seedGROW Project #4 – Growing Strong

”]seedGROW Project #4 - Nasturtiums, growing up the Coral Bark Maple in front of our new house. [Garden to come after house is painted.]

SeedGROW Project #4 – Growing Strong

I had to look back and see when I started this project – it’s been months!!

My nasturtiums are doing very well here in Seattle. They don’t notice much it seems. We had some hot days last week and they barely blinked. The soil was left to dry out a bit too long and it never really occurred to them. They really are treat to grow!

Pictured above are the nasties that I tied up a few of days ago in hopes to train them up the Coral Bark Maple. The strings were a bit ugly but it was the only thing I had on hand at the time – a symptom of moving last month – and it messed up the lovely leaf pattern for a couple of days until it righted itself. Now it’s barely showing the string and they are making a firm bid for the trunk. The combination is looking wonderful. I kind of wished I planted something behind it but the ground is clay and we’re waiting for fall to build it up and sink in some more plants after we paint the house.

Nasturtiums in the [mini] garden bed.

Nasturtiums in the mini garden bed. There's a little leaf curl happening to this one plant - not sure what that's about.

The other nasturtiums that were planted next to the vegetables in an attempt to lure the aphids to them instead of the veggies, didn’t work. My young artichoke plants are now weathering a storm of lovely black aphids. Not thinking, I blasted one with the hose only to dislodge the whole plant from the ground. Points for trying.

Nasturtiums and Zucchini

The Nasturtiums sharing the space with the Zuchinni. We had to put the tomato cages upside down - we couldn't sink them into the clay soil underneath - waiting to for the nasturtiums to climb up.

The nasturtiums in the vegetable bed are behind in size compared the ones in the front bed. The difference is the veggie bed nasties are planted in 100% compost and goodness that we laid down for the veggies – and the front-bed-nasties were literately scratched into the clay. There’s that “Nasturtiums love poor soil, the poorer the better” thing!

I was hoping for more of a flower show but maybe this is it. I’ve never grown these before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, I do know I’ll be growing them again.

“I’m growing Nasturtium “Spitfire” for the GROW project, thanks to for the seeds.”


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