Declutter Your Fairy Garden with the New Bestselling Ebook!

 Sophisticated Fairy Gardening with

Thinking like a fairy can help you declutter your fairy garden, save money and make a prettier display. Our new eBook will help you do that.

Declutter Your Fairy Garden with the New Bestselling Ebook!

Decluttering is all the rage now with the new book that is making us tear apart our closets and cupboards. In the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, (affiliate link) Marie Kondo tells us to only keep what brings you joy. Funnily enough, that’s what we said except we called it love! In our new, bestselling ebook, Sophisticated Fairy Gardening: Advanced Techniques, Ideas and Imaginings, An Addendum to Gardening in Miniature.

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Sophisticated Fairy Gardening with

A set of handmade fairy wings are ready to strap on so you can fly with your fairy.

Here is an excerpt from our Sophisticated Fairy Gardening ebook on decluttering and simplifying:

“Less is More

The three critical words of design: less is more. Focus on doing fewer things really well to create more of an impact. This idea resonates through all types of design, not just garden design. The smartest-looking interior design photos are usually very simply decorated with clean lines, patterns and colors that are chosen individually for their strong presence. The reason books are printed with margins around the side, and why paintings look better in frames, is because of the white-space, or visual-relief, that is created around the words or artwork. The white-space gives the chance for the eye to rest and it balances the visual impact in our brains so we can see and synthesize the information more efficiently.

Doing more with less is may be why your fairy garden doesn’t look right. By cluttering the scene with multiple patios with pathways going to and fro, filling the patios with swings, furniture sets, houses and fairies with stairs leading here and there to nowhere, nothing really stands out to the viewer. The scene is clumped together in the mind as one heap of accessories.

To undo and redo, clean all the accessories out of your fairy garden and sort them into two groups, ones that you really love and adore, and ones that you don’t. Put only the accessories that you adore back into your garden by grouping them into smaller scenes. Gift the rest to your local girl scouts, sell them at a garage sale or give them to a thrift store.”

Sophisticated Fairy Gardening with

It is a lot more than child’s play when you add a little sophistication to your fairy gardening. The baby carriage is made out of walnut shells and lined with feathers.

There is more insight on fairy garden design, miniature garden plants, landscaping and to learn about why we are having a hard time making the fairy garden look realistic, in our new ebook Sophisticated Fairy Gardening: Advanced Techniques, Ideas and Imaginings. By Yours Truly, Janit Calvo, is available in digital PDF dowload from our online store here so you can get it right now. Note that is an addendum and it references our Amazon bestseller, Gardening in Miniature many times throughout the PDF for more insight and information.

And it’s coming to Kindle soon too!

Like this? Then join us as we dig deeper and deeper into the miniature garden hobby right here. [Warning: May or may not contain fairies.]

Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, by Janit Calvo

Our new eBook! For Advanced Fairy Gardeners only. It’s an addendum to our Gardening in Miniature book. Click the picture for more.


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