A Miniature Easter Garden: What’s Too Cute?

A Miniature Easter Garden: Too Cutesy?

A Miniature Easter Garden: Too Cutesy?

A Miniature Easter Garden: What’s Too Cute?

When is too cute too cute?

Take a look at this short slide show and you be the judge. You can scroll through manually or it will do it automatically.

Here’s a short survey link for fun. You tell us what you think about being “too cute” here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, when is too cute, too cutesy? Take our short survey here.

New and Unusual Miniature Garden Accessories



  1. Nedra said

    adorable – and NOT TOO cutesy for me! It can be changed with the seasons or left plainer – very nice!


  2. Ronda Vallejo said

    Not too cutesy! The reason people like miniature things is that they’re fascinating and CUTE!


  3. Jodi said

    Just thought it was a little busy ,maybe less eggs and bling .what ever you want in your garden ,put it there ,unless people are helping I dont think they should get an opion


  4. Arnulfo Guerra said

    These are great, especially for a cold and wet winter.


  5. J. Gaubert said

    Just found your website through website “Life on the Balcony” and although I am excited about the mini idea, I just don’t need another addictiion – lol. I think your mini gardens have class, and who cares about what others think? Happy gardening…..


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