Tried, Trusted and True: Miniature Garden Accessories, Part 1

Miniature Garden Accessories, The Thinker

We’ve given a lot of thought behind what we offer through our online store.

Trusted, Tried and True: Miniature Garden Accessories, Part 1

I’m a tree-hugger. With just about everything I do, see, hear or read, I try to think about the environment and impact our decisions make upon the earth. Yea, sometimes that makes me the rain on the parade but if “it” is permanent landfill after it is done with, someone needs to speak up. (Not sold on global warming? Meet National Geographic.)

When I started to develop this idea, I could foresee what would happen to all the little furniture and accessories left out in the miniature garden and didn’t want my beloved hobby to generate garbage. Throughout this journey, I tried to choose the miniature garden accessories that work well in the outside and that would last in the elements and/or can be renewed with ease. Shopping for accessories quickly became an easy two-step decision: Would we see this in our full-sized gardens? Will it weather well?

In this day and age, it should be a no-brainer to make things that last. Even our resin pond designs that we had manufactured for us a couple of years ago didn’t work too well in the elements. They were beautiful when they came out of the box, but the colors quickly faded and/or changed color when left out in the sun. They became something I wasn’t proud to offer.

This is the beginning of a series that I’ve been thinking a lot about now that I have accessories that are over 14 years old. In my book, Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World, I step through a number of different kinds of materials that age and weather well, but we’re going further and deeper to give you the knowledge and skills to keep most accessories in your garden and out of your garbage.

Funny thing, it was our new puppy that brought everything to the forefront – literally. Lol! She eventually found all the miniatures that were in our gardens and brought them to us one at a time. Some of them I hadn’t seen for a long time, others, she gave her chomp of approval to before handing it over. So, here are the first accessories, some that we have been carrying since we began, that are tested, tried, true, renewable – and that we are confident they will hold up for years in your miniature garden too.

Faux-concrete figures age extremely well in the elements

Faux-concrete figures age extremely well in the elements. We been staking them to stay in place since day one – which has become an industry standard, thankfully.

Miniature Garden Statuary

The miniature garden statuary department is one of my favorite sections of our online store. All of our tiny figures are staked on a rod to stay in place in the soil so you won’t lose them – this has become the industry standard, thankfully. Our faux-stone figures can be added to just about any miniature garden and cinch the scale for the viewer for that “ah-ha!” moment because the figures are perfectly detailed and are true replicas in miniature, instead of a cartoon-type versions that don’t look real. More on renewing resin figures to come.

Miniature cedar trellises are perfect for the miniature garden.

Miniature cedar trellises age like cedar does: gracefully. The reddish tones turn to silver – still perfect for cinching the realism.

Miniature Cedar Accessories

We were thrilled to find someone in the USA to make these authentic miniature cedar trellises and decks. They age perfectly like all cedar does. The stakes help to keep the trellis out of the damp soil so it don’t rot. The bottoms of the cedar deck act the same, and remain free of rot for years despite being “on the ground.” Copy-cat versions on the marketplace today are resin and don’t hit the realistic mark at all, and are even worse after the color fades within one season. If you want your miniature garden to look authentic, buy accessories made of authentic materials.

Custom painted miniature garden accessories.

Painted metal miniature accessories can always be painted again. Make sure what you buy can be renewed easily to avoid disappointment – and garbage.

Painted White Metal Accessories

The beauty of the painted metal furniture and arbors is that when it does start to rust – as most types of metal will do when left outside – it looks even more authentic because it tends to rust in the same spots as in “real-life.” A thorough spray of paint can also work wonders making the metal wicker look like new again. It’s a good opportunity to keep your miniature garden scene updated with the current color trends. We’ll cover the best techniques in this series too.

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  1. You know I still use my darling ponds of yours. The blue is faded but really – how many ponds really look blue. I put some gravel in the bottom of mine and they still look great as the edging hasn’t faded at all. Really love them a lot.


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