one, Google did.) See it here.

German edition of Gardening in Miniature

Gardening in Miniature – now available in German! Click the pic to see it on Amazon!

Best selling Gardening in Miniature book

Click the picture to get your autographed copy from our online store. Or Amazon[dot]com has it too!

We Wrote The Book On It

Aaaaand our bestselling book on the hobby because it is the best in the hobby, created by the best garden publisher in the industry, Timber Press. Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World has it’s own website too, right here and here is Timber’s page.

Miniature Gardening with Timber Press

Look forward to more miniature gardening with Timber Press, the worlds top garden publisher.

Oh, and There’s Another Book in the Works…

We are tickled pink to be working with Timber Press on another book. I can’t tell you what it is on but I bet you can guess the topic: miniature gardening. How did you know?!? This one is going to be super-fun and deliciously creative. Stay tuned through our email list, you can sign up for the Mini Garden Gazette at the same time. 

Whew! I think I need a nap. And I think I missed something. Lol!

Whatever you do, make it fun Happy Spring! – Janit & Steve.

Your Miniature Garden Center


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