Online Shopping: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Cowboy Studios light set for $100 - ridiculous!
Bait and Switch: this Cowboy Studios light set was not what was pictured on Amazon when I ordered it - but I am now stuck with it.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Aaah, the era of ecommerce is upon us, isn’t it? Thousands of online stores are vying for your attention and your money. Huge numbers of products piled into huge websites that boast the “best selection” for the “best price.” Sites like Amazon and Ebay quickly come to mind as credible options for online shopping…

But what if you have a problem with something you ordered?

Is there a number to call to help straighten it out?

Can you email an individual to get to a fast and easy solution?

Well, as the above picture can prove, I’ve been on the short end of the ecommerce stick lately. This photography set that I received from Cowboy Studios through was so-not the one that was pictured when I ordered – this is what I ended up with.

Ridiculous, huh?

It was a complete bait and switch.

It doesn’t even work well either – the bulb is too heavy for the cheap stand and doesn’t light up the tent properly.

So, I “filed” for a return.

Cowboy Studios said they would send me a return label to send this laughable light set back to them.

The return label was never sent.

My credit card was eventually charged for the item. (Thanks, Amazon.)

And I am left with the most ridiculous photography light set ever.

Honestly, the lamp should be spray-painted silver and used as part of a Halloween costume.

So, here’s to the smaller online stores that care about the customer. Where customers become friends over the years that keep in touch – even if no money changes hands.

Here’s to the smaller online stores that can correct a situation immediately and there is a phone number to call with a living person on the other end that’s ready and willing to “make it right.”

Here’s to the shop owners that have integrity, that send what is shown and if you don’t like it – you can send it back with no worries.

And here’s to smaller online stores that enjoy pleasing the customer.

Bye-bye big online box stores. You won’t see me again. Bye-bye Cowboy Studios, with customer service like that, I suspect you won’t be in business for very long.

I’m only shopping with people who care about people.

Oh, and here the link to the light that I tried to order in the first place – checkout the detailed photos of the light stand – and the bulb – underneath the big one:

6 thoughts on “Online Shopping: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

  1. File a complaint with Amazon. You’ll get your money back.


    1. Filed several – one with consumer reports too. Haven’t heard a thing….


  2. Now that is SAD! I was intrigued w/ this product from the URL you gave. The difference is really stark – as though you ordered a Yamaha 750 cc and got a moped. I would continue pestering Amazon. Don’t give up! Good luck.


  3. You can also tell you Credit Card company not to let the charge go through — my husband does this all the time. You can tell them that you are filing a report with the company and the circumstances and to not let the charge go through until everything is sorted out.


    1. I did. Cowboy Studios sent in the proof of shipment and that was enough for them to get their money – and to let Amazon put it through. It turns out that they (supposedly) can’t do anything about the quality of what was shipped – despite my photographs and back links illustrating the problem. Cowboy Studios from Texas are scheisters….


  4. Hi Janet,I’ve had some “issues ” with Amazon myself and so I don’t go there anymore.If they don’t stand behind their product’s they shouldn’t be selling them.Sorry about your mess!


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