Miniature Gardening: And the Winner is….


Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center does the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center does the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. It is still interesting to see the response after all these years. Miniature Gardening is now old-hat to some people, brand new to others, but everyone got at least a giggle out of it.

Miniature Gardening: And the Winner is…

“It transports you to somewhere else.”

“It puts you in a different world.”

“It ignites the imagination.”

These are loosely quoted snippets from some our top actors, during a video montage played at the Academy Awards this past Sunday night. The actors were talking about the role of movies and the film industry in our daily lives, as if getting lost in a movie was something so unique, so needed by our imagination as a vehicle to transport us, to inspire us, to bring us joy and wonder…

I smiled to myself while watching the familiar faces ooze with such sincerity describing their beloved industry but, in reality, they could have been talking about any hobby under the sun. And hobbies last much longer than movies.

But, let me back this up before we move forward. ;o)

I have spent years in the hobby industry. In fact, I was weaned on it. Hours were spent during summer nights at the dining room table with my father, gluing down page layouts to get them ready for the typesetter. Dad would come out to the farm on the weekends and bring the publishing work with him. He would cut up the old edition of whatever book he was working on at the time, and place the pieces on a sheet of paper in the order that I was to glue it down for him. I think I was about 10 years old and very content to finally have the attention of my father – if it was only for a couple of hours.

For the next few decades, half of the family business was buying and selling gold and antiques, the other half was publishing catalogs on collectibles. I didn’t care for the cut-throat-I’m-smarter-than-you-are-so-I-win world of antiques and, after demonstrating a penchant for the visual arts, I was relegated to working at The Charlton Press.

The Charlton Press is a small publishing company that specializes in collecting and cataloging 20th century collectibles. Coins, medals, badges, hockey cards, Beswick and Royal Doulton Figurines are just a fraction of the subjects they now catalog and publish. The mandate was to create the catalog which would help the build interest in the respective hobby, which, in turn, would create a need for the catalogs.

So, I spent nearly two and a half decades of my life unknowingly learning about the various ways that people approach hobbies. We figured out what information needs to be collected in the first place, studied it, collected it, measured it, called in the experts to help clarify it and packaged in a book form, in order to make it easy for people to access the right information to learn and grow within the hobby.

I think its funny that I’ve found myself
being the trailblazer of the
miniature garden hobby.
I only wanted to do something
that could transport me and
make my imagination spin. ;o)

And in living this hobbified? hobbitastic? life, I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what hobby it is that you partake in, it will take you to somewhere else. Whether you are collecting plants and creating your own private space, collecting coins and diving into history’s corners, crocheting a new afghan blanket and designing it as you go, or whether you are creating a garden in miniature, you will be transported to your very own world. And that’s okay, they know you there.

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