In Search of The Perfect Miniature Garden Tree

The Vilmoriniana Cryptomeria – aka Japanese Cedar is just one perfect tree in miniature that we carry at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center. True miniature and dwarf trees, shrubs and plants are our specialty!

In Search of The Perfect Miniature Garden Tree

~ The store was a bit quiet the other day and Steve was looking for something to do. So, I told him to see what was up in the big world of miniature garden trees, fairy trees, railroad garden trees or bonsai starts by just Googling them to see what comes up. Whoa Nellie! Here’s what we found out.

From the Two Green Thumbs' archives.
Group shot taken in 2009. We still have some of these miniature gardens today that are still in miniature gardens now that I revisit the photo. I can see only one tree (that we don’t carry anymore) that ended up to big for us: the bushy cypress in the orange pot in the middle. I’ll remember the variety name at around 2 am tomorrow morning. Lol!

Miniature Garden Trees – Fairy Approved!

Every other online garden center stops shipping plants for the winter! We’ve never shut down for the winter because miniature gardening has always been a season-less hobby for us here in Seattle, but you can do it anywhere. We’ve mentioned before how we can easily keep gardening and because you can plant a container at any time of year. You can plant in-ground anytime the ground is not frozen too. So keep gardening until you can’t, I say!

Checkout the wide variety of hardy trees and shrubs for your miniature garden adventures this season here, search by your USDA zone in the upper left corner. We’ve been shipping plants safely all year long since 2004. If there is any extreme weather happening, we just wait a day or so to clear and then send it. You can let us know to delay any order too, we’re glad to work with you, our fellow miniature gardener. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!

Miniature and dwarf trees for railroad gardening
You can see how using high-quality, well-behaved trees is a worthy investment for any railroad gardener. The cone-shaped trees are dwarf spruces. The variegated shrub, bottom-left, I think is a euonymus and I’m pretty sure the blue shrub, bottom-right, is a Blue Star Juniper. That’s Steve in the back.
The Miniature Garden Society

Railroad Garden Trees

Miniature and dwarf trees for any garden railroad must behave as expected. This may be why a lot of railroad gardeners shy away from the plant-side of the hobby and tend to focus more on layin’ the tracks and runnin’ the trains through their full-size garden instead of doing the miniature thing – at least in my experience they have.

You see, what happens if a tree doesn’t grow-in as promised, and grows too fast without the engineer-gardener expecting it, it can cause a major renovation and upset for the railroad that was built around that now-overgrown tree. The beauty with railroad gardens is the same as miniature gardening, the age of the garden really brings the charm and magic. So to upset a grown-in, planted scene merely two or three years after planting, will bring the age of the scene back to “0.” Fun if you planned for it but if you didn’t – not-so-much!

All our true miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs are of the highest quality in the country, are very well-behaved and do as the tag says in shape, growth rate and care. Our trees are always well-packed by (quite possibly) the best packer in the country (Steve, for real,) and they are sent the fastest way to avoid any stress, by USPS Priority Mail. We have plants for all sizes of miniature gardens.

Bonsai starts or pre-bonsai, this is the popular Elf Dwarf Spruce.
Elf Dwarf Spruce or Picea glauca ‘Elf.’ This tree is about 8 to 10 years old. Transplanted in 2012 from a 4″ pot.

Bonsai Starts

In our research, we have found a great many trees that we carry in our online store are used for bonsai as well. I’ve always bragged about how our trees naturally grow-in to look like a bonsai in a couple/few year’s time and while it feels like cheating, we’re just letting nature take its course. It appears as bonsai starts go, ours are pretty inexpensive if you have some time to grow them in for awhile.

Plant your Two Green Thumbs’ tree in a pot at least 8″ deep and let the baby tree grow a thicker trunk and wider branches for a couple/few years. Then bonsai the roots to fit them into the bonsai tray – you’ll be glad you did because you’ll be that much further ahead in the growth of the tree. If you bonsai a young tree right away, it will take much longer for the trunk to develop and the branches to reach out and thicken.

Don’t want to wait? We do get smaller “pre-bonsai” trees in from time to time as well as one-gallon conifers too, if you would like to join our email list to get first dibs.

So, don’t just sit there, anytime is the right time for miniature gardening!

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3 thoughts on “In Search of The Perfect Miniature Garden Tree

  1. Hi Janit! I bought my mom the dwarf Mugo pine from u guys 3 years ago, and it is happily growing in her very large bowl fairy garden, INDOORS. I kept telling her she needed to put it outside, but it is growing and looks great! I wonder why that is? Unfortunately I think I over LOVED all of my trees, indoors and out. May try again in the Spring. Have a happy Sunday!😊Robyn


    1. Hi Robin! Always good to hear from you. That is interesting. Is it in a sunroom or a room that stays cool in the winter? It’s the forced heat that usually dries them out too fast and too often, they end up really stressed out in a few months. I can’t remember if I tried a mugo though so I’ll have to try one myself. TY for the feedback.

      Email me some of your growing details before next spring and we can try different plants for your different areas if you wish. I would be glad to help. 🙂


      1. Hi Janit, yes her fairy garden is in a sunroom. The room is right off of her kitchen and has its own heating/air unit so it’s always pretty comfortable in there, but it does sit close to a window. I just thought it was interesting and wanted to share😊 I’ll definitely be in touch before next spring!! Thanks!!!


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