Winter Garden Tips for Gardening in Miniature!

Snowy Miniature Garden
Brrr! Our miniature plants and trees do far better in the snow and freezing weather than I do! This was from the 2 week-winter that crippled Seattle for almost 2 weeks in 2008.


Winter Garden Tips for Gardening in Miniature!

Here is a quick round-up of winterizing garden tips for your in-ground miniature gardens and your contained mini gardens in pots – for fairy gardening and railroad gardening too. YouGet Crafty with Two Green Thumbs! may find this a bit early, but it will give you plenty of time to prepare for winter in your area. I’ve included several gift ideas too – it’s never to early to start creating a miniature garden for the hard-to-shop for person on your holiday list. Let us know if you have any questions or any additional tips in the comments below!

Ideas on how to adapt and adjust to the new winter weather in the miniature garden.  Container vs. in-ground gardening, choosing the right plants and perhaps a way to change your thinking about plants in order to do what you want.

Preparing for winter in the miniature garden – how to work with the seasons, links to more: winterizing your in-ground or your container gardens and how to keep miniature gardening throughout the winter.

Thinking of trying artificial snow? Read this before you do: Miniature Garden Lesson.

Make your gifts this year and practice your favorite hobby at the same time: The All Time Most Thoughtful and Incredible Creative Gifts of All Time!

What to dig deeper into gardening in miniature? Join us here!

Lights for the miniature garden or fairy garden are water resistant and have a timer too!

6 thoughts on “Winter Garden Tips for Gardening in Miniature!

  1. I’m a beginner and I’m afraid I didn’t think this through. I have a big farm scene with barn, silo, etc. the problem is it is too big to move and I don’t have any sun on the back porch and all the sun is on the front porch. I have a big yellow tree I think a spruce. Should I dig it up and pot until nex year?


    1. Hi Elizabeth. I can only vouch for the one tree that you got from – that Jean’s Dilly Spruce needs to stay as cold as it can in Florida. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the rest of the plants – I don’t know what they are nor the quality of them. Email me a photo so I can give you a better answer. Find it through the link – if I leave it here I get too much spam.


      1. Ok I can do that tomorrow. My littlt dilly spruce is in a pot awaiting my Christmas present but is shedding some.- I think it is a lemon spruce and it’s beautiful which is what I don’t want to lose it cases it needs lots of light.


  2. Hi Janit, it seems I don’t know how to send a picture so I went to your website and found it. It ‘ts a Wilma Goldencrest Monterey. Mine has gotten quite big. I don’t think I got it from you as I just recently found your website.°I am not worried about cold but lack of light.


    1. Missed this, Elizabeth, apologies! Yes, I would go ahead and move it to a sunnier location. It needs full sun – or at least 6 hours of sun.


  3. Really useful tips about gardening in winter. Use this as guidance is perfect enough! Thank you for share


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