How to Insert Charm into Your Miniature Garden Part II, Patios and Paths

Miniature Garden Study, Patios and Pathway Materials

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How to Insert Charm into Your Miniature Garden Part II

We’re bringing charming back.

In a recent Miniature Garden Intensive Class, student Sandra started to ask about a certain plant and had to pause to say, “I’m about to use that word again, ‘charming!’”

She was right, the miniature conifer was simply charming and at that moment ‘charming’ was the perfect word for it.

Charm, noun
1. the power to delight or attract people
2. a feature or quality that delights or attracts (often used in the plural)

Charm, verb
1. to delight or attract people
2. To influence somebody by using powers of attraction
3. to affect somebody or something by, or as if by, the use of a supposed magic spell

Aha! Magic! That must be it! You’re probably thinking to yourself, FAIRY MAGIC….wo Green Thumbs' Mini Patio Mix Kit Ad

But no. It’s simple math really.

Proportion and scale.

(Stay with me on this one! ;o)

One of the key ingredients that you can easily bring to your miniature gardens are proportion and scale.

We’ve talked about the plants and the accessories before, but let’s talk about something that is not so obvious but is a very valuable element for a true garden in miniature: the miniature patio.

The addition of a patio or pathway increases the appeal of a true garden in miniature because it helps the viewer to identify the fact that it is a real miniature garden instead of a container full of small plants.

It cinches the scale immediately in the eye of the viewer because we know how big it is supposed to be. After all, we stand on them all the time, right? But it tends to be the last thing we think of when we put a garden together and we end up dumping a bunch of marbles in for a path or include an odd collection of rocks for the patio.

Take a look at the following examples of the different sizes of miniature gardens to get an idea of what I mean by paying attention to the detail and cinching the scale to add the charm:

Checkout the Miniature Garden Patio and Pathway Department in our store for easy solutions to add charm to your miniature or fairy garden scene.

Be sure to lock in your design with our Mini Patio Mix Kit. The only solution design specifically for miniature gardeners by a miniature gardener! ;o)



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