Halloween in the Miniature Garden

Halloween in the Miniature Garden

You can do more than decorate for Halloween in the Miniature Garden, you can tell a story.

Halloween in the Miniature Garden

It’s just a little scary out there! It must time for ghosts, goblins and pumpkin soufflé!

So, in keeping with the season and our series, “A Year in the Miniature Garden,” here is your Halloween Miniature Garden in the same pot as the other themes. (And yes, we missed August. Doh! Don’t ask how I did that because I don’t know.)

Halloween in the Miniature Garden

We custom-painted the orange furniture set. The pumpkins are from many years of use, we refreshed them with a mottled coat of paint and blackened the face so they will show up better in the garden.


We played around with two different scenes this year. We couldn’t resist placing one of our new dogs eyeing the bones on the table in the first set-up. It triggers the start of a story in the viewer’s head – will the dog get the bone? What’s stopping him? Leave the questions unanswered for the best most smiles – it makes a great conversation piece too.

Where to find it:
The orange patio set is up in the Etsy store – one of a kind.
The pumpkins are from our regular online store.
The dog.
The flagstone.
We are currently sold out of these particular plants used in this garden, but there are more options up in the store here.

Halloween in the Miniature Garden

Different accessories makes different story. Looks like it there may have been a party or… ? (Insert Twilight Zone theme here.)


The second garden story is created by smaller details, like the cat hissing and the pumpkins scattered around. Why is the pumpkin on the chair? Something really scary might have happened – or not – perhaps just innocent play… perhaps we will never, ever know…. Mwha-ha-ha-ha!!  ;o)

Find the chair here – there is one is lime green too.
Skull on pedestal.
Spooky the cat.
Silver Mist Lily Turf – the grass on the left side.

See all the Halloween decorations and idea here.

Halloween in the Miniature Garden

A signal from the Compressa Juniper that it’s not too happy. We had a long hot summer and maybe it didn’t get enough water – or maybe it was overwatered.

Keepin' it real in the miniature garden with TwoGreenThumbs.com

Okay, this part IS scary! Our Compressa Juniper is complaining here. The foliage  has died away from the one area on the bottom, left side. We did have a long hot summer here in Seattle, our focus was the taking care of the nursery and our other gardens and plants did get a bit stressed out. So, we make a list of reasons why this may have happened, we adjust and keep our eye on it so it doesn’t get worse. Here are the possible reasons:

  • It may not have received enough water.
  • Or maybe too much water.
  • It could be root-bound because it is planted with a bunch of other trees and has been in this pot of a couple of years.
  • This particular tree may need a deeper pot as it gets older.

We’ll keep an eye on this miniature garden and will baby it a bit. If the foliage keeps dying off, we’ll pull it out before it gets past the point of no return and plant it up in a separate pot. Hopefully, for this purpose, it’ll last until the end of this year so we can at least finish of our Year in the Miniature Garden Series!

Halloween in the Miniature Garden

Bird’s eye view of Halloween in the Miniature Garden.

The rest of the series to date:

July 4th and Canada Day in the Miniature Garden 

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A Birthday in the Miniature Garden (with links to Canadian plant resources)

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Valentine’s Day in the Miniature Garden

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  1. So adorable!!


  2. Margaret Shifflett said

    Just gave a good friend a Halloween mini garden for her birthday. Thanks for posting all these ideas so I can keep her garden decorated for all the seasons and holidays. Mini gardening is so much fun!


    • You are more than welcome, Margaret! It’s our pleasure… and our fun too! ;o)


  3. Adorable…love the overhead shot at that brought my attention to the flying monkey that I failed to note in the other views. Love what you are doing here. I ordered from you the mini pumpkins so my garden at least has jack-o-lanterns. Happy Halloween!


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  6. I love all the mini gardens, how can I get a list of mini plants you sell


  7. […] Halloween in the Miniature Garden. […]


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