Water Features in the Miniature Garden

Wall Fountain for the Miniature Garden
Add water features quickly and easily. Lovely the detail on this 7" tall wall fountain.

Water Features in the Miniature Garden

Water and plants are a natural fit that relays a comfort like no other garden accent can. It appeals to several of our senses at once. The sight of water is comforting to us whether it is in motion or not. The sound of water is calming and the smell is very familiar.

Miniature Lion Fountain
A Miniature Lion Fountain

On a very basic level we can not live without it – and our bodies are 80% water – so there is an unconscious bond that all humans have with this wonderful element when you think about it.

Miniature Grapevine Birdbath
Stake your birdbath to hold it upright in the soil.

The presence of a water feature can be as complex as a small waterfall or as simple as a birdbath, and it can add another dimension to your garden. So why not do it in miniature?

Here are a few different ideas for water features in the miniature garden that are quick and easy to implement. You can add them to your existing miniature garden or create another miniature garden based on this idea. With the stressful holidays coming up you might want your very own place to go and relax.

Miniature Garden Pond
A simple miniature pond adds an air of calmness to the miniature garden.

Working with Real Water Fountains

If you want to try a real fountain or waterfall in your mini garden, look for the smallest pump you can. The size of the pump is described in gallons per hour or gph. The more gallons pumped, the bigger the physical pump is and most pumps are just too big to fit in our miniature gardens.

I was successful a few years ago with using a 32 gph pump that was about 2” by 1 ½” inches and despite the small size, I still had to clamp the hose to slow down the flow of water to the trickle that I needed to suit the fountain I was building. It was a challenge to keep the pond clean enough for the pump to work properly (it was outdoors) and the scene didn’t last long either – it was much too finicky. All pumps are different and all situations are different so I found it impossible to deliver the idea as a kit, unfortunately.

Tiny mini pool in a tiny mini garden.
Tiny mini pool in a tiny mini garden.

I have heard of some miniaturists actually drilling and plumbing their own miniature fountains. Perhaps at a later date, there may be time for more experimentation but I make a plea for the no-muss-no-fuss miniature garden!

Thankfully, there a few different kinds of small, table-top fountains on the market today that we can use successfully in our miniature gardens. They are normally available during the gift-giving season and we found a few different kinds in Bartell’s Drugstore and McClendons Hardware. They really make fabulous fountains for the miniature garden and they are so easy to maintain. The pump is contained and it can be refilled easily from the top of the fountain. Get your fountain before you make your garden so you know it’ll fit into your scene.

Adding a sculpture next to the pond is a classic touch.
Miniature Garden with Pond

Caveat: Make sure you don’t get any soil in the water basin and keep the water filled up to avoid running a dry pump (which will break it.) Do this by filling the basin when the fountain is running so you know exactly how much water it will take.

Search for Table-top water fountains on the web, there are plenty to choose from.

See the water features section of our online store here.

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