Celebrating 17 Years of Creating History

Christmas in the Miniature Garde

Celebrating 17 Years of Creating History

Whew! Who knew an experiment in starting a business would change garden history – and change miniature history too. Oh wait. We changed the hobby industry and the craft industry and the floral industry…  Lol! I’m tellin’ ya, I only wanted to find a business idea that I could stay with that would keep me interested and engaged so I wouldn’t get bored –  so the universe sent me miniature gardening.

And I remain forever grateful.

In November of 2001, I tested the miniature garden idea at a local street market. We started selling miniature gardens offline through street markets and trade shows in 2001 and went online in 2004. So we’ve been growing and evolving online for 14 years now and our anniversary-month always forces us to look back at our accomplishments and challenges that we’ve been up against. Maybe one day I’ll write that book too. 

Miniature Holiday Tree Lot
Our Miniature Christmas Tree Lot image is a favorite. 

Where We Are Now

So for the past 5 years I’ve been sidelined with two Gardening in Miniature books, updating stores and websites, creating an exclusive members-only website just for miniature gardeners and all that goes with all that. Lol! So, here’s a breakdown on all our websites and services to help you keep it straight:

Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center  – The world’s first miniature garden store where we specialize in true miniature garden plants, realistic accessories and authentic patio materials as well as kits, books, merchandise and more. There is now a Two Green Thumbs blog attached to the new online store where we are sharing our new tutorials and information to help get you started gardening in miniature.

Janit & Two Green Thumbs on Etsy – Our Etsy store is where we put the weird and wonderful, our odd, one-of-a-kind miniature finds and as well as our standard, bestselling items. Etsy’s marketing machine helps us meet like-minded miniature gardeners and fairy gardeners too. 

The Mini Garden Guru Blog – The only blog consistently posting, teaching and sharing the gardening in miniature hobby, since 2008. With almost 2.4 million views from well over 20 different countries. 

The Miniature Garden Society – The only place for like-minded people to go to find inspiration, information and ideas and to get support from me or the tribe. It’s a paid-membership website that has fellow miniature gardeners from all over the world coming together to connect and share our love for all things miniature garden. To join us or to learn more about us, click here. 

The Mini Garden Gazette – The only newsletter published on the gardening in miniature hobby, since 2004. It’s free and it’s sent out every Friday. Join us by signing up here, on our Two Green Thumbs Store, (scroll down a bit.)

And then we have our social media channels that are linked below. Whatever major channel you are one, we are probably on it too, just do a search for Two Green Thumbs or Janit Calvo and you’ll find us.

Find us and follow us on:





If you enjoy our work but are not a customer yet, you can still support us by:

  1. Shopping at our online stores
  2. Giving us a “like” or “favorite” on any social channel
  3. By sharing any of our posts or items with your friends
  4. By liking and giving us a review on our Facebook page
  5. Tell a friend about us!
It's a little bit of miniature garden fun, every season of the year.
A little bit of miniature garden fun. 

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo
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