A Miniature Garden Anniversary: 10 Years of Inspirational Stories

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A Miniature Garden Anniversary: 10 Years of Inspiration

As we wind up our 10 year anniversary celebration this month, I thought to share some of the random interactions with people that helped me get through the years. It never failed that when I was ready to give up, pack it in, and get a job a Target, I would get an email, phone call, or stumble into a chance meeting from a fellow miniature gardener that gave me the inspiration to keep focused. Here are just a couple of the stories:

Miniature Holiday Garden Shed


– Many moons ago, when we were gritting our teeth through another long Sunday at the Fremont Market in Seattle, a man who bought a miniature garden the week before, came back to our booth. He told us about his mother, who was stuck in grief over the loss of her husband, his father. There was nothing that he tried that would shake her out of her sorrow. When he saw one of my miniature gardens, he knew it was worth a try because she always enjoyed gardening. When he brought the miniature garden to her that day, it was the first time he saw her smile in months.

Miniature Holiday Garden Shed

– A woman from Texas was so moved by miniature gardening, she picked up the phone to thank me in person and told me her story. Her sister had been diagnosed with cancer, was going through brutal chemotherapy and had almost given up the fight. One day, she got her sister together enough to at least sit in the garden and get some fresh air. She wrapped her sister in blankets and proceeded to make a miniature garden right in front of her. The ailing sister could not resist, and began interacting with the mini garden, smiling all the while. With miniature gardening to occupy her mind and get her moving in the fresh air, the sister recovered and the two of them went on to start their own miniature garden business.


– Years ago, when I was at my wits end one day, I was wandering through the West Seattle Nursery trying to avoid my self-inflicted work-load. One of the staff members flagged me down and said there was a woman asking about my miniature gardens that I had there for sale. After I spent a few minutes teaching her about miniature gardening, the woman hugged me with tears welling up in her eyes. She was thrilled and relieved to have a new and do-able idea to implement at the adult family home where she was working.

Miniature Holiday Tree Lot

– “I’ve ‘seen’ you around the forums, but didn’t realize that you were associated with Two Green Thumbs. I love your stuff!! I remember when I first became interested in miniature gardens as an adult (I was always into dollhouse stuff as a kid,) I saw many of your gardens while Googling, and they inspired me. IN FACT, they had a lot to do with what inspired me to ask Dave to start this forum! ;0) So see? In a way this forum is here because of you. Keep up the great work! – Taylor” [– The Tiny Garden Forum on DavesGarden.com]

It’s funny where inspiration comes from. These are just a couple of the stories among the many emails I get each week. People thanking me for inspiring them, but I’m not sure if they know that they inspired me too.

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