Miniature Gardening: Chats and Forums and Groups, Oh My!

Miniature Gardening: Chats and Forums and Groups, Oh My!

You can almost hear the glasses tinkling, the lively chatter in the background and the occasional burst of laughter. They chime in from all over the country, Canada and throughout the world. People asking each other how the weather is, what each other is drinking tonight and exchanging quick personal updates along with their hellos.

The banter is chummy and fun; you never know who’s going to comment on what you said, or what bad joke lies in wait…

About 10 minutes into the session, the purpose of the friendly gathering starts with a question. Suddenly, the chatter picks up, answers are flying and jokes are passed around and repeated to make sure they are spread far and wide.

“What was the question again? I missed it…,”

“I’m late, what’s the topic?”

“Hey, Helen, how’s the planking?”

“Hold on, I need more wine…”

A wide range of topics are shared and deliberated each week. Celebrities are brought in to host the discussions, an endless stream of discussions. More industry celebrities drop in to say hi, and stay for a question or two at the very least. Prizes are given away freely. The laughter and jokes carry on even after it ends.

And it all happens within one hour, on Twitter.

It’s called #GardenChat, and it’s an open chat just like a party, hosted on Monday nights between 9 and 10pm, Eastern Standard Time, on

Just by scrolling through the last couple of months of the event calendar, you can see the myriad of garden topics that Brenda Haas covers with the help of her loyal #GardenChat following. It’s an easy crowd to get into, and it’s even easier to join the discussion, ask questions and get answers and opinions from the people who actually garden in your area. And you never know who will drop by.

All kinds of gardening are discussed, garden art, moss gardening, garden designers, vertical gardening, tomatoes, P. Allen Smith, websites, roses, herbs, container gardening, new garden happenings, houseplants, organic gardening, vegetable gardening, drought tolerant gardening, open discussions, did I say garden designers yet? Links are exchanged and garden know-how is shared freely – it really is a terrifically fun resource for any gardener, anywhere.

And the big news: This coming Monday, December 12th, Yours Truly is hosting a #GardenChat! Really! It’ll be my first one. I will be answering any questions about miniature and fairy gardening. I plan on showering you with yummy eye candy, and filling up your head with lots of ideas for your miniature gardens. Come and join in the fun, it really is a hoot.

You don’t have to register, join or subscribe to anything – heck you don’t even have to read every tweet that rolls by either. Brenda captures each #GardenChat in a transcript after the show, and you can download it after the chat and explore the links and resources at your leisure.

Find out all about #GardenChat right here. If you are new to Twitter, don’t fret, sign up with, then some back to here and these instructions will walk you through how to connect to #GardenChat. Lurk if you need to at first, but at least say “Hi!” so we know you are there.

And here is a list of other Miniature and Fairy Garden Forums and Chats on the Internet that have opened up in the last few months. I think you can nose around into each group, to see if you like it, and then sign up if it feels right. (Some of them, like Dave’s Garden, have subscription fees.)

All Things Plants – Miniature Gardens Forum

Garden-Share – Fairy and Miniature Gardens

Dave’s Garden – Tiny Gardens Forum

Garden Web – Terrariums

Facebook – Miniature and Fairy Garden Chat

Facebook – Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center

[If I missed any, please let me know. Only direct forums please, not threads within forums.]

There is a wealth of knowledge in the Interwebs, fun to be had, friends to meet and no reason to stop thinking about your miniature gardening either. See you on Monday December 12th on #GardenChat!

Miniature Garden Center


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  1. Bren said

    I love this post … the little red wicker seating area is to DIE for! Can’t wait to hear what you will share on Monday.


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