Miniature Gardening: It’s an International Affair

Miniature Gardening in Romania
Loosely quoted, “With a touch of magic, your beautiful garden will spring from your dreams. A bench leaning against a tree or a small fountain hidden among giant flowers will create a peaceful space you can escape to anytime.”

Miniature Gardening: It’s an International Affair

~ Sharing the new miniature garden hobby is too much fun. With customers throughout the world, it was inevitable that the international garden magazines would pick up on this latest huge garden niche / hobby. We were tickled when a couple of them came to us for pictures and input, here’s what came out of the connections. They told us what pictures they liked from our website/ this blog and our flickr-photo page and we sent back the high resolution photos for them to use.


Here is a Home and Garden Magazine from Romania. They found some plant sources for those of you across the pond who need to find the right plants we use. Here is their website:

Miniature Gardening in Romania
Gradini in Miniatura – now you know how to say Miniature Garden in Romanian!

The article tells how to use slow-growing plants, where to place them and general potting tips on soil and fertilizer. Here’s a loosely edited quote from the article:

“Finally, add accessories – they make the difference between a simple flower pot and a miniature garden. For the planting seem more real, always use same scale (find it stated on the label products). Even if you put a doll, it’s nice to create the impression of human presence, this will create a story: a rake “forgotten” on the grass or miniature cup of tea on the table. Animals add charm to the arrangement.

For the translation, we used the handy Google Translate and had some help from my Romanian friend, and fine artist, Florin Brojba.

Miniature Gardening in Romania
They even have the cover of our new book in the article too! Timber Press is everywhere!
Miniature Gardening in Romania
The photo, middle-right, is Laney’s miniature garden from MS, she was one of our contest winners from last year. Way to go Laney! ;o)
Miniature Gardening in Romania
Very sweet! A huge, warm thank you to Sabina Usurelu, the Garden Editor at Casa si Grandina!
Your Miniature Garden Center


This next article was such a pleasure to help with. From Japan! We’ve always known the Japanese are as equally enthralled with all things miniature, but to be ask to contribute  was such a treat knowing that the art of bonsai, the grandfather of miniature gardening, has long roots in the history of Japan. And here they asked little ol’ me for photos of my work. I’m still giggling… check out the fun they had with this 6-page article.

Miniature Gardening in Japan
Bises is a beautiful, full color, huge, glossy magazine dedicated to gardening in Japan. All kinds of flower and vegetable gardening, lots of roses, recipes, garden design and much more. I wish I could read Japanese!

I didn’t have any luck translating the Japanese in this article but I’m still going to try.

Miniature Gardening in Japan
The editors at Bises loved our miniature garden shed made in 2005.
Miniature Gardening in Japan
I love how they dissected the big garden into the smaller photos.
Miniature Gardening in Japan
And here are some of their miniature gardens and plant suggestions.
Miniature Gardening in Japan
Look for the woman in the photo in purple on the right side, just in front of the garden bed. She was ‘photoshopped’ in to look as if it was her garden. Too fun!
Miniature Gardening in Japan
I love their miniature stonework – check out the stairs that the little guy is standing on.
Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center
Miniature Gardening in Japan
“Watch out, tiny gardener! Here come the scissors!” Lol! Hey, they are probably giggling in Japan too! ;o) Check out those wonderful doors on the building. Small-leafed ivies and Baby Tears fill up the beds. I think that’s a small-leafed Sedum that the “giant” hand is cutting. Photo is from
Miniature Gardening in Japan
See the gardener on the bottom trimming the Rosemary? Lol! A big thank you to Ms. Hanako Yagi, the Editor in Chief at BISES.
Miniature Gardening in Japan
This photo is just too sweet. Two tiny gardeners tending their miniature garden. The plants look like Scottish and Irish Moss for the lawn, Fairy Vine for the twiggy shrub in the back and small-leafed Sedums are in the pots in front of the building. Photo is from

Hey, the Beatles had to make it big overseas before they were a hit in their own country – who knows what will happen in the brand new world of miniature gardening?

Most of the items in the photos are from our online store here.

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3 thoughts on “Miniature Gardening: It’s an International Affair

  1. I love the buildings and gardeners. Plant selection was great. It all added up to a completely realistic mini garden in Japan. Ditto the Romanian garden – more nostalgic, beautiful accessories. I loved both. Great articles. Congrats Laney on your picture being chosen.


  2. Trudi Scheele 31/03/2013 — 12:28 pm

    Wow! Beautiful gardens from around the world!


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