More Resources for Miniature Gardening

More fun with Miniature Gardening
Fun miniature garden projects of all shapes and sizes to get you inspired for spring – for your full-sized and miniature gardens.

More Resources for Miniature Gardening

There is nothing like a forced-flu break over the holidays to get you caught up on your reading. I bought a pile of books last summer as a reward for getting my Gardening in Miniature: How to Create Your Own Tiny Living World published. I was on a “book diet” for the past two years to help keep my writing original and fresh. Needless to say it worked, I have a bestseller now, but boy, did I miss the thrill of a brand new book! Here is just the start of what was in that pile:

More fun with Miniature Gardening
Teeny Tiny Gardening book is jammed-packed with all sorts of ways to garden small, by Emma Hardy, from Cico Press in the UK.

Teeny Tiny Gardens Everywhere

Jam-packed with all sorts of ways to garden small, Teeny Tiny Gardening: 35 Step-by-Step projects and Inspirational Ideas for Gardening in Tiny Spaces, by Emma Hardy, published by Cico Books, is fun, creative and full of variety.

The book is beautifully photographed and delivers gives you a wide assortment of ideas that you will be able to fit just about anywhere in your home or garden. Terrariums, gutter gardening, small vertical gardens, dish gardening, teacup gardening – the list keeps going on and on. Many different types of containers are used throughout the book for those who will enjoy thrifty pot ideas. While my definition of “teeny tiny gardening,” is quite different, the projects are all very doable and full of creative ways to get your gardening on wherever you may be. Group your plants following the plant’s water and light needs, make sure your pots have a hole for drainage and you’ll have a lot of fun with this book.

More fun with Miniature Gardening
How to create miniature knot gardens are among the very crafty ideas from Handmade Garden Projects, by Lorene Edwards Forkner from Timber Press.

More Miniature Garden Project Inspiration

Very inspiring and beautifully done, Handmade Garden Projects by Lorene Edwards Forkner, is a crafty garden gem from Timber Press. The book is full of fun and different garden projects that you can easily add to your full-size garden but alas, there are some gems in there that we can use for our miniature gardening too!

My most favorite is a miniature knot garden that Lorene shows how to grow from scratch. The instructions walk you through how to grow your own cuttings, designing the knot, planting, pruning and maintaining your masterpiece. The how-to focuses on boxwoods but she offers alternatives plants to use too. Now I want to drop everything and make one.

Lorene also covers hypertufa containers for a more traditional way to grow miniature gardens a la Anne Ashberry. There is a very fun “Grow-Anywhere Miniature Orchard” how-to you can make with real apples trees! Shade and hot-sun orchard plant recommendations are included. Oh, and there’s a pretty outdoor terrarium idea too. If you like diys, crafty-garden-thrifty fun, you will not be disappointed with this book – you’ll be inspired every time you pick it up. Now come on, spring, I want to play!!

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