One Very Easy Way To Spread More Love


One Very Easy Way To Spread More Love

Want to spread love? Then do what you love to do. How easy is that?

Here’s what Siobhan McAuley from says about fixing a negative or sorrowful outlook. Siobhan is a personal and business coach based in Tennessee. If there was ever anyone meant to do the job that she does in helping people create the life that you want, it’s her:*

“Love is the answer and it doesn’t matter what the question is. If we’re always focusing our attention on the things that we love, we’re constantly creating an amplification of more things that we actually love… By taking that initiative to pursue whatever it is we love, regardless of the circumstances are in our life, we actually start to bring a wave of more of what we want into our lives.”

Siobhan is a gardener of life and we know that as gardeners, you reap what you sow.

So, sow away by making, creating and sharing what you love to do! Feel the amplified message grow inside you and know that if you ever need more love, you can easily create more love by doing what you love. Simple, huh? And may I recommend gardening in miniature? You knew that was coming, right? ;o)

(*I get no kickback from Siobhan for promoting her work. She is lifelong friend who has always been very curious about how to live our best lives. She’s a natural and gifted coach.

Happy Thanksgiving from!



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