A Miniature Garden for Every Budget

Miniature Garden Gifts

Spread joy, creativity and smiles this Holiday Season with Miniature Gardening. [Read all about this garden in last week’s post. I put this photo through some filters to make it look old, but it’s the same garden.]

A Miniature Garden for Every Budget

One of the many advantages of miniature gardening is that you can easily capture the charm of the hobby without breaking the bank. Create a simple vignette with a miniature chair placed beside a tree or next to the “trunk” of plant, sprinkle small pebbles down as a quick patio, and place a small water fountain off to the side and you have a peaceful place to escape to anytime you wish.

Here are some combinations that have come from our customers over the past week and we noticed they were for all kinds of budgets. With plants or without plants, you can give the gift of miniature gardening that is easy on the wallet, but heavy with inspiration and fun.

For Under $20

A couple of well-placed accessories can add the charm of a miniature garden, without digging into you bank account.

A couple of well-placed accessories can add the charm of a miniature garden, without digging into you bank account

Wood Wheelbarrow ->>
Terra Cotta Pot with Saucer
½ lb Small Ivory Pebbles
Garden Tool Set = $17.96*

More fun combos under $20 include:

– An elegant Dolphin Fountain in faux gray stone paired with a traditional Medium-sized Garden Bench in the matching color for $18.98*

– The new sturdy and very fun Small Kidney-Shaped Pond with the cutest Koi Fish ever for $17.98*

– The favorite Moonfrost Canada Hemlock changes colors throughout the seasons and likes to be trimmed in late winter, combined with the Platt’s Black Brass Buttons that look like miniature ferns. This pair would do well in a pot for part shade or cool, eastern sun for $19.98*

Under $30

Pixie Dust Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Retro Red Bench = $27.98*

Miniature Garden Gifts

A simple tree with a bench can be just as charming. This Pixie Dust Dwarf Spruce is only 8″ tall and will grow very sloooowly!

Twig Fence with Stakes
Raging Fire Pit
Rabbit Bench, Aged
Mother Earth Tones, Tumble Mini Stone = $28.96*

Geisha Japanese Holly
Small Straight Bench
Stone Patio Sheet, Small Sheet = $28.97*

Under $40

Small Kidney-shaped Pond,
Grapevine Birdbath,
Large Garden Bench,
Miniature Pebbles
Turtle = $39.95*

Variegated English Boxwood
Baby Tears
Miniature Garden Chair
Sea Green Stone Patio Sheet, Small Sheet
Wee Mole = $39.95*

Miniature Garden Gifts

Miniature gardening is accessible to everyone. You can add on to an existing collection, or start to build your own.

Under $50

– The new large Lagoon-shaped Pond next to a wee Adirondack Bench, with a Hanging Terracotta Pot w. Hook in the garden bed and a Terra Cotta Pot & Saucer is only $46.96*

<<- The ever-popular Jean’s Dilly Dwarf Spruce is a hardy choice for a container or in-ground. Combined with the Garden Tools Set, a Mini Patio Mix Kit with Small Brick Sheet to build a custom mini patio wherever you want (those bricks are high-fired and very durable,) add the Squirrel for whimsy for $49.95*

Need help choosing a gift for the Two Green Thumb’s miniature gardener on your list? Call us and we can look up what they already have, and recommend items for you. We’ll stay within your budget and get your order in the mail – pronto!

Miniature Garden Gifts

The Fernspray Hinoki Cypress is so pretty with it’s lovely colors – it’ll blush a plum color if it gets cold enough. Hardy to -20F.

Under $75

Large Cedar Lattice is made here in the US and it’s staked on metal rods to hold upright in the garden soil. The Lagoon-shaped Pond is very fun to work with – the birds will use it as a birdbath! The Cherub Birdbath is staked so it can stay upright in the soil too. The Fernspray Hinoki Cypress is a wonderful tree to grow as well as being very pretty! $73.96*

Under $100

Miniature Juniper
Blue Moon Sawara Cypress
Elfin Thyme
Miniature Daisies
Mini Patio Mix Kit
Gray flagstone Patio Sheet
Garden Bench, Pretty Blue
Bunny Rabbit = $99.92*

(*Prices don’t include shipping or WA State tax on WA orders.)

Act soon though – we are not able to restock most of our items before the 25th and quantities are limited!

You have a choice of which shipping method to use when you check out of store, and you will get the different prices listed to help in your decision. Parcel post takes 7 to 10 days and should get there before the 25th but it’s not guaranteed. There’s still plenty of time for USPS Priority Mail and the cut-off date is the 20th.

If you are not sure of what to order, give us a call or email and we’ll help get you it sorted, help you stay on budget and get you the best shipping rate that we can!

We have Paypal gift certificates too and they are available anytime!

Join us for more Miniature Garden fun!



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  3. […] A Miniature Garden for Every Budget […]


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