Inspiration from Adversity : Miniature Gardening on Pinterest

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs and Janit Calvo

Don’t be a troll. It’s easier, less stressful, and a lot better for your mind and health to be kind.

Inspiration from Adversity : Miniature Gardening on Pinterest

“It’s the price of fame.” A friend reminded me when I told her of my Internet troll that is stalking me around social media calling me names and telling complete lies about me. What did I do to her? I wrote a bestselling book on miniature gardening. So, after one minute of getting mad and frustrated, I realized that not everyone gets a stalker. Hey, maybe I am famous! Lol! Thanks, troll!

And what this immature woman doesn’t realize is that I came from a large family where I was the middle child and learned how to fight back. I learned many years ago to take adversity and draw personal power from it. I can make insults the wind beneath my wings now. I can turn anyone’s lack of confidence in me into personal inspiration. Tell me I can’t do it and watch me do it. So, thanks again, troll! I’m going to do more, write more, create more and yeah, you’ll be seeing more of my work simply because it helps people and makes people happy.

Pinterest is for Everybody

So, if you received a “Pin Removal from Two Green Thumbs” notice from Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, we apologize! 

In an effort to thwart this Internet troll, I had to delete several pins throughout the Pinterest site. I’ve re-posted some of them here so you can re-pin them to your boards. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for pinning politely and including the original link to the photo that you pin.

To tell if it’s a legitimate pin, click into the pin, and look at what is below the photo – it should tell you the website where it is from.

If it is NOT a legitimate pin, you will only see “Pin uploaded by pinner” or just the pinner’s name with no or very little explanation. In this case, this should be the pinner’s photo, and the description, I hope, should fill you in as to what it’s about. Otherwise with no source, credit, description or website below it, more than often not, it is somebody else’s work. See the photo below for an example of what to look for. 

These are Pinterest’s guidelines that are in place so that everyone can find out the source of that pretty photo, great idea or at least know where it came from. Without these critical links Pinterest, it becomes a useless photo album that teases everyone because they can’t find out where it came from, how to do it, or how to get it for themselves.

Pinterest Example

Look for the source of the link. We want to know how to make it or how to get it and your followers do too. That’s the point of Pinterest.

That said, here are some of the pins that were deleted for your re-pinning pleasure:

Two Green Thumbs Avatar

My main avatar throughout the internet. This photo was taken around 2005. Those are two Compressa Junipers on either side of the path.

Two Green Thumbs' Avatar

Another version of my popular avatar.

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

This is a version of the ‘Pond-in-a-Pot’ project from my Gardening in Miniature book, 2013. That’s a Jacqueline Hillier Elm tree hanging over the pond. The flowers are miniature daisies.

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

Silver & blue miniature garden for the holiday season, 2012, from our series, A Year in the Miniature Garden. Blue Moon Cypress on the left, Miniature Juniper on the right with the blue-bead garland.

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

A miniature christmas garden from 2012. That tree is a Piccolo Balsam Fir.

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

These were being called Bonsai from the pins I had deleted which they are not at all. You can get the look of a bonsai tree in your miniature garden but once you put the mini bedding plants, the patio and the accessories in there, it becomes a garden in miniature.

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

This is The Garden Shed. It won Best of Show at the Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show in 2005.

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

This was a nice surprise all the way from South Africa. She found me at the big Northwest Flower and Garden Show around 2006 where she bought the furniture, birdbath and garden tools from me. She emailed me this a couple of weeks later. I was floored!

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs & Janit Calvo

A wedding gift for a couple of Fellow Miniature Gardeners.

And here is a bunch of great ‘pin-able’ photos from the Sierra Club’s website, click here.

I know I missed some reposting some pins. If any of your favorite photos aren’t here, please get in touch and I’ll dig them out.

Like this? Then join us for more fun in the miniature garden here.

And here is our Pinterest boards if you are interested in seeing more:

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo




  1. Kathy Moore said

    Sorry to hear of your experience with the garden troll. I like that the troll is now under the bridge where it belongs! (Cute picture of that too!) We all look forward to your fun blog posts, not to mention your talent, so keep up the great work baby!!


  2. Ronda said

    Sadly, there are trolls all over the internet, and I will never understand what people like that get out of their behavior. I have been upset to see this type of thing in the miniature world. It happened to a friend of mine who is a miniature enthusiast and artisan. It pains me that in a world where people are creative and enthusiastic about a common thing there are those that will attack others. I’m sorry that you had this experience, but glad that you persevered. I love your work, and have pinned many things from your website, and I am always inspired here! I can’t wait to see future posts. 🙂 Ronda Vallejo


  3. Carole Gunderson said

    Sometimes I like to just post a photo that I took because it’s pretty. Also if the post says “uploaded by pinner”, that doesn’t mean it’s not legit. It just doesn’t link to a website. That’s ok, too.


    • Good point, Carole, thank you. I’m obviously coming at this from the point of view of having content pinned from websites only – and not considering the other side of Pinterest, where people pin their own content just for fun. Apologies for the oversight. – Janit


  4. Gillian said

    Oh, Janit! So sorry to hear of this troublesome troll. I adore you & your miniatures. Seriously, your sheer imagination seems limitless. you do awesome work, chin up!


    • Thank you, Gillian, for your very kind words and support. You just made my day! It’s people reaching out, like you did here, that have kept me going throughout the years. And I know that good people far outnumber the bad. ❤


  5. Freancesca said

    These ideas are adorable! I love them! I have never thought of doing something like this but it is really nice and funny! Thank for creating this post! It is awesome!


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