Your Miniature and Fairy Garden Questions are Answered!

Miniature Gardens are Us!!
Miniature Gardens can be any shape, size or theme. Having so many choices can be overwhelming but having the right information often helps sort out the ideas.

Your Mini & Fairy Garden Questions Answered!

There is nothing like a major open house, a raging flu-cold and taxes due all within two weeks to get me behind the eight ball and behind on just about everything. I never thought I’d miss blogging either, but I did!

Now that I’m shoveling my way to the surface, I’m finding that people want answers to their most pressing miniature garden questions so here is a list of ten blogs of mine that can answer a bunch of questions for you:

1. Top 10 New Gardener Questions Answered
Includes quick explanations about rainwater and drainage, light, the right soil to use and more.

A miniature Hemlock garden for shade.
A miniature Hemlock garden for shade.

2. About Miniature, Fairy and Gnome Gardening
A quick walk through on the different styles of miniature gardening.

3. About our Mini Patio Mix Kit
You can design your very own patio with this, and it won’t wash away when you water.

4. Finding Plants for the Southern States
For southern States, the heat zones are important for know what can grow in the heat.

5. Top 10 tips for realism in the miniature garden
From December’s Mini Garden Gazette. If you like it, sign up to receive them directly to your inbox!

Miniature Garden Kits
New Miniature Garden Kits are up in the store. They can fast-forward your learning curve! The above Boxwood kit will be available next week (the end of April)

6. Complete Miniature Garden Kits
These kits will jump start your miniature garden learning curve.

7. Water features in the miniature garden
Often overlooked, they can be a really cute focal point.

8. Working with young children and the miniature garden.
Includes a link to someone who knows about working with kids. I’ve added some garden tips. ;o)

9. Accessory help, how to right choose the scale.
Pictures included to demonstrate how different scales can change the “size” of the miniature garden.

10. A quick primer on how to start thinking about a miniature garden.
Tips on how to start the design process.

11. Bonus Link: How to Start a Miniature Garden
There are several ways to go about it, follow the one that appeals to you most!

12. Bonus answer: Do you have a catalog?
No. Our products and plants change too often to have a print catalog. As much as it makes a ton of work for us, it keeps us creative and engaged in finding what works and what does not. And we strongly suspect that it keeps you creative too!

Do you still have a question that remains unanswered? Email

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Happy Spring and Happy Miniature Gardening!

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