Want to Save Time and Money on Your Garden? Get a Garden Coach.

The Personal Garden Coach's Garden

The Personal Garden Coach's Garden. Photo by Christina Salwitz.

Want to Save Time and Money on Your Garden? Get a Garden Coach.

With a name like Two Green Thumbs do you think I would need help in the garden?

The name ‘Two Green Thumbs’ came from my friends. I used to work at a nursery and I would bring home dying plants to nurse them back to life. This resulted in a fantastic container garden full of perennials and vegetables that would amaze and impress my friends and visiting family.

But that was then, this is now and I need some help.

Let me back up a bit.

I am currently working with Christina Salwitz, The Personal Garden Coach, on my annual display for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. We are teaming up this year to present Christina’s deliciously rich container plantings while adding something completely different to my palette, a very welcome change after 6 years of doing the same exhibit.

Christina came over to my new house yesterday to hammer out some of the details for the exhibit. I didn’t want to take advantage of her expertise without proper credit so I was a bit shy to ask questions about my new garden.

But throughout the afternoon, some questions did come up. How do prevent my new favorite Victoria Nest Fern from getting brown tips? What was wrong with that big Rhodie on the corner of the house? How do I begin make peace with the clay soil in ALL of my garden beds that was downright depressing to deal with?

And you know what? Not only did Coach Christina have answers and explanations, she had encouragement, enthusiasm and forgiveness.

And – this is the best part – with what little advice she gave, she saved me a lot of time and money.

Check out Christina's Salwitz's blog for bolts of color and dramatic textures that you can grow in your garden.

Check out Christina's Salwitz's blog for dazzling bolts of color and dramatic textures that you can grow in your garden. Photo by Christina Salwitz.

I could have easily scoured the Internet, gone to the library, picked the good people’s brains at my local nursery to find the answers to my questions. I could have then approached the new garden with a trial and error mentality and waited for the results. I could have invested in this cure or that method to see if it would work – and all this multiplied by the number of questions that I have.

That time adds up.

But I have two online stores, a trending business, customers to look after, blogs to write, orders to pack, new products and plants to find, a dreaded book to complete and a workshop to finish so I can actually move into my new house properly.

I just don’t have the gumption to search for garden answers when I have that much on my plate.

And you know what again? While some research and hunting for answers may be fun, you know as well as I do that it does get old after a time. Especially when you get into a project and a bunch of stagnating little questions come up that inevitably crush the enthusiasm you had in the first place. Garden coaches can help with not-so-fun stuff and free up your head-space and time for the fun parts for a more enjoyable and stress-free gardening experience.

So, the results are in and I’m getting Coach Christina back here to help me get some direction in this new garden of ours. Who knows, maybe I can make peace with clay soil and finish moving into my new house soon.

~> Outside the Seattle area, check with your local nursery or garden center for a garden coach in your area.

~> In the Seattle/Bellevue area checkout Christina’s Personal Garden Coach blog where she explores everything garden here.

~> The Personal Garden Coach’s Facebook page is always full of interesting ideas and resources here.

Stay tuned for news and developments on “the dreaded book” by joining our Miniature Garden mailing list here. ;o)

Checkout our Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center here.



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  2. Janit- Thank you for the lovely blog post! Your support means so much to me. I really appreciate it!
    Cheers to our 2011 display at NWFGS and to a wonderful “growing” relationship!!


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