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Valentine’s Day in the Miniature Garden


Valentine's Day in the Miniature Garden

Valentine’s Day in the Miniature Garden can be loaded with decor – or kept really simple with one or two accent pieces.

Valentine’s Day in the Miniature Garden

Creating miniature gardens is so much fun because you can adapt them to any Get a little crafty in the miniature garden with Two Green Thumbs!situation, any theme or any occasion. But another fun thing to do with this new-again hobby – and Valentine’s Day gives you a perfect opportunity to – is to share them. A miniature garden can easily deliver a personalized message sent straight from the heart.

If you are short on decorations, a simple accent piece can still send a huge message. A red chair, an engraved heart or ‘hugs’ rock, or this simple how-to can send sweet love to your Valentine.

Don’t have a Valentine? Then it’s a perfect excuse to treat yourself and do something YOU love!

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How to Make Valentine’s Day Decorations for Your Miniature Garden:

We found the package of foam hearts at JoAnns Fabrics (40% off!) to make these really quick decorative garden stakes that you can add to any miniature garden and get your message love across.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • One package of foam cutouts
  • Wood popsicle sticks &/or coffee sticks
  • Paint colors of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Sandpaper

Best selling Gardening in Miniature bookAAAAND the craft stores now carry all kinds of cutouts for every occasion! Paint the stakes to match the holiday color to make it look more polished. We tried writing on them with a small Sharpie marker, but it turned out a bit faded – the foam doesn’t accept the ink very well.

Be sure to take out the heart stakes after the 14th and wait for the wood to dry before storing them for next year. Like the miniature holiday decor, they should last for a long time if you don’t leave them out in the weather all year.

See our previous post of gift-giving ideas: The Most Incredible Gift of All Time. Make Quick and Affordable Gifts. A Miniature Garden for Every Budget.

More ideas from your  Miniature Garden Center:

Love Rocks

Pretty Grapevine Birdath

A Flower Forever

Cherub Birdbath

A Cherry-Red Bench

Miniature Garden Center 

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Wordless Wednesday: Miniature Garden Houseboat

Miniature Garden and Houseboat

We made this for the Seattle Miniature Show in 2006 and it won Best of Show.

Wordless Wednesday: Miniature Garden Houseboat

This miniature garden with a houseboat won Best of Show at the Seattle Miniature Show in 2006.

If you’ve been following my blog, this series is part of the photo archives that got crunched in my old computer. The picture files are too small to be included in my upcoming book from Timber Press, but I can share them with you now!

Miniature Garden with Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat

Cute huh? But can you figure out what is wrong with this? It’s a birdhouse, a bird feeder and a wind chime all in one. It is very sweet but if you think about it, it is just not realistic. This wouldn’t work in our full-sized gardens because the birds wouldn’t know what to do with it – if they ever get past the chimes they would probably feed, but I’m sure they wouldn’t nest. ;o)

Miniature Garden With Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat


Miniature Garden With Houseboat


About two weeks after the show, the raccoons sniffed out the water and played Godzilla one night. The water flooded into the bank and soaked the plants, I had to begrudgingly take it apart to save everything. I’m glad I took a bunch of pictures though. Remember to document your miniature gardens!

Like this? Then you’ll love my upcoming book from Timber Press, due out in spring of 2013. Join us here to keep up to date on the release, it really is going to be a beautiful book, I must say!

See more miniature garden water features here in our store.

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Growing Your Own World with Miniature Gardening

Miniature Garden with pond and trellis

Miniature Garden ponds are simply fun to work in to a pot or in the ground. After this shot was taken, we floated a leave on top of the surface – too cute! That’s a Blue Star Juniper on the left, the Compressa Juniper is to the right.

Growing Your Own World with Miniature Gardening

Miniature Gardening at the Sorticulture Garden Art Show

Miniature Gardening at the Sorticulture Garden Art Show.

Miniature Gardening at the Sorticulture Garden Art Show

Miniature Gardening at the Sorticulture Garden Art Show. Our annual exhibit that has become almost a tradition after 7 years.

Miniature Fairy House for the Miniature Garden

Miniature Fairy House for the Miniature Garden. That’s a wee pug sleeping on the bench.

Miniature Garden with a Miniature Gardener Tribute

Miniature Garden with a mini garden tribute: a wee chair, pots and bird on a pedestal. That’s a Jean Iseli Hinoki Cypress, with the New Zealand Brass Buttons on the left and Scottish Moss on the right. The big(ger) rosettes are Hens and Chicks.

Miniature Farm Garden with Chicken Coop and Vegetable Garden

Miniature Farm Garden with Chicken Coop and Vegetable Garden. Too much fun.

Miniature Farm Garden Tractor.

Miniature Farm Garden Tractor. The bumper sticker says, “Eat Dirt.” Customized by our Steve Calvo here at our studios.

Miniature Farm Garden with real miniature tomatoes called 'Tom Thumb'

Miniature Farm Garden with real miniature tomatoes called ‘Tom Thumb.’ The other vegetables are single Hen and Chicks lined up to look like cabbages. We’ll see how it grows together once we get it back from the show.

Miniature Farm Garden bird's eye view.

The blue tree in the upper left corner is a Squarrosa Intermedia Sawara Cypress that has been trained to look like a miniature orchard tree.

Miniature Garden in a trug - you can take it with you!

Miniature Garden in a trug is just too sweet of a combination! That lovely shrub on the left behind the bench is a Cis Korean Fir, the vine on the right is Pixie Clematis.

Miniature Garden with Fairy Bed

Miniature fairy beds are fun to decorate how you like. We used sheet moss for the mattress and reindeer moss for the pillows. That’s an artificial garland twirled up the canopy of the bed.

Fun with tiny miniature garden pots

Fun with tiny miniature garden pots. My friend and colleague, Christina Salwitz of the popular Personal Garden Coach blog has been influencing my containers as of late – including my miniature ones! (She’s linked below.)

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Find the plants and accessories at our Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center here. We’re expecting more trees and shrubs in next week!

And visit the Personal Garden Coach blog for a TON of inspiration for your container gardens – full-size and in miniature here.

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New Miniature Garden Plants & Accessories for the New Hobby

Miniature Garden Pond

The new medium-sized pear shaped pond snuggled into the pot quickly and easily. Surround it with a few “boulders” to make it blend in.

Mini Garden News: New Plants, New Accessories for the New Hobby

Whew! There is nothing like a book deal to throw a wrench in your work week. I really hate when that happens! Lol!

Yeah, ya caught me – I didn’t have time to blog for weeks now and I do feel bad about it. Blog ideas have been piling up in my brain though so know that I have thought about you! We got a ton of stuff done, Steve and I, but to have a quiet moment to write a short blog? Whassatabout?

So, in an effort to make up for it, I have added some more brand-new-never-existed-before-ever miniature garden accessories, re-stocked a bunch of old favorite miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs in our store.

Miniature Garden Lagoon

I think I need a monkey for this Miniature Garden Lagoon.

Miniature Garden Pond

The new small-sized Miniature Garden Pond.


Brand spankin’ new Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Ponds are modeled after the real thing. The ponds were designed by me (Janit) are made for the living miniature garden, but they can work for the dollhouse garden too. They come in three different sizes and can work with all different miniature scales.

The shapes are very fun to work with: a small kidney shape, the medium size is a pear-shape and the large one, pictured above in the tropical garden, we call the lagoon. Made of resin, the ponds are weatherproof, can hold water and install quickly and easily. The realism and detail are nicely done – a simple solution that looks great in any miniature garden situation.

Tansu Japanese Cedar

The Tansu Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica ‘Tansu’) is a favorite for the miniature garden with its delicate looking foliage and irregular shape. Perfect for a sunny spot with evenly damp soil.

Plant Favorites

Butter Ball Hinoki Cypress

The lacy, colorful foliage of the Butter Ball Hinoki Cypress.

There’s a ton of information out there these days, so you might want to rely on the tried and true to start your journey into the garden. We are restocked with a few of our trusted favorites – you’ll find something in there for all types of miniature gardens. The Blue Pygmy Juniper is terrific for sun and loves sharp draining soil, the Horsford Canada Hemlock is real cutie for tiny, shaded gardens with the cutest little trunk in the nursery. The Variegated Boxwood is perfect for indoors. You’ll find slow-growing dwarf Hinokis, Japanese Holly and dwarf Arborvitaes too.

Miniature Garden Rose Trellis

Miniature Garden Rose Trellis, design by Janit for the living miniature garden.

Miniature Garden Bean Pole

The Miniature Garden Bean Pole looks great with or without plants on it.

More New Designs

I love it when a plan comes together. Check out the new Rose Trellis and Bean Pole, the latest addition to the Two Green Thumbs line. Designed by me and are specifically made for the living miniature garden. Sturdy metal painted copper can be seen against the greens of the plants.

Ponds, horses, tiny trees and bean poles. Where else are you going to get this kind of news? ;o)

Checkout the rest of our New and Back-In-Stock Department in the online store here.

Join us for more miniature garden goodness here.

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Miniature Gardening with Sticks and Stones

Miniature Garden Cedar Trellis with Dolphin Fountain

Miniature Garden Cedar Trellis with Dolphin Fountain, the water is resin.

Miniature Gardening with Sticks and Stones

“The only limit is your imagination.” - Einstein

Here’s a wordless Wednesday blog on some of the authentic miniature garden accessories that we’ve unearthed here at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Studio this season. We are tickled to introduce real miniature cedar trellises and real miniature engraved garden stones, both are made here in the US of A. And there is a special tribute to Mom and Dad at the end. Happy Wednesday!

Miniature Garden Trellis with Hat

Miniature Garden Trellis with Hat

Miniature Cedar Treillis with Wall Pot

Miniature Cedar Trellis with Wall Pot planted with Sedum cuttings.

Miniature Cedar Treillis

Miniature Cedar Trellis will weather nicely.

Miniature Love Forever

Miniature Love Forever!

Miniature Engraved Garden Stones

Miniature Engraved Garden Stones are engraved in Georgia.

Miniature Garden "Hugs" Rock

Permanent Little Hugs...

Handmade Twig Trugs from Whitbey Island

Handmade Twig Trugs from Whidbey Island, there are two sizes available and they last for years planted up, surprisingly. We tested one out for the last five years and the bottom is still intact, without rot. Placing it up on "feet" helps too.

Mom with Baby on a pedestal. Where all Moms should be.

Mom with Baby on a pedestal. Where all Moms should be. Special order only for now.

Miniature Garden Art: Good Dads are too few and should be on a pedestal too.

Miniature Garden Art: Good Dads are too few and should be on a pedestal too.

Mom and Dad on Pedestal are special orders for now. Email me at

See the rest of the new items up in the store here. Clicking on the pictures should take you to the listing.

Join us for more.

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Bling Gardens: Kokedama Comes to Americ… Huh?

Bling Gardens

Bling Gardens: Kokedama Comes to Americ…huh?

String gardens. It’s the new thing. Trees and plants dangling from the ceiling, suspended by a piece of string.

But, something was missing.

There was certain beauty in the simplicity but these dangling plants were lacking that little something to make them, well, you know, pretty.

So, I spent some time in the studio over the last couple of weekends tinkering with the idea. Yea, I know, it’s how I unwind…

And THEN, my friend Christina Salwitz, author and garden guru of the popular blog, The Personal Garden Coach, highlighted them in her reporting of the big Philadelphia Flower Show this past week so, I HAD to get back in the studio to finish them off last night.;o)

Here’s are the results:

Bling Garden with Green Tara

Bling Garden with Green Tara. Trying different combinations of materials to see what works. That gold band is about 3" wide. I kept nicking the fragile leaves... !!

Kokedama is the Japanese art of string gardening. It’s kind of like a hanging bonsai in the sense that the plant’s roots are confined to a small space – but without the container. Most of the instructions I found on the Interweb say that you need special kind of soil, Bonsai soil or Akadama soil, but I just used a fine mix of peat, sifted compost and vermiculite. In theory, we are looking for a soil that retains moisture but still drains. We don’t want the roots wet all the time or they will rot – but nor do we want the root ball to dry out all the time. We shall see if that works…

Bling Garden with Buddha

I wanted more than a "string" to hang them with. In this case, with such a chunky chain that I chose, this bling garden needed a bigger accessory, of the same color, to balance the boldness of of the chain. The leaves took more abuse with all the experimenting...

How-to Kokedama simply put: The plant is planted in a ball of soil, wrapped in peat, then wrapped in sheet moss and tied together with a string. I figured there was lots of room for play…

Bling Garden

After this one was done, I had to laugh. The focus is really off the plant now that there are so many things poked into it. That's an old doily dyed with paint that is wrapped around the sheet moss.

I put up a hook and chain in the studio where I could see how they hung while I was working on them. It felt like I was dressmaking at times with all the primping and poking. Too. Much. Fun.

Bling Garden

This bling garden turned out to look like a present. Lol! I'll keep you updated on how they grow in.

I kept fussing and fixing it until I realized that they should be created “in-the-round,” meaning that it’s going to be viewed from all side. So, however it hangs or turns, it will still look good.

Bling Garden

I used hemp string together with the ribbon to tie it up and make it hang securely, the pearls and ribbon are just tacked on. The little fairy house was a perfect fit that worked with the coloring too. I'm not sure how the moss will react with it smothered like that with the doily...

Bling Garden

This poor begonia took some abuse during all the poking and prodding. We'll see how the plants grow in - and if they can handle all that "bling" too.

Bling Garden

Now the plants become trees with a smaller accessory at the base. The pink ribbon is reinforced with fishing line.

Bling Garden

As with miniature gardening, the personality of the garden changes with the accessories. This one takes on a rustic air with the wagon wheel and bucket.

Bling Gardens

Small toys work too... Lol!

Bling Gardens

Keeping it simple is very sweet - and puts the focus back on the plants.

Water them often because they can dry out pretty quickly. I use a spray bottle but I take them to the sink to do that – it’s the only way to water the moss to keep it green. You can use a squeeze bottle too, and squeeze the water directly into the root ball. Again, watch where they drip if they are hanging inside and protect your surfaces from the water.

Bling Garden Ad

If you liked this, checkout the other crafty, garden fun we are having here.
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Wordless Wednesday: Miniature Gardening, Where Craft and Garden Meet

Wordless Wednesday:
Miniature Gardening, Where Craft and Garden Meet

A collection of photos from our award winning display at Sorticulture, the big garden art show held north of Seattle last weekend. Click on the photos to zoom in for the details.

Special thanks to Lori for your miniature garden accent pieces and yard art from

See a bunch of the new accessories up in the store here.

Stay tuned for Part II of How to Insert Charm into your Miniature Garden coming next week. Subscribe up there on the right to get these blogs delivered to your inbox ~>


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