Where the Fairies Live in the Miniature Garden

Miniature Fairy Gardening with Janit Calvo, TwoGreenThumbs.com
From the new Sophisticated Fairy Garden ebook: “Think of how and where you find a cocoon, nest or shelter that the small critters of the forest and garden would build, and imagine that a fairy wouldn’t be too different. “

Where the Fairies Live

The research for our new ebook, Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, took a few years to develop as we watched this garden trendFairy Gardening with Two Green Thumbs.com spiral out of our efforts to teach gardening in miniature to the world. The main thing that held me back in writing the book was to figure out why most fairy gardens did not have half the enchantment that a miniature garden does. After an ah-ha moment back in January, when I started to create some fairy houses for the ebook, I realized what the issues were – and how to fix them.

(Click to enlarge the photos.)

An excerpt from Sophisticated Fairy Gardening:

“There are several ways to thinking about fairy houses made by the fairies, either you are creating the impression that your fairies created a home modeled after your full-sized house, complete with windowsills made from twigs, gourd walls and roofs made from pinecone pieces. Or, you can think like a fairy and ask yourself, “What would a fairy use to build a house in my garden?” and adapt a stump, an old boot or child’s toy to help with the structure and build on it from there. This latter perspective is very creative, and you can use whatever natural supplies you have handy; and put them together in almost a childlike way to simulate the building techniques, or lack thereof, of a tiny, winged figure. Think of how and where you find a cocoon, nest or shelter that the small critters of the forest and garden would build, and imagine that a fairy wouldn’t be too different. “

To find out more about our new eBook, Sophisticated Fairy Gardening: An Addendum to Gardening in Miniature here.

Miniature Fairy Gardening with Janit Calvo, TwoGreenThumbs.com
To make the spheres, I soaked the string in glue and wrapped it around a balloon and let it dry. You can add acrylic paint to the glue, or paint it afterwards.
Miniature Fairy Gardening with Janit Calvo, TwoGreenThumbs.com
Fairy Homes and Gardens is a great resource if you need ideas for your fairy-making. Click into the picture to see it up in our Amazon aStore!

A New Book on Fairy Homes and Gardens

Miniature Fairy Gardening with Janit Calvo, TwoGreenThumbs.com
Multiple photos from 30 different designers fill the book from cover to cover. I think all the designers are professionals and sell their fairy creations.

Fairy Homes and Gardens, by Barbara Purchis and E. Shaley Rooney, by Schiffer Publishing Ltd., is a fun dance with the fairies. At first glance, the book appears to a wild collection of all kinds of fairy photos with no connection save that they are all fairy houses. But, as with anything miniature, if you stop, look and consider each designer and each house, I think you’ll find most of the photos interesting or inspiring.

The book is an assemblage of the work of 30 fairy house designers from around the world and it ranges in skill so there is something for everyone. If you are in need of a resource for ideas for your fairy work, this is the book for you. Different materials, settings, styles and designs are plentiful as there are multiple colored photos from every designer on each page. From houses to furniture, from the forest to the seaside, here is a ton of fairy inspiration right at your fingertips. Find it up on Amazon.com here.

Fairy Gardening with Martha Stewart
After I picked myself up off the floor, I could have spoken with author Zazel Loven all day long. She was a delight to speak with.

But Wait, There’s More

Just when you thought it wasn’t going to happen, Martha Stewart does a little fairy gardening! I was thrilled when Zazel Loven emailed me for an interview for the Martha Stewart blog. Zazel (rhymes with Hazel) is one of the founding editors of Country Living Gardener magazine and after picking myself up off the floor, we had a very fun conversation about fairy gardening. Here is her article, on the MarthaStewart.com blog, click here to read it. Give it a like and a comment too!

Department 56 Fairy
Our dog, Kitty, was very interested in Fiona the Fairy. It’s part of the new line of fairy garden accessories from Department 56. They’ve sponsored us to help launch a $500 Sweepstakes Giveaway on Pinterest. Don’t just sit there pin something from this blog for a chance to win! Details linked below.

In Glittery Conclusion

And this concludes this fairy garden segment. Don’t forget about that Department 56 sweepstakes giveaway that is on until June 15, 2015 by Department 56! You can win up to $500 worth of their new Guardians of the Garden line filled with everything fairy just for pinning something here, on this Pinterest board. It has to be a photo of anything garden related or garden-inspired so feel free to pin anything on this blog, We want you win it – so you can send us photos of all the boxes that you get. $500 is a lot of fairy!

Here is a complete round-up of all our fairy garden studies:

Sophisticated Fairy Gardening
The Truth About Fairy Garden Moss
Fairy Gardening with Department 56 <~ **Sweepstakes giveaway here!
Working with Plow & Hearth’s Fairy Houses
Tinkerbell’s Fairy Garden Houses

Miniature Fairy Gardening with Janit Calvo, TwoGreenThumbs.com
Another fairy nest from our Sophisticated Fairy Gardening ebook: The cedar branches were soaked in a glycerin/water to remain supple. Crow feathers line the backside. That is a customized Amy Brown fairy that I painted and decorated.


At The Fairy Store, May 9th, Class & Workshop, Lakewood, Wa. Click here.

A Little Bit of Magic: Miniature and Fairy Gardens
Demonstration & Seminar Molbak’s Garden Center, Woodinville, Wa., 
Saturday, May 16, 12-1pm


Sign up for our Mini Garden Gazette and get a free PDF download just for subscribing! Click here.

Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, by Janit Calvo
Our new eBook! For Advanced Fairy Gardeners only. It’s an addendum to our Gardening in Miniature book. Click the picture for more.

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    1. Personally? Lol! Hi Susan, If you compare our Ma & Pa store to Hobby Lobby or any other big box store then I guess we are – we can’t compete with Walmart. Our plants and products are chosen for their high quality and durability – we expect them to last or grow for years and years. So if you amortize the initial cost of our products over several years – we are not expensive at all. The cheaper accessories are just that – they fall apart after a season or get bleached out in the sun. The cheaper plants grow too big within a season and most don’t least for more than one year. As with anything, you get what you pay for. ;o) – J.


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