Gardening in Miniature is Launched PLUS Northwest Tour Dates!

Gardening in Miniature is Launched PLUS Northwest Tour Dates!

Gardening in Miniature Book

Now available at a bookseller near you!

Timber Press officially launches its campaign for our brand, spankin’ new book, Gardening in Miniature: How to Create Your Own Tiny Living World next week. Let the fun begin! Life on earth will never be the same… garden history is forever changed! Yay!

For those who have been following our journey over the last decade, you’ll know what a milestone this is for us. For those who have just joined us, welcome to the cutest and most creative hobby in the whole-wide-world – miniature gardening where craft meets garden. Really, how fun is that?

We snuck the news out to our email list last month, and those of you that got a copy, congrats on nabbing a first edition! A second edition printing has already been ordered, they were afraid of running out. And, hey, Timber Press, be afraid… be VERY afraid! ;o)

More Bragging Rights

Gardening in Miniature has already topped several charts on Amazon. Over the last few of weeks, we’ve maintained the #1 spot in the Miniatures Department, we’ve occupied either the #1 or #2 position in Flower Gardening, AND we’ve maintained the #1 position in the Hot New Releases for Garden and Landscape this past week. I’ll take it!

Insert the happy dance here.


Gardening in Miniature Book

We’ve maintained the miniature gardens that were photographed for the book. We’ll go into more detail throughout the launch-month – Stay tuned!

Where to Find Your Copy?

Find your copy of Gardening in Miniature wherever books are sold – all the stores, online and brick and mortar, should have their books by now. Amazon[dot]com, of course, and your local Barnes and Noble bookstore have them – so you can save on shipping and shop locally. There are also bunch of independent garden centers, museum stores, gift shops and hobby stores have ordered the books in so you can support the local independent retailers.

Find a copy up in our online store, we have the only autograph option online. (Wink!)

Gardening in Miniature Book

It didn’t sink in that I was published until I saw a stack of them on my desk…

What’s to Come – Locally:

Seattle Mini Book Tour – Come and see us! 
We would love to meet you! 

Bring your friends, grab your neighbors, come,  fill a seat at our next seminar and find out what all the fuss is about!

I’ve been corralling new information for the talks that are based from the projects and photos in the book, Gardening in Miniature. We’ll are bringing the same gardens that are in the book to the following talks so you can see them up close and personal – and you can see how they’ve grown in too. Please join us for more fun!

The underlined links will take you to their website for directions and information:

Molbak’s Nursery, Woodinville
Saturday, July 13th, 12pm to 1pm – Free

Swanson’s Nursery, North Ballard
Sunday, July 14th, 11am to Noon – Free

Ravenna Gardens, University Village
Sunday, July 21st, 2pm to 3pm
$20 – reserves your copy of Gardening in Miniature book!
Call to register: (206) 729-7388

Touring Out of State: Timber Press is sending us to the major shows around the country for the next few months and into next year’s round of garden shows. I will be sure to post and send any news that I get so we hope to meet you one day! Join us to get any news delivered straight to your inbox. (And get our free PDF download after you sign up!)

Gardening in Miniature Book

Steve customized the customized the rusty, worn-out tractor. The bumper sticker says, “Eat Dirt.”

Online Fun

We have a bunch of things planned for the month-long celebration. Contests, giveaways, stories behind the gardens in the book, plant details, mini how-to’s, and generally much hoopla and merriment. Join us by signing up for the blog over in the right-hand side or, sign up for our Mini Garden Gazette newsletter – join us here. 

Find the all the miniature garden plants, accessories, kits and more here:

Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs



  1. Kathy Thayer said

    I live in Olympia, will you be doing A seminar closer to my home city?


    • Hi Kathy, We’re only an hour away from you and I have one more gig this Sunday. There is more info in the book than I can fit into a seminar. ;o)


  2. I didn’t realize what a HUGE tiny world I was stepping into when I created my first miniature garden! I am enjoying your very beautiful and informative book, and was so happy to meet you at Molbaks and see your presentation! More ideas are abounding….. so glad you enjoyed my miniature outdoor art studio!

    ~ Violet


  3. […] a little bit this year and begin the contest later than unusual to (a) not conflict with all the book launch hoopla and (b) give everyone a fair chance at it because some areas had some really crummy summer weather […]


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