Miniature Gardening Call for Submissions

Mary's Miniature Garden

Mary’s Miniature Pond Garden. That’s a Jean’s Dilly Dwarf Spruce tree – perfect for full-sun containers or in the garden bed.

Miniature Gardening: Call for Submissions

The Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center website renovation is now underway and – besides craving a magic wand to speed things up – we are in need of your input!

Want to be included in the new miniature garden galleries on the new website? Any theme, any size,

Ada's Miniature Garden

Ada’s Miniature Garden with a young Pieris japonica ‘Little Heath’

indoor or outdoors photos of mini gardens are needed.

If you have purchased any plants, accessories or patio material from the online store or the etsy store, and want to share how you use TGT plants and products in your miniature gardens in our new galleries – this is a call for YOU!

A Miniature Garden with a Moonfrost Hemlock

A Miniature Garden with a Moonfrost Hemlock

Why base the photos on Two Green Thumbs’ products?

As fellow miniature gardeners, we are a lot like you and strive for realistic gardens in miniature. The attention to scale is the precise point where the enchantment is able to happen. Of all the companies and competing miniature garden stores out there now, the TGT line of high quality plants and products is the only line that can stand up to the scale and realism that you need to easily create a magical miniature garden scene.

Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center makes it easy for you to achieve that enchantment in your gardens because our products are based in realism and are true to scale – whether it be small, medium or large scale (quarter inch, half-inch and one inch scale, respectively.) No resin houses, no fantasy furniture and no fast growing, out of scale plants that won’t deliver the magic. If it doesn’t happen in your full-sized gardens, it simply won’t look like a true garden in miniature.

Ryan's Miniature Garden

Ryan’s Miniature Garden. Teeny Mugo Pine on the left, a Fernspray Cypress on the right.

But, Janit, it’s January!?!? My garden is under a foot of snow! 

If you don’t have a picture of your miniature garden yet, we’ll put out another call in the summer for more submissions. This post is to get your creative garden juices flowing again.

How to Submit Your Photo

–       Here are some photography tips to help get your best shot of your garden here.

–       Your first name, city and State will be on each of your photos. (If you want to use your full name for the photo credit, do let us know.)

–       Send medium to low resolution pictures. If you are not sure of what this means, just send your photos and we’ll take care of this techno-gobblety-gook on our end.

–       Email your photos to:

Need inspiration? Checkout the old galleries here – each one is different!

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  1. these little gardens are so epic!


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