The Reluctant Miniature Gardener

The Garden Metaphor, acrylic painting by Yours Truly. 1997.

The Garden Metaphor, acrylic painting by Yours Truly. 1997.

My God, What Have I Done?

Sifting through the countless boxes during our big move over the last few weeks has made me realize just how many of my sculpture and painting ideas have been shelved to focus on this business of mine.

When I started Two Green Thumbs ten years ago, it was supposed to be a venue for my garden art and eclectic container plantings, not a Living Miniature Garden Center.

What happened?

Oh, ya, I think I can remember now…

After seeing my miniature gardens at the local street fairs and markets, people wanted to know how to make it themselves. They wanted to know where to get the right accessories, miniature plants that work, and authentic mini patios so they could play too.

But, ten years ago, there was nowhere to find any of these kinds of things.

So, I started in order to share my ideas and spread the joy of miniature gardening. I thought the challenge of starting a business would be a good lesson to learn and I really did want to.

But, the level sacrifice was completely unexpected.

Ten years ago, there were no miniature garden websites to tap for ideas and products – a luxury my competitors obviously have now. There was no website telling me what worked, and what didn’t.

There was nothing…

…only an artist, who was silly enough to start a national trend.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. It’s a holiday weekend. I’m burnt out. I’m going to find a paintbrush and my paints and throw something on a canvas before I completely loose it.

Have a happy 4th and a great Canada Day weekend – and remember to honor your own independence too.

Join the trend here.



  1. Martha said

    Why am I not surprised that you are a painter as well, and a great one at that….. 🙂

    I, too, used to paint, but definitely way more than 10 years ago……….try like, more than 30!! Wow, that long ago?? Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us as well as all your knowledge about mini gardening. Happy 4th of July!!!


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