SeedGROW Project #3 – Planted & Blooming

The subjects for project SeedGROW with
The subjects for project SeedGROW with

SeedGROW Project #3 – Planted & Blooming

Well, some might say my timing is impeccable!

Others might say I’m horribly late. ;o)

My seedGROW Nasturtium starts are finally in the ground.

We had a chance to dig out some azaleas and rhodies the last week of June, to clear some space to start our own design – and then summer arrived!

The good news is that two of the four seedlings are now blooming and shown here. The other two are enjoying the new mini vegetable bed where the little guys will be trained up a trellis with the mini ghost pumpkins when they get a little bigger.

[ And yes, it is a small vegetable bed AND it has miniature vegetables growing – what else would a miniature gardener plant in the veggie bed? ]

The new garden bed!
Here are two of the four seedlings in the new bed at the base of the Coral Bark Maple. We're still rearranging and deciding on what to put there but we'll probably hold off planting the trees and shrubs until the fall - the new house color may change things!

That makes for two different scenerios with the same seedlings for this project. All of them are about 8″ high right now.

1. Shown here: the seedlings we planted in really thick soil – almost clay but not quite – then topped with a layer of compost to dress it up. No fertilizer.

2. The veggie bed Nasturtiums were planted in GrowCo and topsoil from Sawdust Supply here in Seattle (I forgot to tell the dh to get the SteerCo which would have been my choice.) They’ll get plenty of fertilizer and water being in with the veggies.

The "Before" shot
Here's the same corner a few weeks ago. It felt good ripping those boring plants out!

So much for the vicious rumors that Nasturiums are hard to transplant! All four of these starts were transplanted twice: once from the seedling tray to the 4” pots, then again into the garden beds. It was my own personal challenge too – to live up to my name, Two Green Thumbs.

And we’ll see if they like being in rich, new soil too. Apparently they prefer crappy soil and no fertilizer.

I think I’ll poke a couple of more seeds in the ground just to see what happens. Our spring was long and cold so we may get an extended summer here in Seattle.

‘Cause it never hurts to try!

(P.S. – To Mr. Brown Thumb, I told ya I’d make you proud! ;o)

“I’m growing Nasturtium “Spitfire” for the GROW project, thanks to for the seeds.”

4 thoughts on “SeedGROW Project #3 – Planted & Blooming

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  2. It’s always fun to see what will happen. I just planted some sunflower, marigold, zinnia, cat grass, and lettuce seeds under the same philosophy. Oh, and it would be cool if the nasties climbed up the maple. 🙂


  3. Thanks for this post because I too was wondering about how they’d transplant. I’ve had no problems transplanting when they’re still really young, like only one leaf kind of young, but I wondered how they’d do when they were older.


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