Lights, Camera, Action! Photographing Your Miniature Garden

Miniature Garden with Pond
Learning to shoot miniature photographs is one of the joys of the hobby because you can capture moments throughout the seasons.

Lights, Camera, Action! Photographing Your Miniature Garden

I must admit I bought the book for the photographs.

I’ve been a lurking fan of David Perry for about two years now. David is a photographer who loves “to have his hands in the dirt and his nose buried in bunches of flowers.” Why wouldn’t I lurk?

Miniature Garden with Pond
The same garden, but the viewer is behind the furniture. Not as exciting, is it? It’s lacking a defined focal point.

David is the photographer behind this delicious book, The 50 Mile Bouquet, Seasonal, Local and Sustainable Flowers by Debra Prinzing, released earlier this year by St. Lynn’s Press. And I must admit, I have yet to get through to the end of the book because his photos inspire the heck out of me! I get an eyeful and I have to stop, grab my camera and go out to the garden to play.

Another source of inspiration has been Kate Baldwin, who helped with some great photos for my book, Gardening in Miniature, from Timber Press. Kate’s specialty is photographing food and, although she shoots just about everything else, it’s her food shots that I pay attention to. These types of photos are taken close up, very detailed and are always staged perfectly. Doesn’t that sound like a way to shoot our miniature garden photos?

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Tiny Miniature Gardens
This shot didn’t work out – find out why up in the website!
Tiny Miniature Gardens
Why does this work? Find out why up in the website!

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Miniature Gardening with Two Green Thumbs

10 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action! Photographing Your Miniature Garden

  1. Oh my goodness, miniature gardens within your miniature garden! I knew you used tiny pots with tiny plants as accesories in your mini-gardens, but I hadn’t notides the tiny pots, with tiny plants and tiny hardscape materials before. Well done! :^)


  2. Notides? Is that a word? I meant, “noticed”. :^)


    1. Thunks, Ed! I dindn’t notides thee mustaken schpelling. Lol! ;o)


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