seedGROW Project #6 – It keeps growing.

seedGROW Project #6 - A study in growing Nasturtiums
seedGROW Project #6 - A country-wide study in growing Nasturtiums

SeedGROW Project #6 – It keeps growing.

And growing and growing and …

It’s reaching for the door.

It wants in.

I only planted two seeds and now I have my own crop of seeds.

It tried to get my ankle the other day.

The dh has gone to get the machete…..

“I’m growing Nasturtium “Spitfire” for the GROW project, thanks for the seeds.”

3 thoughts on “seedGROW Project #6 – It keeps growing.

  1. Where are you??? This is the most incredible looking nasturtium I’ve seen! You must have had the perfect growing season. 🙂


    1. I’m in Seattle. If you do a search on my blog for the “seedGROW project” you’ll see them from the start. It was a really bumpy spring with the big move in mid-June. The seedlings were transplanted twice before being planted in the ground. I think it’s the old rule that Nasturtiums love poor soil – and the soil there was clay. Although, people have told me I have two green thumbs… thus the name of my business… ;o)


  2. LOL, if it makes it indoors I hope you don’t have pets because it may eat them alive. Yours has been growing amazingly. Hope the seeds you save do just as well.


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