An Inspirational Pause.

Miniature Yard Art for the Holidays by Lori of Something Special.

Miniature Yard Art for the Holidays by Lori of Something Special.

An Inspirational Pause.

While everyone is running around with last minute shopping, traveling to celebrate with family and friends, cooking up feasts and wrapping up the last of the holiday gifts, I thought I would pause …

Miniature Garden Yard Art

Miniature Garden Yard Art - Lil' Snowman

Pause and think of the people that I have connected with on this journey that I have found myself completely and utterly immersed in.

It’s a good immersion – don’t get me wrong – I am very grateful to be given this vocation. But I never thought I would be a source of inspiration for other people and that alone is what keeps me going. Not one week goes by that I get a phone call or an email from a fellow miniature gardener thanking me for inspiring them.

Who would have thought I could to that?

Christmas Cuteness in the Mini Garden

Christmas Cuteness in the Mini Garden

So what inspires the inspirer? Is inspirer even a word? ;o)

Here are a few of things that keep me juiced and creative:

#1 – Mother Nature. That’s a given right? But the next time you are out on a walk in nature, notice her palettes of colors, the proportions and the patterns she places them in. Consider the structures of everything she creates, note the flow and the shape of them. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what season it is as long as it is a natural environment. Look up.

#2 – Art. Good art. What is “good art?” It is any art that you cannot help but react to. If it sends tingles up your spine or sets your eyes, heart or brain singing with color and vividness – then it is good art for you. Here are a couple of my favorites:

David Goode, Sculptor
– Playful, clever and very well done.
(Pssst – My birthday is May 30th ;o)

Elizabeth Murray, Painter
– Modern, out-of-the-box, whimsical and full of color.

Carravagio, Painter
– His attention to detail and his execution is incredible.

#3 – Craft shows, markets and stores of any kind. Just browsing down the aisles and looking at all the options create new ideas and new approaches to old problems.

Miniature Garden Yard Art - Penguin

Miniature Garden Yard Art - Penguin

#4 – Any miniature show or store. I grew up with The Little Dollhouse Company in Toronto. I LOVED going in there but it always got me down because I couldn’t pursue it. It’s funny that I have a miniature business now, eh? (Visit and support your local brick-and-mortar miniature stores – they need you.)

#5 – Martha. There I said it. I had to cancel my Martha Stewart Living Magazine subscription because her ideas would make me want to drop everything and play. I just couldn’t get any work done with her around. Really.

Miniature Garden Yard Art - Penguin

Miniature Garden Yard Art - Penguin

#6 – You. Your ideas, your pictures, your emails, phone calls, your ‘likes’ and comments all inspire me to create, collect, research, organize and share all the information you need to get your hands and hearts busy making your own little worlds.

Well, I hope that some of these things inspire you or lead you to a list of your own sources of inspiration. Keep miniature gardening and have a wonderful Holiday Season and Merry Christmas!

**Anyone interested in Lori’s Miniature Garden Yard Art please leave a comment below and I will contact you directly. She has more cute ideas for spring and summer! Yay!**

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