Seed GROW Project, 2010

Baby Nasturtiums for the seed GROW project sponsored by
Baby Nasturtiums for the seed GROW project sponsored by

Seed GROW Project

by Janit Calvo

Like a dancer coming late to a flash mob, I’m submitting my first blog late for the Grow Seed project for Renee’s Gardens today!

There are well over 40 garden bloggers participating throughout the country and we are all growing the same plant from seed. This year’s choice is Spitfire Climbing Nasturtiums. I’m grateful to have something that I haven’t grown before that’s not only a cool vine, but we can eat the flowers too.

We are moving house – or trying too with this difficult short sale – so I was hesitant to start them last month. But after reading the seed pack and learning how to start them in pots properly, I have jumped on board and started a few on April 11th. The rest of the seeds, I’d like to start in the ground, but I may have to start them in pots if this house deal takes any longer.

I started the seeds in a seed starting mix on April 11th. They germinated in 6 days and are now robust and healthy. I haven’t fed them yet because I have read that Nasturtiums are difficult to transplant so I don’t want them to grow too quickly before the move. I’m hoping I don’t have any trouble with these little guys but if I do, I have more seeds to play with.

Timeline thus far:
April 11 – sowed seeds in pots
April 18 – first sight of growth
May 2 – starts are about 6” high, robust and healthy

“I’m growing Nasturtium “Spitfire” for the GROW project, thanks to Renee’s Garden for the seeds.”

1 thought on “Seed GROW Project, 2010

  1. They look great!


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