How YOU Can Help Save Our Environment and Our World

Please join us and millions of other concerned citizens throughout the world, by simply signing a petition at

Please join us and millions of other concerned citizens throughout the world, by simply signing a petition at Pictured above is Shell’s Polar Pioneer drilling rig that illegally docked in Seattle and is now on its way to the Arctic. This is not about oil.

How YOU Can Help The Pope Save Our Environment and Our World

The world needs your help!

In case you missed it, an important protest is going on online and here in the PNW to stop Shell from drilling in the pristine arctic. THIS IS NOT ABOUT OIL. It’s about putting corporate responsibility over greed.

There is a 75% RISK OF DISASTER that can NOT be fixed if anything does happen. A no-brainer you would think, but Shell is forcing their way up to the Arctic, ignoring rules and regulations along the way.

Simply put, the Arctic has a extremely important role in maintaining the balance of the earth’s climate.

Please join us and millions of other very concerned citizens throughout the world, US and Canada, by signing the petition at the very least at

Your kids and grandkids will thank you – and we do too.

YOU can help. Please sign the petition at and boycott Shell gas stations. Let’s see if we can ruin their environment before they ruin ours.

‪#‎ShellNo‬‪ #‎boycottshellgas‬

And Here’s The Pope’s Petition:

Pope Francis has launched his own petition to help save the environment and needs 25,000 signatures to bring this issue to the December Climate Change Conference in Paris:

To the Heads of State and the Governments of the nations participating in the 21st International Climate Change Conference, scheduled from November 30 to December 15, 2015 in Paris, France.

On behalf of our children, who without your commitment and action will inherit a degraded and dangerous planet.

On behalf of the poor of the planet, the first to be victimized by pollution and the most vulnerable to the impact of climate change.

On behalf of the whole human family, for which we all have a responsibility to care without regard to national borders or social divisions.”  – From the website where you can sign the petition.

(To my regular readers: Apologies for the soapbox. If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything. Together we can make the right change for the health of our climate, and our children’s climate.)


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