Miniature Gardening Crosses Borders

Miniature and Dwarf Conifers are great for the miniature garden

Miniature and Dwarf Conifers are great for the miniature garden. In the right spot, they are easy to take care of and really look like a "big" miniature tree. You can now find them in Canada.

Miniature Gardening Crosses Borders

Holy cow.

I used to enjoy a predominately US customer base while going through my growing pains as a start-up business. Every so often I would dial into my Google stats to see where the visitors to my website are coming from, and I would see the States plus a couple of other countries like Vietnam and England.

Well, I had 1,378 cities from 68 countries visiting my website last month!


Tiny purple cones on the Pusch Dwarf Norway Spruce

The tiny purple cones on the Pusch Dwarf Norway Spruce are just the absolute cutest thing ever!

Perhaps I should brush up on my french and spanish. ;o)

So, in an effort to spread the love of miniature gardening, (because that appears to be vocation these days) and with some help, (Thank you for your help, Rob! ;o) I was able to find a list of Canadian nurseries and garden centers that have specifically ordered the very same miniature and dwarf conifers that I recommend using in the miniature garden with success.

Golden Torch Barberry offers striking foliage for the miniature garden

Golden Torch Barberry offers striking foliage for the miniature garden. This plant is invasive in some areas, check with your local garden center before ordering!

Here are some thoughts to consider before you go on your search:

~> Call ahead of your making a long trek to make sure there are some in stock.

~> Because of the custom/border thing, these nurseries will probably place a one big spring order for spring that they can sell throughout season. Which means that they will not reorder until next spring. So shop early!

~> Note that the different types of conifers like different conditions and you have to plant them or put the pot that they are planted in, in the right place. “Right plant in the right place” and no, there is no compromising, tricking or fooling Mother Nature. Any plant that is not in the right spot will lose its defenses against pest and diseases and will die a slow death. This means outdoor plants should be outdoors, shade plants should be planted in the shade and sun plants in the sun, etc.

One of the secrets behind a successful miniature garden is using the right kind of plants. Miniature and dwarf conifers hit the mark because they really do look like miniature versions of the full-size trees and shrubs that we see in our landscape. Cypress, pines, spruces, hemlocks and junipers are all familiar to us but the miniature and dwarf forms are not as well known – yet!

If anyone outside North America has any information on where to get miniature plants please help us spread the love. We are looking for connections in England, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Holland, Australia and Mexico specifically.

New Trees Are In Stock: We just received some new miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs again last week. Find most of them up in the store here.

And the ones that can’t fit into the store are listed here:
Jessy Norway Spruce – they are really small and super cute!
Thumbelina Norway Spruce – a collector’s dream.
Hobbit Dwarf White Spruce – another collectible!
Butter Ball Hinoki Cypress – dainty AND pretty foliage.
Mhondoro Hinoki Cypress – lovely green foliage.
Jean Iseli Hinoki Cypress – an old favorite is back, we missed him. ;o)
Cooper’s Little Leaf Cotoneaster – LOVE the delicate foliage.
Golden Torch Barberry –flushed out and looking quite lovely!

(~> See pictures and get more details for the above list go here. – Contact Janit for shipping quotes and the ordering details. See our store for more.)

Spring buds on the Piccolo Balsam Fir

Spring buds on the Piccolo Balsam Fir look almost surreal.

Here are the Canadian nurseries that carry the miniature and dwarf conifers for miniature gardening:

British Columbia
Triple Tree Nurseryland, Maple Ridge
Minters Gardens, Chilliwack
Dinter Nursery, Duncan/Victoria/Van. Island
Georama, Nelson
Art Knapp Plantland, Vancouver/Port Coquitlam
Nico`s Nurseryland, Salmon Arm
Sunnyside Nurseryland, Delta
Maple Leaf Nurseryland, N. Vancouver

Golden Acres, Calgary
Ellerslie Gift and Garden, Edmonton
Eagle Lake, Strathmore
Millcreek, Edmonton
Parkland Nursery, Red Deer
Greengate Garden Centre, Calgary
Salisbury Greenhouse, Sherwood Park
Green Haven Garden Centre, Lethbridge*
Greenland Garden Centre, Sherwood Park

Shelmerdine Garden Centre, Winnipeg
St Marys Nursery & Garden Centre,  Winnipeg –

Woodhill Garden Centre, Thornhill (Hi Mom! ;o) –
Canadale Nurseries, Ltd, St. Thomas
Rideau Woodland Ramble Garden Centre, Merrickville
Whistling Garden Ltd., Wilsonville – Whistling Garden Ltd., Wilsonville
Summerhill Nursery, Toronto

Pepiniere Villeneuve, L’Assomption*

*Directory listing only, not a website. Unfortunately the supply stops at Quebec and there are not any nurseries in eastern Canada that order from my grower.

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  1. Lis said

    And this is why I love you so. I knew they’d get more popular above the border eventually…! Thank you SO MUCH for this list.


    • JanitC said

      Aw, shucks, Lis! It’s the least I could do for my fellow Canadians! ;o)


  2. Hi Janit – I see my buddy, Rob, helped you out with some garden centers to find some of our favorite miniature conifers! Keep up the good work – we’ll change the world, one conifer lover at a time. :^)



    • JanitC said

      Hi Ed! Yes, Rob was more than helpful! He really made a bunch of people squeal with joy – I’ve got the emails to prove it! Lol!!! I look forward to the day when we can meet. I do want to come down to the nursery to visit again – it just lovely down there and I would love to show my fellow miniature gardeners our “Mothership!” ;o)


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  4. Andrea Powell said

    Do you have any tips for getting rid of flies from gardens? We get these small flies in our yard from time to time. They are currently in part of our miniature garden. They are really small flies. Like fruit flies.
    Thank you! We don’t really want to use pesticides if possible because sometimes the plants don’t like it
    Thanks again!!


    • Hi Andrea,

      Those little annoying flies may mean that there is too much moisture somewhere and something is rotting in or around your miniature garden. Take a look around to see if you can find any stagnant water – in your accessories, houses or perhaps there are small pools of water on top of the soil hidden somewhere. Churn up all the soil with a fork or small garden fork – like you would hoe your life-sized garden bed to get it ready for planting – this will get some air into the soil and also let it dry out a bit. Back off on the watering and wait until the soil is wrung-sponge damp before watering again. (A general rule, I’m not sure what plants you have.)

      You didn’t mention if your MG was in a pot and I’m assuming you’ve had the MG planted for at least a few months – if it is in a pot, there should be drainage material in the soil like vermiculite or perlite. You can add some to the top layer if you want but, ideally, the whole garden should be repotted with the amended soil for the best success. If it’s in ground, there should be plenty of organic matter in the soil to help with the aeration and same solution if it’s not: unplant, amend soil, replant. Either way and as a quick fix, poke a stick around the base of plants to help the air to get down to the roots.

      Also, clean up any debris in your garden so the bugs have no where to hide. Get rid of any dead leaves and dying branches too – this will help get some air to the plants too. I’m with you – I don’t turn to chemicals and I don’t really feel that there is any need to.

      Let me know if this helps, Andrea and thank you for your great question! YFMG – Janit


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