Keep Gardening This Winter with Indoor Miniature Gardens

Miniature Dish Gardening is fun and rewarding.
You can create little worlds that are all your own with miniature dish gardening.

Keep Gardening this Winter with Indoor Miniature Gardening with Houseplants

~ You don’t have to give up playing in your garden because it’s winter, you just have to adjust the size of your garden! I’m not talkin’ ’bout just plants either. This is a REAL garden!! And YES! You can grow one INSIDE!

Have you tried gardening in miniature yet?

See if any of this fits wherever you are:

  • For new gardeners/plant-lovers, miniature gardening is a chance to learn how to grow a garden.
  • For experienced gardeners/ plant-lovers, it’s an opportunity to add another type of gardening to your list.
  • For experienced miniaturists, it’s a means to explore more ways to enjoy miniatures.
  • For new miniature-lovers, it’s an excuse to work in many different mediums. (See the Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop Book for more.)
  • For crafters, it’s another way to give someone a handmade, personal gift. (See above. :o)
  • For bonsai-lovers, miniature gardens can be used to grow-in young starter plants faster, before “bonsai-ing” them. Here’s more.

The new hobby of gardening in miniature is so versatile; you can do it just about anywhere, anytime with just about anything you might already have on hand.

Miniature gardens, dish gardens, terrariums or just a simple scene incorporated with your “full-sized” houseplants can add fun and creativity to your every day living. Here are a few ideas to kick-start your imagination to keep you gardening and crafty through frosty winter months.

Indoor Miniature Gardens

Baby Boxwoods make terrific trees for the indoor miniature garden.
Baby Boxwoods make terrific trees for the indoor miniature garden.

Thankfully, there are indoor miniature garden trees that look like outdoor trees that can really cinch the look of a true garden in miniature. It’s the perfect fix for the gardener who is “stuck” with a white winter!

Create an Italian style theme using the narrow shaped Ellwood’s Cypress to stand in for an Italian Cypress. Or build a country backyard garden using the adaptable Variegated Boxwood, trim the bottom leaves to expose some trunk. Part of the fun is finding the right plants and accessories that help to illustrate your theme. Avoid cluttering and complicating the scene with too many ideas and keep all the accessories in the same scale, or you will lose the enchantment factor.

See what plants we have in stock now for indoors. (Check back or, better yet, join our email list, plant availability changes often.)

From left to right: Baby Tears (small leaves,) Sugar Vine, Ellwood’s Cypress, Variegated Boxwood. That’s a sedum cutting in the hanging pot.

Dish Gardens

Wether it is dish garden, teacup garden, bowl garden, tray garden, here is an eBook to get you jump-started!

Dish gardens are very similar to open terrariums, neither of the containers used have drainage holes and the water will corral in the saucer, dish or bowl. So what this really means is the plants you choose must be are either moisture-loving or love drying out completely in between watering sessions.

And, as usual, hat old, trusted garden maxim comes into to play, “Right plant, right place.” Group the plants that like the same water and light conditions together in the same dish. See more in our eBook, Simple Ways to Grow Awesome Little Dish Gardens by Janit Calvo.

There are “dry” dish gardens and “wet” dish gardens. Choose the one that suits your lifestyle the best. If you like to water often – go for the wet dish garden idea. See more in our ebook here.

Create a Scene

There is always space for some kind of miniature garden.
There is always space for some kind of miniature garden in a regular container too. Let your imagination be your guide. Just make sure all the accessories MATCH in scale for a realistic scene.

You can fit the miniature garden idea into your “regular” houseplants too. With a little bit of imagination and the right combination of accessories, you can create a scene at the base of any houseplant, using the stem as a large tree trunk. A lot of fun can be had with different themes and utilizing the wide variety of miniature patio materials available.

My favorite resource for indoor plants is The House Plant Expert, by Dr. D.G. Hessayon, published by Expert Books.

See our selection of indoor miniature garden plants here.

Join our mailing list here.

A couple of young parlor palms together with a living bonsai can make the cutest meditation garden! Check out our other ebook: Simple Creative Ways to Make Awesome Meditation Gardens.

8 thoughts on “Keep Gardening This Winter with Indoor Miniature Gardens

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  2. Christine Green. 18/01/2014 — 6:55 pm

    Janit you will find a lot of ideas at Epcot to use. It would be great to see you there but dont think I can. I’m enjoying keeping up with all you do.
    I’ve had miniature gardens a long time and it is so much fun especially here in central Florida. Best wishes to you.


  3. Thank you for the single houseplant idea. I don’t have my own yet but this idea gave me hope


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