Product Review: The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Kit

Product Review: The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Kit

The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Kit is copper colored and stands out nicely against the green plants. The How-To book that is included helps jump-start the learning curve.

Product Review: The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Kit

With the recent explosion of this wonderful hobby, we are starting to see more and more companies come up with their own line of miniature garden accessories and, like any trend, their corporate mandate seems to leave out the end user. Most of the new accessories don’t “cut the mustard” with this Mini Garden Guru simply because they don’t feel strong enough, the quality is a bit dodgy, they are painted dark colors and they aren’t detailed enough to earn a place in my miniature garden.

Product Review: The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Kit

As part of our Anniversary Celebration this month, the Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Kit will come with a complementary set of Holiday decorations as shown to help you decorate for the season.

But, here is a brand new Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Kit that has just hit the store shelves this fall that does stand a little above the rest. It is a complete, 10-piece miniature accessory set that includes everything you need to set up a sweet little scene in your miniature garden. With the holidays coming up quickly, it will make a perfect garden gift, it comes in a pretty box ready to be wrapped up.

But, alas, we at Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Studio cannot leave well enough alone. If it can be improved with a nip and tuck, we will do it if only for our convenience and enjoyment. (This is otherwise known as “kit bashing” in the hobby world.) Here’s our scoop:

Hand-welded piece by piece, this whimsical kit sets itself apart from the other miniature wire accessories available today, simply because of the color. The reddish-copper shines against the greens of the plants and you can actually see the accessories from a distance. A nice change.

Product Review: The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Kit

The tools in the kit are more decorative than functional, so we mounted them on the sides of the arbor.

From a miniaturist point of view, the scale of the Fiddlehead Kit is generally 1” in scale (meaning 1” = 1 foot), some pieces are larger, some smaller.

The arbor is cute and the gates work, but we had to clip the legs shorter to get them into our in-ground miniature garden because we kept bending the long legs on the hidden rocks below the soil.

The bench is nice, sturdy, but on the smaller end of the 1” scale. It is well made and can be used solo in a mini garden container as an accent piece. See the picture further down, we made cushions for it to dress it up a bit.

The assorted birdhouses and birdfeeders are very cute and almost match the scale of the arbor. The birdbath is a just too short and the attractive detailing underneath the bowl gets lost when placed in the miniature garden bed.

Product Review: The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Kit

Fun in the in-ground Miniature Garden, the rake fits perfectly on the other side of the arbor, wired on to stay put.

The tools are smaller and more decorative, so we mounted them on the sides of the arbor for fun. The wheelbarrow definitely has that fairy look so we filled it up with stones, gravel or some Sedum cuttings. The wee watering can is a bit big too, but you can plant it up easily using Sedum cuttings and thin rod to get the soil down into the can. Keep it out of the rain because it will fill up with water and rot your cuttings.

But, what makes this kit really stand out against the others in this soon-to-be-very-competitive-market is not only is it altogether in one box at a great price, but there is a How-To Booklet that’s included as well. And yes, it is from Yours Truly. ;o)

Product Review: The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Kit

We made some cushions for the bench that really made it pop. Just like full-size gardens, you can change the cushions to suit your theme.

The How to Create a Living Miniature Garden booklet consists of everything you need to get jump-started in this wonderful hobby. The 12-page booklet includes information on container design and in-ground miniature gardens, matching scales, patios and pathways, fairy gardens, where to find more plants for miniature gardening. There’s a quick step-by-step too to help you get your fingers dirty.

The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Kit is now available through your local independent garden center or nursery in the US and in Canada. It’s also available online here.

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Product Review: The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Kit

All boxed up and ready for the Holiday gift-giving season!


  1. Leslie Nikulka/Ouderkirk said

    I luv it!!! :D


  2. victoria said

    would like to know the cost of this kit please


    • Hi Victoria, We are no longer affiliated with this company so, without my booklet, I imagine the kit has changed price. Google can give you a better answer and probably a variety of prices & outlets.


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