Because We Need a Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute!

Christmas in July in the Miniature Garden


Miniature Gardening: Christmas in July PLUS a Very Fun DIY

I know, I can hear you now. Groaning while asking, “Christmas in July? Really, Janit? We’ve barely started summer and you’re already on about December?” BUT, hear me out.

Recall any previous December with the holidays fast approaching. Your to-do list is not going away, the kids are

We wrote the book on it. Get an autographed copy from our store or find it on!

We wrote the book on it. Get an autographed copy from our store or find it on!

starting to bounce off the walls because SANTA IS COMING!! The invitations to do this or that are piling up and you have gifts to figure out – AND you haven’t done your decorating yet, not to mention your miniature garden decorating! Ugh. Where did the time go?

So here’s why, as a crafty and creative miniature gardener, you start thinking about Christmas in July:

  • You have the time to make anything you want in miniature.
  • You will have special homemade gifts to give – and you know they make the BEST gifts!
  • You will have the cutest miniature decorations to show off, to add to presents, or to give as gifts.
  • You will be able to enjoy the busy holiday season more with less to worry about.
  • You will have more time in December to spend with your friends and family.
  • You can save time and money!!

Now, is Christmas in July starting to make more sense now?

Time for a Fun DIY: Miniature….

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    That’s way too cute!

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