Happy Solstice in the Miniature Garden


Ad-Solstice 2013

Happy Solstice in the Miniature Garden

Part of our series, A Year in the Miniature Garden. Give the gift that can last a lifetime: the joy of miniature gardening!

The winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year. Some celebrate with ceremony and ritual. Others mark the day quietly by lighting a candle and having a quiet moment of thanks.

For me? It’s the halfway point. It signals that it is all downhill from here for two reasons. First, the days will keep getting lighter longer and in good ol’ Seattle, it will soon be spring in the garden.

And second, I’m not much of a winter person and with my family 3000 miles away in Toronto, my holidays tend to be focused on working my retail stores. The normal last “safe” date for shipping for our online stores is usually the 21st.

Time to relax, heal and breathe.

Happy Solstice fellow MGs!

With love from Janit & Steve


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