Miniature Football Gardening

Miniature Football Gardening

With the whole city of Seattle is catching Seahawk-Fever, we couldn’t resist. That’s a dwarf Nana Hinoki on the left, Baldwin Hinoki in the middle, and a Chirimen Hinoki Cypress in the back-right. Hinokis are hardy to -20F and easy to grow in a cool sun spot, in a container or right in the ground.


Miniature Football Gardening

With all the Seahawks frenzy going on here in Seattle, it wasn’t hard to resist the challenge to blend the our two favorite pastimes. See the notes below each photo for fun tips on how to create your own miniature football garden.

This miniature garden is an updated version of our original Miniature Garden Shed, our very first Best of Show Winner at the Seattle Miniature Show, almost 10 years ago.

Miniature Football Gardening

We used a cedar garden shed (preorder only) and painted it green and white. We had to prime it a couple of times with Kiltz primer to get a solid white, then painted it green twice with our trusty acrylic paints.

Miniature Football Gardening

Choose a base color from your home team that you can work with all year long, then add the extra color and logos when football season comes back around. That’s a Thyme-leaf Cotoneaster tree with the berries on in the foreground.

Miniature Football Gardening

We printed the logos and images out on regular paper and used clear tape to seal them on both sides, then trimmed them. They won’t last forever, but they will work for a little while. We tacked them on with a tiny bit of hot-glue – which may or may not ruin the paint job.

Miniature Football Gardening

Drag and drop images onto new Word file and print out a couple of different sizes to play with. Put tape on both sides and squish out any air bubbles.

Shop Two Green Thumbs

Miniature Football Gardening

Cut them out and you’re done. We like to leave a little frame around them but it’s not necessary. The flags along the rooftop were done the same way. We found those images from our local paper. (The images used in this display are for our personal use only – not for resale of any kind.)

See all our medium-size or half-inch scale items here.

Miniature Football Gardening

The garden box is 3′ x 2′. It’s in the medium size, or half-inch scale. All plants we chosen for a sunny spot and will do best with a little shade from the hot afternoon sun in the summertime.

That cement pad was made from our Mini Patio Mix Kit – we used the plain mix without any added stones. It was cast several years ago when we created the first garden shed display. We used a sturdy box and let it cure for a few weeks before (re)moving it.

Miniature Football Gardening

The brick sheets weather quite nicely, the moss made it’s way into the cracks naturally.

See the brick sheets here.

Miniature Football Gardening

A new gnome we just got in stock on Friday. He’ll be up in the store this week. We stake our accessories so they will stay-put in the garden.

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See more Football Gardening details here.

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