New Book on Gardening in Miniature Surpasses All Expectations

Timber Press does Gardening in Miniature
Timber Press does Gardening in Miniature this month for the big launch. Click the picture to get into their website – they are having a contest to win a big kit and a book!

New Book on Gardening in Miniature Surpasses All Expectations

“I can safely say Timber has never gone to reprint with such speed on any other book in its history.” – Andrew Beckman, The Big Kahuna, Timber Press

Whew! Talk about some great miniature garden news! Those folks over a Timber Press started their launch this week, and boy-o-boy they sure are busy-bees. So I thought to bring them to you! Here are a few websites that have reviews already, a wonderful blog-post from Canada, and the start of Timber’s big launch. It has been interesting to see the different takes on the book and the hobby.

Amazon does Gardening in Miniature
>>>> STILL #1 in Miniatures and Flower Gardening this week on Amazon, and today we are #10 in the Garden and Landscape! <<<<

There are a bunch of reviews up on the Amazon website here if you are want to read more opinions about the new book. One review by a librarian brought attention to what the book is not: It’s not a book for young children – although I am positive that young teenagers will enjoy it.  And, it’s not about fairy gardening. There are several books out on the market that cover that type of gardening (we recommend the Julie Bawden-Davis / Beverly Turner book, they’ve been doing them for years and years.) But fairy gardeners and experienced gardeners will enjoy the plant and scale information to add a touch of realism to their work. And, there is a whole chapter filled with basic garden information in the book for the beginner gardener, as well as plenty of ideas and inspiration for the experienced gardener.

Read more reviews on the GoodReads website here.

A lovely review from Publisher’s Weekly is here. (Now, who would have thought I would have a review on the famous Publisher’s Weekly? ;o) They said the book is a “fascinating sophisticated approach to container gardening.” Insert blushing here.

Garden Therapy does Gardening in Miniature
>>>> Garden Therapy does Gardening in Miniature – great website for crafts, recipes and garden projects. <<<<

 The beautiful and talented Stephanie Rose from the popular Garden Therapy blog and website got together a how-to make a miniature garden patio up on her blog for your infotainment. You can see the fast and easy way to build a miniature patio right in your garden. AND, I must add that if you like recipes, gardening, DIY projects and “crafty goodness,” I guarantee you will enjoy her website. Stephanie is an excellent photographer, graphic designer and writer – and she’s a brand new Mom this month so be assured that there will be a baby/children theme carrying on for the years to come. She’s got a contest to win one of our Mini Patio Mix kits so be sure to enter for your chance to win a free kit – the details are at then end of the post.

Timber Press does Gardening in Miniature
>>>> A Q & A with Yours Truly and how we got the idea way back when. <<<<
Timber Press does Gardening in Miniature
>>>> Excerpts from the book on design points to add to your miniature garden expertise! <<<<
Timber Press does Gardening in Miniature
>>> In this blog they show the gardens that they created for a big book convention last year. <<<

And back to the Mothership! Timber Press’ website has now turned into Gardening in Miniature! Lol! Check out all the gorgeous photos from the book that they have on their website and blog. Note that they built their gardens a bit differently – but hey, they didn’t have Gardening in Miniature to read when they made them last fall for their show – but we think they did a pretty good job! Be sure to enter their contest for a chance to win one of our Complete Indoor/Outdoor Miniature Garden Kit AND a book!

So, run, don’t walk, to your nearest Barnes and Noble – if you are in Canada, they are in Chapters-Indigo – and pick up a copy! Everybody should have them in stock by now. You can find it at any bookseller, on the Timber Press website, Amazon, Chapters-Indigo website, the Barnes and Noble website, or get an autographed copy from our online store here. They should be wherever books are sold.

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