How to Make a Miniature Stonehenge Garden

Miniature Stonehenge Garden
Our Miniature Stonehenge Garden photo has been making the rounds on the Internet and shared by thousands on Facebook and Pinterest. Here’s a little How-to so you can make your own!

How to Make a Miniature Stonehenge Garden for the Solstice

~ [From December 21, 2012] Dang. It’s the end of the world and I was supposed to take my credit cards on a wild vacation! Well, maybe next time… ;o)

 Miniature Garden Display
The Miniature Garden Display from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, 2007, where the original Miniature Stonehenge picture was taken.

Speaking of a wild trip, the little photo (above) has had quite a journey over the past month thanks to our friend Nancy Wisser over at the Clonehenge blog, and to thousands of shares through Facebook and Pinterest. We’ve been swamped with emails asking where to get it and how to do it so we got a how-to together for you here, in honor of the End of Days.

The Miniature Stonehenge Garden was from our display at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in 2007. The display was called ‘Miniature Gardener Interrupted’ and while it wasn’t our strongest display, it sure was fun to make a mess and leave it there for the entire show. (Yes, the irreverent artist inside me still rises up at times. Such rebelliousness. ;o)

How to Make a Miniature Stonehenge Garden

Hover over the photos for the captions:

Janit's Mini Garden Etsy Store

We found the miniature Stonehenge Kit at a Barnes and Noble store, call ahead if your going to one of the brick and mortar stores, they may have them in stock. Otherwise, find the “Miniature Stonehenge Kit” by Googling it or on Amazon.

The little Stonehenge Kit comes with a map to show you where to place the stones – makes it easy-peasy. The stones are made of resin and are easy to drill.  Use florist’s rod or an old metal coat hanger and you’ll need 16 rods.

Decide on your plant material first. We used Irish Moss (Sagina subulata – it’s not really moss per se; it’s a perennial ground cover.) in the above display garden, which is about ½” deep and grown from a 4” pot planted the previous summer. For this how-to, we used 3″ long rods because our native moss is almost 2″ deep before the soil level starts.  The rods should go down into the soil at least 1” to stay firmly in place.

You may not have enough time before the end of the world to order the Stonehenge Kit so I’ve included a close up of the stones towards the end of the slideshow so you can make your own out of Polymer Clay or Fimo.

Happy Solstice!

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[Posted on 19/12/2012] All sales through our online store are GUARANTEED. If the world does end on Friday, we will give you a complete refund!! ;o)

And whatever you do, make it FUN!

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15 thoughts on “How to Make a Miniature Stonehenge Garden

  1. Did not know you were getting so many requests. Stonehenge Fever has seized the world! (and thanks for the mention!)


    1. Hi Nancy! They come in waves – this link should do the trick for our next wave. Happy Solstice, Nancy! – Janit


      1. You, too–happy whatever holidays you like and a great year in 2013 (if there is one! 😉 ).


  2. Garden Goddess 20/12/2012 — 7:59 am

    This is great! And thank you for the video… I’m going to have to get over to Barnes and Noble today to get my own Stonehenge (and max out my credit cards, of course).


    Garden Goddess


  3. This is so great!


  4. Kit is $12 at B&N online but I’m thinking of attempting these in clay. There is info online on how to….


  5. Making a pile of rubble – presumably from an ancient structure in England somewhere. Your post has been very helpful!


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  8. thanks ❤ …..bought mine at amazon!!


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