Get Ready Now for the Great Annual Miniature Garden Contest!

Miniature Garden Contest Winner

Glenna’s miniature garden from the 2012 contest captivated our imagination with the different garden levels and the wee pond.

Get Ready Now for the Great Annual Miniature Garden Contest!

We’re moving the contest!!

Come one, come all and prepare for the great annual miniature garden contest! We are rearranging things this year and we’re moving the contest to next February. Holding the contest during the busy Holidays was just too confusing and chaotic for everyone involved, so we’re moving it to one of the other winter months when there is less happening. February, the month of love, sounded much more appropriate!

TAKE YOUR PHOTOS NOW AND START TO COLLECT THEM WHILE YOUR GARDEN IS LOOKING GOOD. See here for some pointers on photographing your miniature garden. Lights! Camera! Action! Photographing Your Miniature Garden.

Personally, I’m waiting until the fall to photograph my new miniature garden, not only has our zucchini infiltrated the fairy bed, but we left the volunteer sunflowers to grow haphazardly throughout the bed too. Ugh. What was I thinkin’??

Miniature Garden Contest Winner

Lori captured the Best in Show last year with her in-scale trees and plants.

Criteria to Enter:

– As we get closer to the date, we’ll finalize the prize packages and our special discount just for entering.

– All North American submissions must have a minimum of three items or plants from, our only sponsor for the contest.

– International Fellow Miniature Gardeners are welcome!

– The contest is held via Facebook, you can join us here.

– You must be a Fellow Miniature Gardener on our email list, sign up using the form here.

– It must be a living garden, no artificial plants are allowed.

– You can submit as many photos as you like, but you can only win once.

– We must have a minimum of 25 entries, from at least 5 different miniature gardeners.

NEW! Only Four Categories to Keep it Simple:

– First Place/Best of Show

– Second Place

– Third Place

– Best International

Miniature Garden Contest Winner

Dori romanced us with this sweet miniature garden scene. She even shrunk a “Gardening in Miniature” book down for the table. It’s hard to be objective when our Fellow MGs are so clever and crafty! Lol!


If you are in the business of miniature gardening we would love to have you join us to help judge the gardens. You see, after many years of serving our Fellow MGs, so many of them have become friends and we are not able to be objective any more. We have a point system and a list of criteria to make it simple and straight-forward – in fact, it’s quite fun to do!

Let us know if you would like to be one of the judges and we’ll introduce you to our fan base, highlight your business on this blog, on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and create other fun ways we think of to celebrate your help in the meantime. Please note that you won’t be able to enter a photo for the contest if you are a judge.

Now, don’t just sit there! See how your miniature garden is growing! ;o)

UPDATE: Unfortunately this contest ended in 2015. We received too many complaints and nasty emails when we tried to enforce the contest rules and it became no fun. 

Gardening in Miniature by Janit Calvo

Click the picture to get your autographed copy from our online store. Or Amazon[dot]com has it too!



  1. Elizabeth Shea said

    CDare there more contests to enter? What are the details?


    • Hi Elizabeth, Unfortunately this contest has ended in 2015. We received too many complaints and nasty emails when we tried to enforce the contest rules and it became no fun.


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