Happy New Year in the Miniature Garden

Happy New Year in the Miniature Garden

Happy New Year in the Miniature Garden

Happy New Year in the Miniature Garden

Happy New Year Fellow Miniature Gardeners!

Steve and I missed Christmas due to a cold/flu that is making its way across the country. Ugh! I had to back off posting because I was making too many mistakes but, thankfully, we both are much better now. We hope you had a heathy and fun holiday!

Now, how to celebrate when everyone is finished celebrating? That sounds like a fun problem to have. Stay tuned you know I’m never short of ideas.

Join us here if you haven’t already, if you like this blog you’ll love our Mini Garden Gazette! Join us here.

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  1. I’m so sorry you and your husband were sick. I’m so glad you’re better! I am new to your Garden. I love what I see! For this 2014 New Year:
    G-d grant you all many happy, healthy, and prosperous years!


    • Thank you for the good wishes, Anne! We wish you a happy and healthy year ahead for you and yours!


  2. Ada Holloway said

    Janit, I am a miniaturist and I am making my first miniature garden. I found your site via Pinterest. You have some great accessories for sale and I happily signed up for your newsletter. Your work is beautiful and very extensive. Unfortunately the gallery page for your site wasn’t showing up. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work and I hope one day to make a garden with live plants! Ada from Modesto, CA.


    • Hi Ada, Thank you for your note and your kind words. Give that gallery page a moment or two to load, it should work in any browser, on any computer. It has a ton of images on it from all over the world, which is probably the reason for the delay. Here’s the link to try it again: http://www.twogreenthumbs.com/mini_garden_gallery.php – YFMG, Janit


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