The Miniature and Fairy Garden Entries from the Great Annual Miniature Garden Contest, Part 6 of 6

Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Contest
Another miniature garden from Nirmala of India. It is funny how the same elements in this miniature garden can look very exotic to the American eye because they come from another place.

Miniature and Fairy Gardens from the Great Annual Miniature Garden Contest, Part 6 of 6

~ JANIT’S NOTE: The Great Annual Miniature Garden Contest is no longer held due to contestants not willing to follow the rules. And when I tried to enforce them, they would lash-out online and give my sites and social media negative reviews. It wasn’t fun for us and became a burden and chore – unfortunately.

And here is the last installment from our series wrap-up for the Great Annual Miniature Garden Contest: the remaining entries! From all over the world, many different gardens tell of the many different personalities that created them. Please comment and share this page to help spread the joy of miniature gardening. You can tell that each and every garden was made with love!

And thank YOU! A huge thank you to all who participated this year to make it the biggest and best Miniature Garden Contest ever! Have a wonderful holiday wherever you are, and all the best to you and yours from your fellow MGs, Janit and Steve.

(Using the Facebook platform for the contest was a bit confusing for everyone in hindsight. Please forgive us if we missed your photo.)

Join us for more miniature gardening!

Part 1 of the entries from The Great Annual Miniature Garden Contest, the eligible container gardens, click here.

Part 2, the eligible fairy gardens, click here.

Part 3 is the eligible in-ground gardens, click here.

Part 4, the eligible themed gardens, click here.

Part 5, the eligible international gardens, click here.

UPDATE: Unfortunately this contest has ended in 2015. We received too many complaints and nasty emails when we tried to enforce the contest rules and it became no fun.

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