VIDEO: How to Make a Real Garden in Miniature that Will Last

VIDEO: How to Make a Real Garden in Miniature that Will Last

Hey, fellow miniature gardeners, here’s a short video to show you how to build a miniature garden that will last for years. This is the same way I’ve been building my gardens since I began in 2001. Some of our miniature gardens have lasted over 10 years in the same pot with minimal maintenance.

Keepin' it real in the miniature garden with TwoGreenThumbs.comThe heart of this project is choosing right plant for the right place, and planting true miniature or dwarf trees and shrubs. Pair this with slow-growing ground covers. We hope you enjoy it! If you do, please share it and give us a thumbs’ up – your vote is very appreciated!

The terms ‘miniature’ and ‘dwarf’ describe the growth rate, not the plant.
Miniature = 1″ per year or less
Dwarf = 1″ to 6″ per year

Shop for your trees and shrubs by light (indoor, sun, shade, etc.), click here.

Shop for your trees and shrubs by zone, click here.

For Experienced Miniature Gardeners: Need something different to grow this year? We know what we grow and how the tiny trees grow up. Let us know if you want some suggestions. Email us:

For New Miniature Gardeners: Need help choosing the right plants? Please include:
– Your zip code
– Where are you planting?
– In-ground?  What light does the spot get? Full sun? Shade?
– In a container? Where is the container going to live? Indoors? Shade? Full sun?
– Email us:

Let us know! We’re glad to help!

Are your serious about miniature gardening? Join us here for our new, weekly Mini Garden Gazette, click here.


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  1. Alina said

    A nice video! Thank you!


  2. sue hammeri7 said

    I wonder if there is any mini water garden. Thanks.


    • Hi Sue, There are but they aren’t as miniature as we’d like them to be. It’s the water plants that are bigger than our scale, even the smallest ones are too big. The only miniature water plant that we’ve been able to find that is in our scale is duckweed – which is an invasive plant and poses a danger to our waterways if let loose. It’s pretty aggressive and technically should not be sold anywhere. (imho)


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